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AkridaCreature 4

Source Pathfinder #179: Cradle of Quartz
Perception +10 (darkvision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet)
Languages Undercommon, Telepathy 100 Feet
Skills Acrobatics +11, Athletics +13
Str +5, Dex +3, Con +4, Int +0, Wis +3, Cha +0

AC 21; Fort +12; Reflex +11; Will +11;
HP 60
Speed 20 feet (burrow 10 feet)
Resistances Acid 5

Light Pick One Action +13 (+9, +5) to hit (agile, fatal d8, magical) 2d4+7 Piercing
Mandibles One Action +13 (+8, +3) to hit 1d6 Acid + 1d6+7 Slashing
Claw One Action +13 (+9, +5) to hit (agile) 1d6+7 Slashing


A monster with darkvision can see perfectly well in areas of darkness and dim light, though such vision is in black and white only. Some forms of magical darkness, such as a 4th-level Darkness spell, block normal darkvision. A monster with Greater Darkvision, however, can see through even these forms of magical darkness.

Scent (Imprecise) 30 feet

Scent involves sensing creatures or objects by smell, and is usually a vague sense. The range is listed in the ability, and it functions only if the creature or object being detected emits an aroma (for instance, incorporeal creatures usually do not exude an aroma).

If a creature emits a heavy aroma or is upwind, the GM can double or even triple the range of scent abilities used to detect that creature, and the GM can reduce the range if a creature is downwind.

Telepathy 100 feet (aura, divination, magical)

A monster with telepathy can communicate mentally with any creatures within the listed radius, as long as they share a language. This doesn't give any special access to their thoughts, and communicates no more information than normal speech would.

Breath Weapon Two Actions (acid, evocation, primal)

Akrida spits a gout of slimy green acid in a 30-foot line that deals 5d6 acid damage (DC 20 basic reflex).

Akrida can't use Breath Weapon again for 1d4 rounds.

Frantic Scramble Two Actions

Akrida makes three claw Strikes against a single creature within reach. His multiple attack penalty doesn't increase until after he makes all three Strikes.

Primal Innate Spells (DC 19, +11 to hit)

Cantrips (2nd Level): Acid Splash
1st Level: Acidic Burst



A rules element with this trait is one-of-a-kind. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to creatures with this trait is increased by 10.