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Child of the Twin VillageBackground

Source Pathfinder Dark Archive

You were born in a village where everyone has a twin with a special link. You have moved to the wider world for reasons of your own, but you still have an unbreakable connection to your twin through your dreams.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost.

You're trained in Diplomacy and Dreamlands Lore. You gain the ability to communicate with your twin in your dreams. You and your twin gain the effects of dream message every night, only between the two of you; this isn't a spell, but a natural effect. Unless your twin is another PC, your GM roleplays your twin or summarizes your interaction during these dreams.

Boost(s): Charisma or Constitution, free; Skill(s): Diplomacy; Lore: Dreamlands Lore; Feat: none.