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Life SaltConsumable 5

Source Pathfinder Book of the Dead
Price 25 gp
Weight light

Activate One Action Strike

This crystal vial contains salts blessed by channeling life-giving energies into waters purified by holy fire. You can activate this vial by throwing it as a Strike. It's a simple thrown ranged weapon with a range increment of 10 feet. Unlike an alchemical bomb, it doesn't add the manipulate trait to the attack made with it. On a hit against an undead, life salt deals 1 persistent positive damage, and the undead must succeed at a DC 20 will or be unable to attack you as long as it continues taking the persistent positive damage. If you use a hostile action against any undead, this second effect ends, and the undead can attack you normally.



Anything that doesn't list another rarity trait (uncommon, rare, or unique) automatically has the common trait. This rarity indicates that an ability, item, or spell is available to all players who meet the prerequisites for it. A creature of this rarity is generally known and can be summoned with the appropriate summon spell.


An item with this trait can be used only once. Unless stated otherwise, it's destroyed after activation. Consumable items include alchemical items and magical consumables such as scrolls and talismans. When a character creates consumable items, they can make them in batches of four.


This magic comes from the divine tradition, drawing power from deities or similar sources. Anything with this trait is magical.


Effects with this trait heal living creatures with positive energy, deal positive energy damage to undead, or manipulate positive energy.