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Subjugate UndeadFocus 3

Source Pathfinder Book of the Dead
Cast Three Actions (material, somatic, verbal)
Range 30 feet
Target one undead creature with a level of no more than your level -4
Duration varies
Saving Throw Will

You attempt to seize control of the target. It can attempt a Will save to resist the effect. If the target is already being controlled by another creature, the controlling creature also rolls a saving throw and the undead uses the better result. Casting subjugate undead again ends any previous subjugate undead you cast.

Critical Success The target is unaffected and is temporarily immune for 24 hours.

Success The target is unaffected.

Failure The undead creature becomes a minion under your control for 1 minute. The spell is dismissed if you or an ally takes a hostile action against the minion undead.

Critical Failure As failure, except the duration is 10 minutes.



Something of uncommon rarity requires special training or comes from a particular culture or part of the world. Some character choices give access to uncommon options, and the GM can choose to allow access for anyone. Less is known about uncommon creatures than common creatures. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creature is increased by 2.


Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the necromancy school of magic, typically involving forces of life and death.


A mental effect can alter the target's mind. It has no effect on an object or a mindless creature.