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It is little wonder the demon lord of necromancy's cult finds a home in my realm, and no doubt Orcus believes I owe him homage for the wizardry mastered through my own genius. Yet while his followers are capable, their numbers are few and their rosters filled with self-absorbed spellcasters who sought out undeath. Urgathoa retains her deserved primacy, especially within my lands. Don't confuse Orcus's apparent absence with impotence. No, while Kabriri gnaws, Zura revels, and Urgathoa indulges, Orcus plots. He meticulously builds his strength on other worlds and planes, waiting for an auspicious opportunity to claim supremacy over all undead. Let him scheme. I have only one rival of note and care little for having a second.

Edicts Become undead through choice and skill, master necromantic magic, create undead

Anathema Become a vampire or accidental undead, give succor to faiths that seek to destroy undead