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Ghost SoundCantrip 1

Source Pathfinder Core Rulebook
Traditions Arcane, Occult
Cast Two Actions (somatic, verbal)
Range 30 feet
Duration sustained

You create an auditory illusion of simple sounds that has a maximum volume equal to four normal humans shouting. The sounds emanate from a square you designate within range. You can't create intelligible words or other intricate sounds (such as music).

Heightened (3rd) The range increases to 60 feet.

Heightened (5th) The range increases to 120 feet.



Anything that doesn't list another rarity trait (uncommon, rare, or unique) automatically has the common trait. This rarity indicates that an ability, item, or spell is available to all players who meet the prerequisites for it. A creature of this rarity is generally known and can be summoned with the appropriate summon spell.


Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the illusion school of magic, typically involving false sensory stimuli.


Auditory actions and effects rely on sound. An action with the auditory trait can be successfully performed only if the creature using the action can speak or otherwise produce the required sounds. A spell or effect with the auditory trait has its effect only if the target can hear it. This applies only to sound-based parts of the effect, as determined by the GM. This is different from a sonic effect, which still affects targets who can't hear it (such as deaf targets) as long as the effect itself makes sound.


A spell you can cast at will that is automatically heightened to half your level rounded up.