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Necromancy Spells


Chill Touch Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčNegative‚Äč Siphoning negative energy into yourself, your hand radiates a pale darkness.
Disrupt Undead Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You lance the target with energy.
Spirit Object One Action or Two ActionsRare‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčHex‚ÄčWitch‚Äč Using a sliver of Baba Yaga's power, you briefly bring an object to life.
Stabilize Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Positive energy shuts death's door.

1st Level

Admonishing Ray Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčNonlethal‚Äč A ray of energy bludgeons your target into submission without causing lasting harm.
Animate Dead Three ActionsNecromancy‚Äč Your magic dredges up a corpse or skeleton and fills it with necromantic life, and you force the dead to fight at your command.
Call of the Grave Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčWizard‚Äč You fire a ray of sickening energy.
Death's Call ReactionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚Äč Seeing another pass from this world to the next invigorates you.
Disrupting Weapons Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You infuse weapons with positive energy.
Divine Plagues Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčDisease‚Äč Your deity sends wracking plagues.
Eject Soul Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčIncapacitation‚Äč Your touch disrupts the connection between body and soul, possibly forcing the soul out of the body altogether.
Glutton's Jaw One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčMorph‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč Your mouth transforms into a shadowy maw bristling with pointed teeth.
Goblin Pox Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDisease‚Äč Your touch afflicts the target with goblin pox, an irritating allergenic rash.
Goodberry Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčDruid‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You imbue the target berry with the bounty of nature, turning it into a goodberry that can heal and sustain far beyond its normal capacity.
Grim Tendrils Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč Tendrils of darkness curl out from your fingertips and race through the air.
Harm One Action to Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You channel negative energy to harm the living or heal the undead.
Heal One Action to Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You channel positive energy to heal the living or damage the undead.
Heal Animal One Action or Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčDruid‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You heal an animal's wounds, restoring 1d8 Hit Points to the target.
Heal Companion One Action or Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčRanger‚Äč You harness positive energy to heal your animal companion's wounds.
Healer's Blessing One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚Äč Your words bless a creature with an enhanced connection to positive energy.
Hymn of Healing Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčBard‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your divine singing mends wounds and provides a temporary respite from harm.
Jealous Hex One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You draw forth a hag's innate jealousy to deny a target its greatest attribute.
Lay on Hands One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčChampion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch.
Lay on Hands (Vs. Undead) One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčChampion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch.
Life Boost One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčHex‚ÄčWitch‚Äč You temporarily bolster the target's vitality.
Life Link One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčOracle‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You forge a connection of life energy between you and your target, distributing harm between both of you.
Magic Stone One Action to Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You pour positive energy into ordinary stones, granting them temporary magical properties.
Necromancer's Generosity Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You channel negative energy through your magical connection to your undead minion to strengthen the creature.
Purify Food and Drink Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You remove toxins and contaminations from food and drink, making them safe to consume.
Putrefy Food and Drink Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You cause otherwise edible food to rot and spoil instantly, and water and other liquids to become brackish and undrinkable.
Ray of Enfeeblement Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčAttack‚Äč A ray that saps a foe's strength flashes from your hand.
Rejuvenating Flames Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčFire‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You create a gout of flame that both heals and burns.
Soul Siphon One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčNegative‚ÄčOracle‚Äč You siphon off a portion of the target's soul to bolster your own vitality.
Spider Sting Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You magically duplicate a spider's venomous sting.
Spirit Link Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You form a spiritual link with another creature, taking in its pain.
Touch of Corruption One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You infuse the target with negative energy.
Touch of Corruption (Healing) One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You infuse the target with negative energy.
Touch of Undeath One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You attack the target's life force with undeath, dealing 1d6 negative damage.
Undeath's Blessing One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You instill within a creature the touch of the grave.
Withering Grasp Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčNegative‚Äč Your touch rots organic material and decays objects.

