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Glaz NixbrixCreature 4

Source Punks in a Powder Keg
Perception +9 (low-light vision)
Languages Common, Goblin
Skills Acrobatics +14, Athletics +11, Athletics +11, Crafting +9, Intimidation +10, Lore +9
Str +3, Dex +6, Con +4, Int +3, Wis +1, Cha +2

AC 24 20 when custom armor is broken; Fort +10; Reflex +14; Will +9;
HP 60
Speed 20 feet (climb 30 feet)
Weaknesses Electricity 5
Resistances Physical 5

Buzz-Saw Knuckles One Action +14 (+9, +4) to hit (finesse, free hand) 2d6+5 Slashing
Really Big Gun One Action +12 (+7, +2) to hit (deadly d12, free hand, range 60, volley 30) 2d12 Piercing

Low-light vision

The monster can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so it ignores the Concealed condition due to dim light.

Custom Armor

Nixbrix's custom armor, which only he knows how to operate, grants him physical resistance. Once Nixbrix is reduced to fewer than half his Hit Points, or immediately upon being damaged by a critical hit, his custom armor breaks, causing the following effects: his Armor Class is reduced to 20, he loses his physical resistance, he can't use his really big gun, and his buzz-saw knuckles no longer cause persistent bleed damage.

Leap Away Reaction (move)

Trigger Nixbrix is targeted with a ranged attack

Nixbrix Leaps up to 10 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally, and he gains a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack.

Buzz-Saw Knuckles

Nixbrix has custom-built knuckle-dusters called buzz-saw knuckles. Only he knows how to operate them.

Escape Route Three Actions

Nixbrix flees the scene. He moves four times, each time using one of the following actions: Climb, Leap, Stand, Step, or Stride.

Knuckle Knock Two Actions

Nixbrix Strides, Climbs, or Leaps once, then Strikes with his buzz-saw knuckles. As long as this Strike is a success, he unleashes a devastating black powder explosion afterward that deals 1d6 fire damage to both him and the target of the Strike. He then Strides or Leaps once more, propelled by the blast.

Really Big Gun

Nixbrix has a custom-built, extra-large firearm mounted to the shoulder of his custom armor. Only he knows how to fire the contraption, which is inscrutable in the hands of anyone else. Whenever Nixbrix fires his Really Big Gun, the armor automatically reloads the weapon, but it doesn't finish reloading until the end of his next turn. He can only fire it, at most, every other round. He can take 6 shots with this weapon before all the ammunition is spent.



A rules element with this trait is one-of-a-kind. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to creatures with this trait is increased by 10.


A creature with this trait can come from multiple tribes of creatures, including goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears. Goblins tend to have darkvision. An ability with this trait can be used or chosen only by goblins. A weapon with this trait is created and used by goblins.


Humanoid creatures reason and act much like humans. They typically stand upright and have two arms and two legs.