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auditory Spells


Bullhorn Two ActionsIllusionAuditoryCantrip You amplify your voice, loud enough for you to be heard easily at a great distance.
Ghost Sound Two ActionsIllusionAuditoryCantrip You create an auditory illusion of simple sounds that has a maximum volume equal to four normal humans shouting.
Haunting Hymn Two ActionsEvocationAuditoryCantripSonic You echo a jarring hymn that only creatures in the area can hear.
Message One ActionIllusionAuditoryCantripLinguisticMental You mouth words quietly, but instead of coming out of your mouth, they're transferred directly to the ears of the target.
Tame Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryCantripMental As you make comforting sounds and gestures, you approach the target in a friendly manner combining caution and confidence.

1st Level

Biting Words Two ActionsEvocationAttackAuditoryLinguisticSonic You entwine magic with your voice, causing your taunts and jibes to physically harm your enemies.
Call to Arms ReactionUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryCurseboundEmotionMentalOracle You cry out a call to arms, inspiring your allies to enter the fray.
Command Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryLinguisticMental You shout a command that's hard to ignore.
Sweet Dream Three ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryClericLinguisticMentalSleep With soothing song or tales, you lull the target into an enchanting dream.
Ventriloquism Two ActionsIllusionAuditory Whenever you speak or make any other sound vocally, you can make your vocalization seem to originate from somewhere else within 60 feet, and you can change that apparent location freely as you vocalize.

2nd Level

Blistering Invective Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryEmotionFearMental A heap of insults and invectives spew from your mouth-words so devastating your foes burn from the intensity of your diatribe.
Illusory Creature Two ActionsIllusionAuditoryOlfactoryVisual You create an illusory image of a Large or smaller creature.
Magic Mouth Two ActionsIllusionAuditoryVisual You specify a trigger and a message up to 25 words long.
Sonata Span Two ActionsConjurationAuditorySonic By playing a brief tune on an instrument or in song, you cause the notes of the melody to physically manifest into a shimmering, translucent path.

3rd Level

Aberrant Whispers One Action to Three ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryMentalSorcerer You utter phrases in an unknown tongue, assaulting the minds of those nearby.
Distracting Chatter Two ActionsIllusionAuditory You bombard a target with distracting auditory illusions, surrounding them with a tumultuous cacophony of overlapping speech, whispers, screams, and muttering.
Enthrall Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryEmotion Your words fascinate your targets.
Tattoo Whispers RareDivinationAuditoryLinguisticMental You carefully tattoo the same design upon each secondary caster.

4th Level

Compel True Name Two ActionsRareEnchantmentAuditoryIncapacitationLinguisticMentalTrueName You instruct the target to do something, compelling obedience by calling it by its true name.
Girzanje's March Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryLinguisticMental You sing a prayer for war, inspiring valor in allies who hear your song.
Infectuous Melody Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryMental You call forth the chords of a tune so catchy that foes hearing it can't help but sing along, making it harder for them to communicate.

5th Level

Illusory Scene IllusionAuditoryOlfactoryVisual You form an imaginary scene that includes up to 10 discrete creatures or objects of various sizes, all of which must be within the spell's area.

6th Level

Shadow Illusion Two ActionsIllusionAuditoryShadowVisual You create a shadowy illusion of a creature or a stationary object, but the illusion can exist only in an area of dim light or darkness.

7th Level

Power Word Blind One ActionUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryMental You utter an arcane word of power that can make the target Blinded upon hearing it.
Visions of Danger Three ActionsIllusionAuditoryVisual An illusion of horrific creatures fills the spell's area.

8th Level

Canticle of Everlasting Grief Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryCurseEmotionFearMental You create a melody distilled from pure grief, conveying the inevitable loss of everything your target cherishes, audible only to them.
Power Word Stun One ActionUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryMental You stun the target with an arcane word of power.

9th Level

Overwhelming Presence Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryIncapacitationMentalVisual You surround yourself with supernatural splendor, appearing to be a god or similarly majestic being.
Power Word Kill One ActionEnchantmentAuditoryDeathMental You utter the most powerful arcane word of power.
Unfathomable Song Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryEmotionFearIncapacitationMental Fleeting notes of a strange and unnatural song fill the air, overtaking the mind.
Wail of the Banshee Two ActionsNecromancyAuditoryDeathNegative Your scream chills the souls of enemies that hear it.

10th Level

Shadow Army Three ActionsIllusionAuditoryMentalShadowVisual You create dozens of semi-real copies of yourself that swarm across the battlefield and fight your enemies.