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For those who revel in the corruption of the pure or who find themselves spurned and neglected by a world that despises their differences, Lamashtu offers respite among her grotesque brood. The Mother of Monsters readily accepts mortals into her fold and has made it her goal to twist mortal life toward her abhorrent ideals. Her intervention is widely known to inflict corruptions and terrible nightmares. Ostracized individuals who share her ideals will find this intervention a boon, while others treat similar events as horrible curses.

Edicts bring power to outcasts and the downtrodden, indoctrinate children in Lamashtu's teachings, make the beautiful monstrous, reveal the corruption and flaws in all things

Anathema attempt to treat a mental illness or deformity, provide succor to Lamashtu's enemies

Areas of Concern aberrance, monsters, and nightmares