2nd Level

Blood Vendetta ReactionNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚Äč You curse the target, punishing it for having the audacity to spill your blood.
Create Undead Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčEvil‚Äč You transform the target into an undead creature with a level up to that allowed in Table 7-1.
Deafness Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč The target loses hearing; it must attempt a Fortitude save.
Death Knell Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚Äč You snuff the life out of a creature on the brink of death.
False Life Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You create a reservoir of vitality from necromantic energy, gaining a number of temporary Hit Points equal to 6 plus your spellcasting ability modifier.
Feast of Ashes Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚Äč You curse the target with a hunger no food can sate.
Feral Shades Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč A wave of gray mist formed of negative energy spills out from your outstretched hand, briefly taking the shape of a pack of predatory animals that set viciously on your foes.
Fungal Hyphae Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčFungus‚Äč Thin hyphae grow from your feet and plunge into the earth, creating a symbiotic fungal network that attaches to plants within 30 feet and connects you to their root systems.
Gentle Repose Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč The targeted corpse doesn't decay, nor can it be transformed into an undead.
Ghoulish Cravings Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDisease‚ÄčEvil‚Äč You touch the target to afflict it with ghoul fever, infesting it with hunger and a steadily decreasing connection to positive energy; the target must attempt a Fortitude save.
Grave Impressions Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You project a fragment of your senses into the corpse.
Imp Sting Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčEvil‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You reproduce an imp's evil, poisonous sting, stabbing at an enemy and possibly affecting them with the devil's benumbing venom.
Lifelink Surge One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčSummoner‚Äč You make a quick gesture, tracing the link between yourself and your eidolon and drawing on your connection to slowly strengthen your shared life force.
Mimic Undead Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You take death and wrap it about you like a cloak-your colors wash out and your skin grows cold to the touch.
Reaper's Lantern Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčLight‚Äč You call forth a ghostly lantern that guides the living toward death and the undead toward true death.
Remove Paralysis Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč A surge of energy frees a Paralyzed creature.
Restoration Necromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč Restorative magic counters the effects of toxins or conditions that prevent a creature from functioning at its best.
Restore Senses Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You attempt to counteract a single effect imposing the Blinded or Deafened conditions on the target, restoring its vision or hearing.
Shield Other Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You forge a temporary link between the target's life essence and your own.
Slough Skin Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You continually and harmlessly slough off the top layer of your skin while new skin regenerates immediately, quickly moving damaging substances away from your body.
Soothing Mist Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčRanger‚Äč You call forth a magical mist of positive energy that envelops a creature.
Spectral Hand Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You create a semicorporeal hand out of your essence that delivers touch spells for you.
Sudden Blight Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You accelerate the processes of decay in the area.
Summoner's Precaution Necromancy‚ÄčContingency‚Äč You create a buffer in the link between yourself and your eidolon in order to prevent you from falling alongside your bonded ally.
Wholeness of Body One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčMonk‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You heal yourself in one of the following ways, chosen by you when you cast the spell.
Worm's Repast Two ActionsRare‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč Gnawing worms materialize within the flesh of the target creature, dealing 4d6 piercing damage and {1d6}[persistent,piercing] Persistent Piercing Damage.

3rd Level

Armor of Bones One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčOracle‚Äč You ossify your physical form, mimicking the durability of bone.
Bind Undead Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč With a word of necromantic power, you seize control of the target.
Blindness Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčIncapacitation‚Äč You blind the target.
Claim Curse Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč By burning threads of fate around a target and then retying them to yourself instead, you temporarily draw their curse to you and offer them brief succor from the worst of its effects.
Cup of Dust Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚Äč You curse the target with a thirst no drink can quench.
Delay Affliction Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčOracle‚ÄčPositive‚Äč With a surge of healing energy, you push back against an affliction threatening the target and grant a small amount of healing.
Drain Life One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You close your hand and pull life energy from another creature into yourself.
Envenom Companion Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You envenom your companion or eidolon's attacks, which drip with highly toxic venom for the spell's duration.
Life Connection Necromancy‚ÄčContingency‚Äč When you cast this spell, you place a failsafe deep within the life force of the target.
Neutralize Poison Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You pour healing magic through the target in an attempt to cure one poison afflicting it.
Positive Attunement Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You attune a creature to the Positive Energy Plane, connecting its life force without fully transporting it.
Reincarnate Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You call forth the target's soul and attempt to incarnate it into a brand-new body.
Remove Disease Necromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč Healing magic purges disease from a creature's body.
Rouse Skeletons Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč Misshapen skeletal forms erupt from a solid surface, such as a stone floor, and fill the burst.
Steal Shadow Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčShadow‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You steal a creature's shadow, leaving it weakened and vulnerable.
Vampiric Touch Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčNegative‚Äč Your touch leeches the lifeblood out of a target to empower yourself.

