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Ratted-Out Gun RunnerBackground

Source Pathfinder: Outlaws of Alkenstar Player's Guide

Sure, you've got a checkered past. Who doesn't? It's hard to make a living in the City of Smog, so you did what you could to put silvers in your pocket and food on the table. You made a good deal of money selling firearms from the Gunworks to people who perhaps shouldn't have had them. You even worked with wasteland marauders a few times, sticking up Ustradi barges plying the river between the Gunworks and Alkenstar. Of course, you never hurt any innocents or did anything truly heinous; your criminal career was always just a matter of money.

One day, a corrupt financier named Ambrost Mugland-a true crook if there ever was one-approached you, demanding a cut of your business. When you refused, he put in a word with the shieldmarshals that you'd be a certain somewhere at a certain time with a certain large quantity of illegally obtained firearms. Even though you escaped arrest, your identity was compromised, and your old accomplices have all turned their backs on you. Your gun-running days are clearly over. Now, you're just running.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Dexterity or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost.

You're trained in the Stealth skill and the Firearm Lore skill. You gain the Experienced Smuggler skill feat.

Boost(s): Dexterity or Wisdom, free; Skill(s): Stealth; Lore: Firearm Lore; Feat: Experienced Smuggler.