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polymorph Spells

1st Level

Juvenile Companion Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You transform your companion into its juvenile form, such as a cub, foal, kitten, puppy, or piglet, making the target appear harmless.
Pest Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You transform into the battle form of a Tiny animal, such as a cat, insect, lizard, or rat.
Wild Shape Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationDruidPolymorph You infuse yourself with primal essence and transform into another form.

2nd Level

Animal Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You call upon primal energy to transform yourself into a Medium animal battle form.
Enlarge Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph Bolstered by magical power, the target grows to size Large.
Humanoid Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You transform your appearance to that of a Small or Medium humanoid, such as a dwarf, elf, goblin, halfling, human, orc, or lizardfolk.
Magic Warrior Transformation Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPolymorph You transform into the animal from your mask.
Shrink Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You warp space to make a creature smaller.
Summoner's Visage Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You transform your eidolon into your identical twin.
Tree Shape Two ActionsTransmutationPlantPolymorph You transform into a Large tree.

3rd Level

Insect Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You envision a simple bug and transform into a Medium animal battle form.
Ooze Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You invoke all things that seep and ooze, your body dissolving into a thick slurry and then reconstituting itself into a Medium ooze battle form.
Shrink Item TransmutationPolymorph You shrink the target to roughly the size of a coin.
Threefold Aspect TransmutationPolymorph This spell allows you to change between three versions of yourself of different ages: a maiden (young adult), a mother (adult), or a matriarch (elderly).

4th Level

Aerial Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You harness your mastery of primal forces to reshape your body into a Medium flying animal battle form.
Bestial Curse Two ActionsTransmutationCursePolymorph You tap into the target's inner being and curse it to become a bestial version of itself.
Dinosaur Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You channel the primal forces of nature to transform into a Large animal battle form, specifically that of a powerful and terrifying dinosaur.
Disperse into Air ReactionUncommonTransmutationAirClericPolymorph After taking the triggering damage, you transform into air.
Elephant Form Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPolymorph You channel the primal forces of nature to transform into a Large battle form, specifically that of a powerful and terrifying elephant or similar creature, such as a mammoth, mastodon, or anancus.
Enlarge Companion Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPolymorphRanger Your animal companion grows much larger, towering over its foes in battle.
Familiar Form Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPolymorph You transform into a Tiny animal that commonly serves as a spellcaster's familiar.
Fey Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph Channeling the mischievous fey, you transform into a fey battle form, which is Medium unless stated otherwise.
Gaseous Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph The target transforms into a vaporous state.
Mantis Form Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPolymorph You become a mantis.
Swarm Form Two ActionsTransmutationClericPolymorph You discorporate into a swarm of Tiny creatures.

5th Level

Aberrant Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph Harnessing the power of vile entities, you transform yourself into a Large aberration.
Elemental Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You call upon the power of the planes to transform into a Medium elemental battle form.
Plant Form Two ActionsTransmutationPlantPolymorph Taking inspiration from verdant creatures, you transform into a Large plant battle form.
Unusual Anatomy One ActionUncommonTransmutationPolymorphSorcerer You transform your flesh and organs into a bizarre amalgam of glistening skin, rough scales, tufts of hair, and tumorous protuberances.

6th Level

Baleful Polymorph Two ActionsTransmutationIncapacitationPolymorph You transform the target creature into a harmless animal appropriate to the area, with effects based on its Fortitude save.
Daemon Form Two ActionsTransmutationEvilPolymorph You infuse yourself with the corrupting death and pure malevolence of Abaddon, transforming into a Large daemon battle form.
Demon Form Two ActionsTransmutationChaoticEvilPolymorph You corrupt yourself with the sin of the Abyss, transforming into a Medium demon battle form.
Devil Form Two ActionsTransmutationEvilLawfulPolymorph You bind yourself to the power of Hell, transforming into a Medium devil battle form.
Dragon Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph Calling upon powerful transformative magic, you gain a Large dragon battle form.
Form of the Sandpoint Devil RareTransmutationEvilPolymorph You infuse yourself with incredible amounts of pure evil, subsuming your consciousness into malevolence and giving yourself a monstrous form resembling that of the Sandpoint Devil.
Righteous Might Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You focus all your divine energy and transform yourself into a Medium battle form, similar to your normal form but armed with powerful divine armaments granted by your deity.
Statuette RareTransmutationPolymorph This ritual is a variant of the shrink item spell that allows for the transformation of significantly larger items.
Tempest Form Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationCurseboundOraclePolymorph Your body becomes fluid to better suit your surroundings.

7th Level

Angel Form Two ActionsTransmutationGoodPolymorph Invoking the celestial realms, you transform into a Medium angel battle form.
Corrosive Body Two ActionsTransmutationAcidPolymorph You exhale corrosive gas, and acidic secretions coat your skin as you transform into a being of living acid.
Cosmic Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You recreate your form entirely out of cosmic energy, transforming into a Large battle form.
Fiery Body Two ActionsTransmutationFirePolymorph You become living flame, giving you fire immunity, resistance 10 to precision damage, and weakness 5 to cold and to water.

8th Level

Monstrosity Form Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You transform into the shape of a legendary monster, assuming a Huge battle form.

9th Level

Ki Form One ActionUncommonTransmutationMonkPolymorph Drawing from deep wells of spiritual power, you take on a special ki form.
Shapechange Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph Harnessing your mastery of transformative magic, you take on a mutable form.

10th Level

Apex Companion Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationDruidPolymorph You focus on the energies of all members of your animal companion's species, transforming your animal companion into its apex battle form.
Avatar Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph You transform into an avatar of your deity, assuming a Huge battle form.
Element Embodied Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph Drawing upon the deepest wells of magic in an elemental plane, you transform into a spectacular elemental.
Nature Incarnate Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph The primal power of the world flows through you.
Primal Herd Two ActionsTransmutationPolymorph Summoning the power of the natural world, you transform the targets into a herd of mammoths, and they each assume a Huge battle form.