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Bolka (The Golden Gift) [NG]

Bolka is the dwarven goddess of marriage. She is the daughter of the dwarven god Torag and his wife Folgrit. Bolka is said to be a beautiful dwarven maiden. As the dwarves' goddess of marriage she helps reluctant suitors summon the courage to ask out their partner and helps foster love between the partners in an arranged marriage.

Edicts Encourage those seeking love, seek the beauty in others, support others' relationships

Anathema Betray your spouse, disrupt a genuine marriage, prevent a suitor from seeking a partner

Follower Alignments LG, NG, CG

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Wisdom or Charisma
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Diplomacy
Favored Weapon mace
Domains confidence, family, healing, passion
Cleric Spells 1st: soothe, 4th: creation, 6th: collective transposition