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You're sleeping, or you've been knocked out. You can't act. You take a -4 status penalty to AC, Perception, and Reflex saves, and you have the Blinded and Flat-Footed conditions. When you gain this condition, you fall Prone and drop items you are wielding or holding unless the effect states otherwise or the GM determines you're in a position in which you wouldn't.

If you're unconscious because you're Dying, you can't wake up while you have 0 Hit Points. If you are restored to 1 Hit Point or more via healing, you lose the dying and unconscious conditions and can act normally on your next turn.

If you are unconscious and at 0 Hit Points, but not dying, you naturally return to 1 Hit Point and awaken after sufficient time passes. The GM determines how long you remain unconscious, from a minimum of 10 minutes to several hours. If you receive healing during this time, you lose the unconscious condition and can act normally on your next turn.

If you're unconscious and have more than 1 Hit Point (typically because you are asleep or unconscious due to an effect), you wake up in one of the following ways. Each causes you to lose the unconscious condition.