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Gruhastha the Keeper is a deity of understanding, peace, and the collective pursuit of enlightenment. The once-mortal nephew of Irori is believed to have ascended to godhood himself after creating the holy book Azvadeva Pujila, fully embodying all divine wisdom within the text. Originating in Vudra, the Keeper's faith has slowly gained popularity in the Inner Sea region, particularly in Jalmeray, where Irori already has a wide following. Gruhastha manifests as a human man with an idealized form, augmented with wings of red and green plumage and a golden mandala as a halo.

Edicts work toward collective transcendence, expose and root out malicious lies, challenge oppression through education, protect knowledge, seek truth

Anathema deny a sincere student education, destroy knowledge, disrespect the traditions of those around you, willfully spread ignorance or wrong information

Areas of Concern enlightenment, the Vudrani holy book