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Brigh's exact origins are unknown, though her priests and various religious scholars have many theories on the matter. Some believe she was a construct who achieved consciousness and a spark of divinity, while others think she was a human alchemist and inventor who discovered ways to fuse mechanical components with her own physiology. Regardless of her origins, Brigh is a patient and thoughtful god who promotes unending curiosity and constant intellectual advancement. Her two most common forms are a humanoid woman made of bronze clockwork and a human woman wearing a bronze skullcap and armor composed of gears and other movable metal pieces. Though Brigh's usual demeanor is composed and reserved, she isn't an unfeeling automaton; she deeply cherishes the creations she and her followers make, and most of her worshippers feel the same way.

Edicts craft new creations, pay attention to details, share achievements

Anathema carelessly destroy others' creations or research, enslave intelligent constructs, abuse constructs, refuse to acknowledge or learn from mistakes

Areas of Concern clockwork, invention, and time