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A timeless entity birthed from the first wind to stir the vast oceans, Gozreh wanders the world in the air and the seas. Sailors drop boxes of cargo as offerings to avoid a fatal storm, hoping to please the Wind and the Waves, even though they know that such pleas are far more likely to go unnoticed as they are to draw their deity's attention. The deity's temperament is fickle and their fury swift, hurling bolts of lightning and dragging to the crushing depths those who dare befoul the natural world. Gozreh is the sea that encapsulates the land and the wind that moves its surface, the birds that traverse the sky and the clouds that shield them.

Edicts cherish, protect, and respect nature in all its forms

Anathema bring civilization to intrude on the wild, create undead, despoil areas of natural beauty

Areas of Concern nature, the sea, and weather