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Burning Mammoth ReaverCreature 2

Source Pathfinder #175: Broken Tusk Moon
Perception +8
Languages Hallit
Skills Athletics +8, Intimidation +7, Nature +8, Survival +8
Str +4, Dex +2, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha +1

AC 18; Fort +9; Reflex +8; Will +6;
HP 30
Speed 25 feet

Battle Axe One Action +11 (+6, +1) to hit (sweep) 1d8+4 Slashing
Javelin One Action +9 (+4, -1) to hit (thrown 30) 1d6+4 Piercing

Reaver's Howl

When the reaver attempts an Intimidation check to Demoralize, the reaver compares the result of the Intimidation check to the Will DC of each non-Burning Mammoth creature within 30 feet, determining the effect separately for each creature. The reaver's howl ignores the usual circumstance penalty to the Intimidation check for not speaking the same language as the target.

Spurred by Death Reaction

Trigger An ally within 30 feet reduces a creature to 0 HP

Effect The reaver Steps or Strides.

Cut Down

When a reaver hits a creature with a battle axe Strike, the target must succeed at a DC 16 fortitude save or fall Prone. If the creature critically fails its save, it takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage as it falls prone.



This rarity indicates that a rules element is very difficult to find in the game world. A rare feat, spell, item or the like is available to players only if the GM decides to include it in the game, typically through discovery during play. Creatures with this trait are rare. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creatures is increased by 5.


A creature with this trait is a member of the human ancestry. Humans are a diverse array of people known for their adaptability. An ability with this trait can be used or selected only by humans.


Humanoid creatures reason and act much like humans. They typically stand upright and have two arms and two legs.