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MegalictisCreature 3

Source Pathfinder Bestiary 3
Perception +10 (low-light vision, scent (imprecise) 60 feet)
Languages none
Skills Acrobatics +9, Athletics +8, Stealth +9
Str +3, Dex +4, Con +3, Int -4, Wis +1, Cha +0

AC 19; Fort +8; Reflex +11; Will +6;
HP 42
Speed 25 feet

Jaws One Action +11 (+6, +1) to hit (finesse) 1d12+5 Piercing
Claw One Action +11 (+7, +3) to hit (agile, finesse) 1d10+5 Slashing

Low-Light Vision

The monster can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so it ignores the Concealed condition due to dim light.

Scent (Imprecise) 60 feet

Scent involves sensing creatures or objects by smell, and is usually a vague sense. The range is listed in the ability, and it functions only if the creature or object being detected emits an aroma (for instance, incorporeal creatures usually do not exude an aroma).

If a creature emits a heavy aroma or is upwind, the GM can double or even triple the range of scent abilities used to detect that creature, and the GM can reduce the range if a creature is downwind.


A megalictis treats any tight space it can barely fit its head in or wider as difficult terrain and doesn't need to Squeeze to move through it.

Constrict One Action

1d12+2 piercing, DC 20 basic fortitude

The monster deals the listed amount of damage to any number of creatures Grabbed or Restrained by it. Each of those creatures can attempt a basic Fortitude save with the listed DC.

Grab One Action

Requirements The monster's last action was a success with a Strike that lists Grab in its damage entry, or it has a creature grabbed using this action.

Effect The monster automatically Grabs the target until the end of the monster's next turn. The creature is Grabbed by whichever body part the monster attacked with, and that body part can't be used to Strike creatures until the grab is ended. Using Grab extends the duration of the monster's Grab until the end of its next turn for all creatures grabbed by it. A grabbed creature can use the Escape action to get out of the grab, and the Grab ends for a grabbed creatures if the monster moves away from it.

These giant weasels are driven by the same hunger that plagues their smaller cousins, but because of their much larger size, they can quickly devastate the wildlife in an environment. They tend to avoid humanoids but have been known to attack if driven by hunger or fear.

A megalictis uses the same constricting bite as smaller weasels, remaining attached even if other creatures attack. Given their remarkable stature, a megalictis can take down sizable prey, including horses and even the occasional bear, if the opportunity presents itself.

A megalictis can grow to be 5 feet long and weighs around 150 pounds.

Weasels are lithe, clever predators known for both their beautiful, sleek fur and their ability to crawl into tight spaces. Pound for pound, few animals are as voracious as weasels. Insatiably hungry, they eat almost half their own weight each day, leading them to constantly hunt for new prey to satisfy their hunger.



Anything that doesn't list another rarity trait (uncommon, rare, or unique) automatically has the common trait. This rarity indicates that an ability, item, or spell is available to all players who meet the prerequisites for it. A creature of this rarity is generally known and can be summoned with the appropriate summon spell.