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More than anything, Arazni is a survivor. Once, long ago, she was a force for good, a warrior-mage who sought to improve the quality of life for residents of her homeland. Long after her mortal death, she returned as a herald of the god Aroden and fought alongside mortals during one of their darkest hours. But humanity and her patron alike abandoned her-first to the Whispering Tyrant, then to the necromancer Geb-and the torments she endured because of it changed her deeply. Still she survived, her broken body reanimated against her will as a powerful undead monstrosity. For over a millennium she was held captive as the lich queen of the undead nation of Geb, and her view of mortals, and humanity in particular, soured.

Edicts act with dignity, do whatever it takes to survive, despise and never forgive those who have hurt you

Anathema create unwilling undead, insult Arazni

Areas of Concern abused, dignity, unwilling undeath