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Cyth-V'sug, Prince of the Blasted Heath, is the demon lord of disease, fungus, and parasites. Originally a qlippoth lord, he was exiled by his peers for accepting mortal worshippers. Transformed into one of the demons he despises, Cyth-V'sug seeks to devour all life to put an end to demons and, ultimately, himself. He most often appears as an enormous draconic figure of snarled vines, fungal growths, and flailing tentacles. Cyth-V'sug is most often worshipped by recluses who seek to bring decay and destruction to their environs, though denizens of the Darklands also pay homage to him.

Edicts Corrupt all that exists with parasites or fungus, promote the growth of fungus, feast on rotten flesh or fungus

Anathema Purify your food, cure a disease or kill a parasite, tolerate another demon lord or their servants (except Treerazer)

Areas of Concern disease, fungus, and parasites