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Versatile Heritages


Source Pathfinder Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide

Once human and now something apart, fetchlings display the Shadow Plane's ancient influence through monochrome complexions, glowing eyes, and the casting of supernatural shadows.

Fetchlings are a striking people whose skin appears entirely drained of color. These lithe and shadowy beings seem to sink and vanish into the gloom. They see in darkness, exercise control over shadows, and have strange occult powers. Some fetchlings develop their powers enough to pass between the Shadow and Material Planes, leaving other ancestries to whisper about figures that emerge from shaded corners and then vanish without a trace. Through magic and other means, they've spread across Golarion and the planes beyond, as adaptable as the humans they once were.

The first fetchlings were refugees. Ages ago, when Earthfall destroyed ancient Azlant and cast the world into darkness, one small group of Azlanti pleaded for rescue. A mysterious hooded figure known as the Widow answered their call, slicing open a passage into the Shadow Plane. The Azlanti stepped through, trading the darkness of Earthfall for a deep shadow. As they navigated the plane's strange environs and dangerous inhabitants, its nature slowly worked monumental changes on the survivors.

If you want a character more at home in a mirror world of shadow, infused with umbral gloom, and who embodies the dualities of light and darkness, you should play a fetchling.

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Physical Description

Most of the Shadow Plane appears as an altered version of the Material Plane but leeched of color. These same forces in the Shadow Plane have touched fetchlings, whose skin tones fall on a monochromatic scale from stark white to deep black, and all the shades of gray between. Their bodies are just as diverse in shape and size as humans, though most display a certain fluidity of motion reminiscent of shifting shadows. Fetchlings' reflective, pupilless eyes can pierce darkness. A fetchling's most notable feature is their shadow, which almost never faithfully reflects their body. Instead, fetchling shadows might have incongruous shapes or sizes, while others flicker, move of their own accord, or imitate the shadow of another nearby creature.


Most fetchlings remain close to Golarion on either the Material or Shadow Planes, either forming majority-fetchling communities or forging solitary paths. Both planar groups tend to be insular; many fetchling cultures preserve memories of their early, perilous days confronting the Shadow Plane's hostile or beguiling denizens. Their predilection for forming tight communal bonds and adapting to local customs has spread to become part of broader fetchling culture, reinforced by two major fetchling groups—the Estlaris and Sharedars—who live in the shadow of more powerful entities.

Alignment and Religion

A culture of survival passed down through generations means many fetchlings prefer to maintain a cautious worldview and adapt to prevailing circumstances. As a result, many trend toward a neutral outlook on life. Some choose to join with local powers for personal or communal advancement, or to tear systems down from the inside. Others attempt to shatter what they see as fetters that bind them and their communities.

No small number of fetchlings are nonreligious, recognizing all gods' powers but revering none. Faithful fetchlings prefer gods that offer protection and stability, be it the pastoral embrace of Erastil or the binding chains of Zon-Kuthon. Those who travel alone or pass between planes seek the comfort of Alseta, Desna, and Gozreh. Calistria appeals to ambitious fetchlings, while Grandmother Spider and Sivanah help those who wish to move through the world unnoticed or unfettered. Some worship these three as a pantheon called the Laughing Veil; a few even include Norgorber as a fourth member.


Fetchlings adapted to a new world, and their names do the same. These names commonly include phonetic qualities from multiple languages or are simply local cultural names that fetchling families find compelling. Other dominant naming conventions include flowing sounds, harsh or hissing consonants, and surnames that refer to important relatives or community traits.

Sample Names

Amelisce, Ashka, Drosil, Eitsanara, Eomva, Ikyamek, Inva, Jegan, Lirtae, Meotrai, Sorsul, Zokaratz

Fetchling Mechanics

Hit Points 8

Size Medium

Speed 25 feet

Ability Boosts Dexterity, Free

Languages Common, Shadowtongue

Additional Languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if positive). Choose from Aklo, Draconic, D’ziriak, Necril, Undercommon, and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).

Senses Darkvision

Ancestry Feats

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