4th Level

Blight Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚ÄčPlant‚Äč You twist and stunt plants in the area, causing them to wither.
Bloodspray Curse Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚Äč You inflict a curse upon the target that causes any wound to gush blood.
Call The Blood Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčNegative‚Äč With a word and gesture, you cause streams of blood to erupt from the target's mouth, nostrils, ears, or other facial openings and come rushing into your mouth.
Chroma Leach Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč Your hand glows with impossible colors from beyond the stars, and your touch saps both color and vitality from the living.
Cloak of Light Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You surround yourself in holy light that restores the living and rebuffs undead.
Ectoplasmic Interstice Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚Äč You force the Material and Ethereal Planes to partially overlap, creating a zone that causes incorporeal and spiritual entities to take on many of the aspects of corporeal creatures.
Enervation Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč Extending a finger, you fire a beam of negative energy that weakens the life force of any creature it touches.
Eradicate Undeath Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A massive deluge of life energy causes the undead to fall apart.
Extract Brain Rare‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You perform a complex magical operation on a willing or Restrained creature or a corpse, delicately cutting into the skull and removing the creature's brain without damaging the organ.
Fallow Field Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčNegative‚Äč A sickly yellow light fills the area as entropic forces prevent healing.
Fearful Feast Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You open your mouth wide and inhale sharply; you draw in the bravery, self-confidence, and hope to which the frightened target clings and then strip away the target's false assumption that these fragile emotions can save them from the oblivion of terror.
Foul Miasma Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčDisease‚Äč You multiply the disease within a creature, drawing it into an infectious mist outside their body where it can spread to other creatures.
Garden of Death Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčConsecration‚ÄčPlant‚ÄčPoison‚Äč Typically associated with the less friendly fey or druids, this ritual calls all the poisonous, toxic, and venomous plants and animals of an area to congregate in a certain place, creating a beautiful but extravagantly deadly garden.
Internal Insurrection Two ActionsRare‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčDisease‚Äč You afflict the target with the supernatural disease known as internal insurrection, causing portions of their body to rebel against the whole, leading to painful agonies and, in time, death.
Life Siphon ReactionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčWizard‚Äč You use some of the spell's magic to heal yourself, regaining 1d8 Hit Points per level of the spell.
Malignant Sustenance Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You embed a seed of negative energy in an undead creature, restoring its unnatural vigor.
Necrotic Radiation Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You imbue the touched object or space with slow-acting necrotic radiation.
Pernicious Poltergeist Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You create an echo of a powerful poltergeist, temporarily anchoring it to the area to terrorize and harm any opponents foolish enough to remain in the area.
Plant Growth Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčPlant‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You cause the plants within the area to be healthier and more fruitful.
Positive Luminance One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Drawing life force into yourself, you become a beacon of positive energy.
Rebuke Death One Action to Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You snatch creatures from the jaws of death.
Remove Curse Necromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč Your touch grants a reprieve to a cursed creature.
Rest Eternal Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You call upon gods, spirits, and stranger beings to bar a creature's spirit from ever returning.
Sanguine Mist Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You unleash a cloud of foul, blood-sucking fog that drains the vitality from the living to bolster your own.
Seal Fate Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčDeath‚Äč You utter a curse that a creature will meet a certain end-a death by freezing, stabbing, or another means you devise.
Soothing Spring Necromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčWater‚Äč Steam wisps into the air as a stone-lined pool appears in the ground and fills with hot water that bubbles up from the earth.
Spiritual Anamnesis Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčMental‚Äč Memories of a past life that seem incredibly real (and may even be) overwhelm the target's mind.
Swarming Wasp Stings Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You manifest a swarm of disembodied wasp stingers that stab creatures in the area, possibly poisoning them.
Take its Course Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚Äč When someone has overindulged, you can hasten them past the worst of their affliction or intensify their misery.
Talking Corpse Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You grant the target corpse a semblance of life, which it uses to speak the answers to three questions posed to it.
Tireless Worker Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You suppress your choice of one of the following conditions that's affecting the target: Clumsy, Encumbered, Enfeebled, or Fatigued.
Vampiric Maiden Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč A ghostly iron maiden snaps shut on the target and drains its vitality for your gain.
Vital Beacon Necromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Vitality radiates outward from you, allowing others to supplicate and receive healing.

