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As boastful as he is bestial, Ragadahn the Water Lord is the Eldest of oceans, linnorms, and sinuous spirals. He appears as a great serpentine dragon in the First World's seas, but he is widely traveled and takes other forms as needed to pursue both martial conquests and amorous affairs. He is widely believed to be the progenitor of all linnorms, and he claims to be the progenitor of all dragons. True dragons stridently contest this assertion, although they wisely decline to do so when in Ragadahn's majestic presence. Failure to deliver proper respect to the arrogant Ragadahn invites his legendary ire, and no supplicant can ever be too flattering for his tastes. Yet for all his tempestuous nature, he is wise, and he holds much otherwise lost and forgotten knowledge.

Edicts Draw spirals, seek primordial secrets, use poison, always carry water

Anathema Suffer a linnorm's death curse, destroy a fossil

Areas of Concern oceans, linnorms, and sinuous spirals