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Irkem DreshCreature 3

Source Punks in a Powder Keg
Perception +8
Languages Common, Dwarven, Jotun
Skills Acrobatics +9, Lore +8, Deception +7, Diplomacy +5, Intimidation +9, Nature +7, Society +6, Thievery +6
Str +1, Dex +4, Con +3, Int +1, Wis +3, Cha +0

AC 19; Fort +8; Reflex +9; Will +8;
HP 37
Speed 25 feet

Fist One Action +8 (+4, +0) to hit (agile, finesse, nonlethal, unarmed) 1d4+1 Bludgeoning
Flintlock pistol One Action +9 (+4, -1) to hit (concussive, fatal d8, range 40, reload 1) 1d4 Piercing

Defying Glare Reaction

Trigger A creature uses a mental effect against Dresh and fails or critically fails

Effect Dresh Demoralizes that creature; when she does, Demoralize loses the auditory trait and gains the visual trait and she doesn't take a penalty if the creature doesn't understand her language.

Generous Distraction

Dresh can use the promise of wealth to distract her foes. When she succeeds or critically succeeds on a Deception check to Feint against a target within 30 feet, the target is Flat-Footed against her ranged attacks as well as her melee Strikes.

Silver Shower Shot One Action

Frequency once per round

Effect Dresh throws 2d6 #Silver pieces silver pieces into the air, potentially distracting her target. Dresh makes a Deception check to Feint against a creature within 30 feet that can see her and which she can see. If her flintlock pistol is loaded, Dresh then makes a ranged flintlock pistol Strike against that target.

Sneak Attack

Dresh deals an additional 1d6 precision damage to flat-footed creatures.

When the monster Strikes a creature that has the Flat-Footed condition with an agile or finesse melee weapon, an agile or finesse unarmed attack, or a ranged weapon attack, it also deals the listed precision damage. For a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, that weapon must also be an agile or finesse weapon.



A rules element with this trait is one-of-a-kind. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to creatures with this trait is increased by 10.


A creature with this trait is a member of the dwarf ancestry. Dwarves are stout folk who often live underground and typically have darkvision. An ability with this trait can be used or selected only by dwarves. An item with this trait is created and used by dwarves.


Humanoid creatures reason and act much like humans. They typically stand upright and have two arms and two legs.