5th Level

Abyssal Plague Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčChaotic‚ÄčDisease‚ÄčEvil‚Äč Your touch afflicts the target with Abyssal plague, which siphons fragments of their soul away to empower the Abyss.
Blister Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You point at a target in range, and its skin grows searing blisters filled with caustic fluid.
Blood Feast Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč Your head splits vertically into an enormous maw, which feasts upon the target's blood, dealing 12d6 piercing damage, depending on your spell attack roll.
Breath of Life ReactionNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your blessing revives a creature at the moment of its death.
Call Spirit Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You tear the veil to the afterlife and call a spirit from its final resting place.
Celestial Brand One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč A blazing symbol appears on the target, cursing it to face divine justice.
Cleansing Flames Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčFire‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You wrap the target in purifying flames.
Cloudkill Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You conjure a poisonous fog.
Curse of Death Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčWitch‚Äč You focus your malevolent gaze on a target, causing their heart to seize in dread.
Ectoplasmic Expulsion Three ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčMental‚Äč You call upon tendrils of ephemeral ectoplasm to pass through the target and carry away a harmful psychic affliction.
Grasping Grave Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč Hundreds of skeletal arms erupt from the ground in the area, clawing at creatures within and attempting to hold them in place.
Healing Well Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You call forth a well of healing that you and your allies can draw from later.
Invoke Spirits Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč Ragged apparitions of the dead rise to stalk the living.
Mariner's Curse Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚Äč You afflict the target with the curse of the roiling, unforgiving sea.
Mind Swap Rare‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčMental‚ÄčPossession‚Äč This ritual allows two subjects to exchange minds, fully inhabiting one another's bodies.
Mother's Blessing Rare‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčBeast‚ÄčConsecration‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You attempt to purify and stabilize the life inside of Ulgrem-Axaan's last remaining clutch of eggs.
Ode to Ouroboros ReactionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčBard‚ÄčComposition‚Äč Your ode temporarily staves off death.
Portrait of Spite Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚Äč Using the blood, you compose a portrait of the target in perfect health.
Ravening Maw Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčEvil‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You evoke Zevgavizeb's unceasing hunger and inflict it upon your target.
Restorative Moment Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHex‚ÄčWitch‚Äč You manipulate the threads of time around the target, giving them some of the benefits of a day's passage.
Resurrect Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You attempt to call forth the target's soul and return it to its body.
Shall not Falter, Shall not Rout One ActionRare‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč Calling out the fifth line of the Crimson Oath, you seal your most grievous injuries with a stroke of your blade.
Shepherd of Souls ReactionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You stay the hand of fate for one not yet destined to die, sacrificing some of your own vitality to heal them.
Wall of Flesh Two ActionsNecromancy‚Äč You craft a 20-foot-tall wall of living flesh in a straight line up to 30 feet long.
Wyvern Sting Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You duplicate the venomous sting of a wyvern.

