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Nurgal (The Shining Scourge) [CE]

Nurgal, the Shining Scourge, is the demon lord of deserts, senseless warfare, and the sun. He was formerly a fully fledged deity of ancient Azlant, but fell to demigodhood after being defeated in combat. Nurgal represents the sun's potential for devastation, and his followers venerate him out of cowed awe. The demon lord appears as a muscular, tanned man with the head and lower body of a golden lion and a dragon's tail. He is almost always depicted as wielding a mace in the form of a miniature sun, held in a taloned hand. Nurgal's worshippers are primarily found in the deserts of Garund, Ninshabur, and Qadira.

Edicts Wage war in the desert, deny water to your foes

Anathema Heal a sunburn, change your name

Areas of Concern deserts, senseless warfare, and the sun

Follower Alignments NE, CE

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Constitution or Charisma
Divine Font harm
Divine Skill Survival
Favored Weapon mace
Domains destruction, dust, fire, sun
Cleric Spells 1st: burning hands, 2nd: flaming sphere, 3rd: cup of dust