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Awakened Giant ChameleonCreature 3

Source Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-00: The King in Thorns
Perception +10 (low-light vision)
Languages Common, Mwangi
Skills Athletics +10, Nature +8, Stealth +10
Str +5, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +3, Cha -2

AC 18 all-around vision; Fort +8; Reflex +12; Will +8;
HP 60
Speed 30 feet (climb 20 feet)

Jaws One Action +12 (+7, +2) to hit (reach 10) 1d10+7 Piercing

Low-Light Vision

The monster can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so it ignores the Concealed condition due to dim light.


The giant chameleon can change its coloration to match its surroundings. It doesn't need cover to attempt to Hide with a Stealth check.

All-Around Vision

This monster can see in all directions simultaneously, and therefore can't be flanked.

Tongue Grab

If the giant chameleon hits a creature with a tongue Strike, that creature becomes Grabbed by the giant chameleon. The target isn't Immobilized, but it can't move beyond the reach of the giant chameleon's tongue. A creature can sever the tongue with an attack that hits AC 15 and deals at least 4 slashing damage. Though this doesn't deal any damage to the giant chameleon, it prevents it from using its tongue Strike until it regrows its tongue, which takes a week.

Giant chameleons are legendary for their ability to change their skin color in response to their surroundings. Their eyes are capable of peering in different directions independently, making them almost as difficult to sneak up on as they are to notice in the first place.



Something of uncommon rarity requires special training or comes from a particular culture or part of the world. Some character choices give access to uncommon options, and the GM can choose to allow access for anyone. Less is known about uncommon creatures than common creatures. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creature is increased by 2.