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Tree ShapeSpell 2

Source Pathfinder Core Rulebook
Traditions Primal
Cast Two Actions (somatic, verbal)
Duration 8 hours

You transform into a Large tree. Perception checks don't reveal your true nature, but a successful Nature or Survival check against your spell DC reveals that you appear to be a tree that is strangely new to the area. While in tree form, you can observe everything around you, but you can't act other than to end the spell, and your turn, by using a single action, which has the concentrate trait. As a tree, your AC is 20, and only status bonuses, status penalties, circumstance bonuses, and circumstance penalties affect you. Any successes and critical successes you roll on Reflex saves are failures.



Anything that doesn't list another rarity trait (uncommon, rare, or unique) automatically has the common trait. This rarity indicates that an ability, item, or spell is available to all players who meet the prerequisites for it. A creature of this rarity is generally known and can be summoned with the appropriate summon spell.


Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the transmutation school of magic, typically changing something's form.


Vegetable creatures have the plant trait. They are distinct from normal plants. Magical effects with this trait manipulate or conjure plants or plant matter in some way. Those that manipulate plants have no effect in an area with no plants.


These effects transform the target into a new form. A target can't be under the effect of more than one polymorph effect at a time. If it comes under the effect of a second polymorph effect, the second polymorph effect attempts to counteract the first. If it succeeds, it takes effect, and if it fails, the spell has no effect on that target. Any Strikes specifically granted by a polymorph effect are magical. Unless otherwise stated, polymorph spells don't allow the target to take on the appearance of a specific individual creature, but rather just a generic creature of a general type or ancestry. If you take on a battle form with a polymorph spell, the special statistics can be adjusted only by circumstance bonuses, status bonuses, and penalties. Unless otherwise noted, the battle form prevents you from casting spells, speaking, and using most manipulate actions that require hands. (If there's doubt about whether you can use an action, the GM decides.) Your gear is absorbed into you; the constant abilities of your gear still function, but you can't activate any items.