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Rovagug has no single holy scripture. He has little use for one, for his sole commandment is to destroy, and his followers need no instruction in how to accomplish that. The figurative and literal monsters who worship Rovagug share their myths and legends in secret shrines and hidden caves, calling him the Rough Beast, the Imprisoned King, the Tide of Fangs, the Unmaker, and the Worldbreaker. They tell each other that each life they snuff out, each piece of art they destroy, each work of labor they bring tumbling down puts a crack in the prison that holds their god. Each of their little efforts of destruction adds up and will one day free him, setting him loose to bring about the end of all things.

Edicts destroy all things, free Rovagug from his prison

Anathema create something new, let material ties restrain you, torture a victim or otherwise delay its destruction

Areas of Concern destruction, disaster, and wrath