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Called the Crownless and the Maker of Kings, Narriseminek often appears as a protean with a scar around their pate, as if left by a burning crown. Their true form, though similar, is rarely seen: an iridescent and golden protean with a halo of burning eyes but empty eye sockets. The protean lord of ascendance, keketars, and revelations rarely interacts with non-proteans, but to their protean worshippers, they offer exalted transformations and revelations that can change a being's entire outlook. Worshippers of Narriseminek, both mortal and protean, spend their time divining the future and using magic to transform their bodies-a practice they also extend to any other willing creatures who ask. Their revelations take the form of patterns emerging in otherwise random events; Narriseminek's followers reject astrology and other forms of divination based on predictable cycles.

Edicts Divine the future, transform the bodies of willing creatures, rebel against organized structures

Anathema Refuse to speak to a keketar, eschew a challenge by turning down a promotion or an advancement

Areas of Concern ascendance, keketars, and revelations