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plant Spells


Tanglefoot Two ActionsConjurationAttackCantripPlant A vine covered in sticky sap appears from thin air, flicking from your hand and lashing itself to the target.

1st Level

Nettleskin Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPlant Thorns sprout from your body; they pass through and don't damage any clothing or armor you wear.
Protector Tree Two ActionsConjurationPlant A Medium tree suddenly grows in an unoccupied square within range.
Shillelagh Two ActionsTransmutationPlant The target grows vines and leaves, brimming with primal energy.
Verdant Sprout Three ActionsUncommonConjurationPlant You imbue a single ordinary, inexpensive plant seed with primal energy and throw it onto a surface, where it gradually sprouts into a Medium plant.
Vibrant Thorns One ActionUncommonTransmutationClericMorphPlant Your body sprouts a coat of brambly thorns that harm those that strike you and thrive on life magic.

2nd Level

Barkskin Two ActionsAbjurationPlant The target's skin becomes covered in bark.
Entangle Two ActionsTransmutationPlant Plants in the area entangle creatures.
Shape Wood Two ActionsTransmutationPlant You shape the wood into a rough shape of your choice.
Tree Shape Two ActionsTransmutationPlantPolymorph You transform into a Large tree.

3rd Level

Ranger's Bramble Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPlantRanger You cause plants in the area to entangle your foes, with the effects of Entangle.
Soothing Blossoms Two ActionsConjurationPlant Blossoms grow from the ground in a small area, soothing away afflictions and persistent pains and harm.
Wall of Thorns Three ActionsConjurationPlant Over the course of a minute, you cause a thick wall of thorny brambles to grow from the ground.

4th Level

Blight UncommonNecromancyNegativePlant You twist and stunt plants in the area, causing them to wither.
Garden of Death UncommonNecromancyConsecrationPlantPoison Typically associated with the less friendly fey or druids, this ritual calls all the poisonous, toxic, and venomous plants and animals of an area to congregate in a certain place, creating a beautiful but extravagantly deadly garden.
Murderous Vine Two ActionsConjurationAttackPlant You summon a slithering, thorny vine that attempts to constrict and crush a foe against a wall or other surface.
Nature's Bounty One ActionUncommonConjurationClericPlantPositive A palm-sized raw fruit or vegetable appears in your open hand.
Petal Storm Two ActionsConjurationAirPlant You bring forth a cloud of razor-sharp flower petals that thrash violently in the wind.
Plant Growth UncommonNecromancyPlantPositive You cause the plants within the area to be healthier and more fruitful.
Speak with Plants Two ActionsDivinationPlant You can ask questions of and receive answers from plants, but the spell doesn't make them more friendly or intelligent than normal.

5th Level

Plant Form Two ActionsTransmutationPlantPolymorph Taking inspiration from verdant creatures, you transform into a Large plant battle form.
Tree Stride UncommonConjurationPlantTeleportation You step into a living tree with a trunk big enough for you to fit inside it and instantly teleport to any tree of the same species within 5 miles that also has a sufficiently large trunk.

6th Level

Fire Seeds Two ActionsEvocationFirePlant Four acorns grow in your hand, their shells streaked with pulsing red and orange patterns.
Nature's Reprisal Three ActionsTransmutationPlantPoison The plant life within the area begins to writhe and lash out against your enemies as you call upon nature to impede your foes.
Tangling Creepers Three ActionsConjurationPlant Dense, twitching creepers sprout from every surface and fill any bodies of water in the area.

8th Level

Burning Blossoms Three ActionsEnchantmentFirePlant An intangible hollow tree sprouts from the ground and grows to towering height, radiating a fiery passion and fascinating viewers.
Impaling Briars Two ActionsUncommonConjurationDruidPlant The ground within the area transforms into a mass of dangerous briars that assault and impede your foes.

9th Level

One With the Land Two ActionsTransmutationEarthPlant You merge with an adjacent natural feature with enough volume to fit you and your worn and held possessions, such as the ground or a large tree.