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UmboCreature 3

Source Pathfinder #169: Kindled Magic
Perception +8 (darkvision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet)
Languages Undercommon, Telepathy 100 Feet (myceloids And Those Afflicted By Purple Pox Only)
Skills Stealth +9, Survival +8
Str +3, Dex +3, Con +4, Int -1, Wis +2, Cha +0

AC 18; Fort +12; Reflex +7; Will +8;
HP 50
Speed 20 feet
Weaknesses Slashing 5

Fist One Action +11 (+6, +1) to hit 1d8+3 Bludgeoning


A monster with darkvision can see perfectly well in areas of darkness and dim light, though such vision is in black and white only. Some forms of magical darkness, such as a 4th-level Darkness spell, block normal darkvision. A monster with Greater Darkvision, however, can see through even these forms of magical darkness.

Scent (Imprecise) 30 feet

Scent involves sensing creatures or objects by smell, and is usually a vague sense. The range is listed in the ability, and it functions only if the creature or object being detected emits an aroma (for instance, incorporeal creatures usually do not exude an aroma).

If a creature emits a heavy aroma or is upwind, the GM can double or even triple the range of scent abilities used to detect that creature, and the GM can reduce the range if a creature is downwind.

Telepathy 100 feet (Myceloids and Those Afflicted by Purple Pox Only) (aura, divination, magical)

A monster with telepathy can communicate mentally with any creatures within the listed radius, as long as they share a language. This doesn't give any special access to their thoughts, and communicates no more information than normal speech would.

Spore Pop

If Umbo is reduced to 0 HP by a critical hit, he pops, forcing him to immediately Emit Spores, even if he has already used the ability that day.

Emit Spores One Action

Frequency once per day

Effect Umbo expels spores in a 10-foot burst centered on a corner of his own space. This cloud lasts until the start of the myceloid's next turn. Each creature that is in the cloud or enters it is exposed to purple pox.

Purple Pox (disease)

Myceloids are immune

Saving Throw DC 18 fortitude

Onset 1 minute

Stage 1 1d6 poison damage and Stupefied 1 (1 day)

Stage 2 4d6 poison damage, Stupefied 3, and the creature is compelled to seek out the nearest myceloid colony-this compulsion is a mental emotion effect (1 day)

Stage 3 The creature dies. Over 24 hours, its corpse becomes bloated and bursts, releasing a new, fully grown myceloid.

Spore Domination Two Actions (emotion, enchantment, incapacitation, mental, primal)

Umbo targets one creature affected by purple pox within 30 feet. That creature must attempt a DC 18 will save. It is then temporarily immune to spore domination for 10 minutes.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.

Success Until the end of its next turn, the target is helpful to myceloids and can't take hostile actions against them. If attacked by Umbo, the target is freed from this effect at the end of Umbo's turn.

Failure As success, but for 1 minute.

Critical Failure As success, but until the purple pox is cured.



This rarity indicates that a rules element is very difficult to find in the game world. A rare feat, spell, item or the like is available to players only if the GM decides to include it in the game, typically through discovery during play. Creatures with this trait are rare. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creatures is increased by 5.