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Kabriri, Him Who Gnaws, is the demon lord of ghouls, graves, and secrets kept by the dead. According to legend, Kabriri is the reborn form of the first humanoid to devour his kin in life. His realm, Everglut, is connected to graveyards throughout the multiverse by a snarled network of tunnels that bring knowledge and sacrifices to the demon lord. Kabriri appears as a hulking ghoul with elven ears, teeth filed to points, an unnaturally long tongue, ashen skin, and cloven hooves. He is worshipped primarily by ghouls, ghasts, and lacedons.

Edicts Eat the flesh of your own kind

Anathema Reveal secrets of the dead to nonbelievers, despoil grave markers

Areas of Concern ghouls, graves, and secrets kept by the dead