6th Level

Claim Undead Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčOracle‚Äč You attempt to wrest control of a target undead or force it to recognize you as its master.
Field of Life Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A field of positive energy fills the area, exuding warmth and rejuvenating those within.
Gray Shadow Three ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčShadow‚Äč You pray over a dying creature, drawing its shadow into your service as long as its owner is stooped at death's door.
Life-Giving Form Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčLight‚ÄčOracle‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You transcend your physical form, becoming a beacon of healing energy.
Necrotize Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You necrotize part of a creature's body, harming it and debilitating it as its body putrefies, mimicking the natural process of decay.
Purple Worm Sting Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You replicate the attack of a deadly purple worm.
Raise Dead Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč You attempt to call forth the dead creature's soul, requiring the creature's body to be present and relatively intact.
Spirit Blast Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčForce‚Äč You concentrate ethereal energy and attack a creature's spirit, dealing 16d6 force damage.
Terminate Bloodline Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč Mighty drow noble houses, including House Shraen, use this ritual to stamp out fledgling noble houses before they rise to power.
Vampiric Exsanguination Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You draw in the blood and life force of other creatures through your outstretched arms.

7th Level

Eclipse Burst Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCold‚ÄčDarkness‚ÄčNegative‚Äč A globe of freezing darkness explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures in the area, plus 8d4 additional negative damage to living creatures.
Finger of Death Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚Äč You point your finger toward the target and speak a word of slaying.
Leng Sting Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You use the power of nightmares to magically replicate the venomous attack of the aberrant and cunning Leng spiders.
Possession Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚ÄčPossession‚Äč You send your mind and soul into the target's body, attempting to take control.
Ravenous Reanimation Necromancy‚ÄčEvil‚Äč You destroy the gathered treasures with your breath weapon or other powerful magic, then invoke necromantic energies before you feed upon the charred and melted remains.
Regenerate Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč An infusion of positive energy grants a creature continuous healing.
Tempest of Shades Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčIncarnate‚Äč You channel the forces of undeath to briefly call forth an amalgam of the vengeful dead slain by your enemies and allies alike.

8th Level

All is One, One is All Three ActionsRare‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You meld the targets' matter and life force into one and then, in an instant, sift them back out into their component selves.
Devour Life Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You attempt to utterly consume the target's life force.
Divine Armageddon Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You call forth a divine cataclysm from your deity, destroying living and undead creatures in the area alike.
Horrid Wilting Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You pull the moisture from the targets' bodies, dealing 10d10 negative damage.
Moment of Renewal Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚Äč The targets experience a day's worth of recovery in an instant.
Quivering Palm Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMonk‚Äč Make a melee unarmed Strike.
Spirit Song Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčForce‚Äč Your eldritch song sends pulsing waves of ethereal energy to attack creatures' spirits in the area, dealing 18d6 force damage.
Spiritual Epidemic Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCurse‚Äč You curse the target, sapping its spirit and leaving a contagious trap in its essence.

9th Level

Bind Soul Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčEvil‚Äč You wrench the target's soul away before it can pass on to the afterlife and imprison it in a black sapphire.
Blunt the Final Blade Rare‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚Äč You anoint the Final Blade with powdered mithral and grave dirt while speaking softly and carefully to the souls trapped within it.
Clone Rare‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You remove 1 cubic inch of flesh from the target, who must be present throughout the ritual and can be one of the casters.
Linnorm Sting Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčFire‚ÄčPoison‚Äč You replicate the fiery venom of the tor linnorm and inflict an enemy with the dread dragon's debilitating bite.
Massacre Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčNegative‚Äč You unleash a wave of necromantic energy to snuff out the life force of those in its path.
Voracious Gestalt Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčAura‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčEvil‚Äč You create a powerful spirit entity that grows and builds strength by consuming the spirits of foes you both slay.
Wail of the Banshee Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčNegative‚Äč Your scream chills the souls of enemies that hear it.

10th Level

Hero's Defiance Free ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčChampion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You shout in defiance, filling you with a sudden burst of healing.
Raga of Remembrance Unique‚ÄčNecromancy‚Äč You scribe occult symbols on unblighted Vudran ground, laying the ceramics within them to create a ritual space.
Revival Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A burst of healing energy soothes living creatures and temporarily rouses those recently slain.
Song of the Fallen Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčBard‚ÄčComposition‚Äč You chant a dirge or an elegy that either rouses the dead to action or reminds undead that they should lay to rest.