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Abadar's Avenger Charisma or Wisdom, freeGoka LoreAssurance
Able Carter UncommonCharisma or Strength, freenonenone
Academy Dropout Charisma or Intelligence, freeAcademia LoreDubious Knowledge
Acolyte Intelligence or Wisdom, freeScribing LoreStudent of the Canon
Acrobat Dexterity or Strength, freeCircus LoreSteady Balance
Aerialist Charisma or Dexterity, freeRope LoreCat Fall
Aiudara Seeker RareIntelligence or Wisdom, freePortal LoreQuick Identification
Alkenstar Outlaw UncommonConstitution or Dexterity, freeUnderworld LoreSubtle Theft
Alkenstar Sojourner UncommonCharisma or Intelligence, freeEngineering LoreStreetwise
Alkenstar Tinker Dexterity or Intelligence, freeEngineering LoreAlchemical Crafting
Almas Clerk UncommonCharisma or Intelligence, freeLegal LoreGlean Contents
Amnesiac Rarefree, free, freeGM choice free skill boost Lorenone
Animal Whisperer Charisma or Wisdom, free<Terrain> LoreTrain Animal
Animal Wrangler Strength or Wisdom, free<Common Animal> Lorenone
Anti-Magical RareConstitution or Wisdom, free<Non-Magical> Lorenone
Anti-Tech Activist Charisma or Constitution, freeGuild LoreGroup Coercion
Archaeologist Constitution or Intelligence, freeArchitecture LoreAdditional Lore
Artisan Intelligence or Strength, freeGuild LoreSpecialty Crafting
Artist Charisma or Dexterity, freeArt LoreSpecialty Crafting
Aspiring Free-Captain Charisma or Wisdom, freeSailing LoreGroup Coercion
Aspiring River Monarch Charisma or Wisdom, freePolitics LoreCourtly Graces
Astrologer Intelligence or Wisdom, freeAstrology LoreOddity Identification
Astrological Augur RareCharisma or Wisdom, freeAstrology Lorenone
Attention Addict Charisma or Strength, freeGladiatorial LoreImpressive Performance
Atteran Rancher Dexterity or Strength, freeAnimal LoreTrain Animal
Back-Alley Doctor Constitution or Wisdom, freeUnderworld LoreRisky Surgery
Bandit Charisma or Dexterity, free<Terrain> LoreGroup Coercion
Banished Brighite UncommonIntelligence or Wisdom, freeBrigh LoreQuick Identification
Barber Dexterity or Wisdom, freeSurgery LoreRisky Surgery
Barkeep Charisma or Constitution, freeAlcohol LoreHobnobber
Barker Charisma or Constitution, freeCrowd LoreGroup Coercion
Barrister Charisma or Intelligence, freeLegal LoreGroup Impression
Bekyar Restorer Charisma or Wisdom, freeAbyss LoreGroup Impression
Belkzen Slayer Charisma or Strength, freeOrc LoreIntimidating Glare
Bellflower Agent Charisma or Dexterity, freeUnderworld LoreExperienced Smuggler
Bibliophile Charisma or Intelligence, freeLibrary LoreArcane Sense
Black Market Smuggler Charisma or Wisdom, freeUnderworld LoreExperienced Smuggler
Blessed RareCharisma or Wisdom, free<Deity> or <GM Choice> Lorenone
Blow-In Charisma or Dexterity, freeUnderworld Lorenone
Bonuwat Wavetouched Strength or Wisdom, freeOcean LoreUnderwater Marauder
Bookkeeper Intelligence or Wisdom, freeAccounting LoreEye For Numbers
Borderlands Pioneer RareStrength or Wisdom, freenoneTrain Animal
Bounty Hunter Strength or Wisdom, freeLegal LoreExperienced Tracker
Brevic Noble RareConstitution or Wisdom, freenonenone
Brevic Outcast RareCharisma or Constitution, freenoneHaughty Obstinacy
Bright Lion Charisma or Strength, freeMzali LoreLie To Me
Broken Tusk Recruiter UncommonCharisma or Constitution, freeHillcross LoreGroup Impression
Butcher Constitution or Intelligence, freeMercantile LoreRead Lips
Cannoneer Dexterity or Strength, freeWarfare LoreHefty Hauler
Charlatan Charisma or Intelligence, freeUnderworld LoreCharming Liar
Chelish Rebel Charisma or Dexterity, freeKintargo LoreStreetwise
Child of Westcrown Charisma or Strength, freeWestcrown LoreGroup Impression
Child of the Puddles Dexterity or Intelligence, freeAbsalom LoreSteady Balance
Child of the Twin Village RareCharisma or Constitution, freeDreamlands Lorenone
Chosen One RareCharisma or Strength, freeFortune-Telling Lorenone
Circuit Judge UncommonIntelligence or Wisdom, freeLegal LoreLie To Me
Circus Born Charisma or Intelligence, freeCircus LoreExperienced Professional
Clockfighter Charisma or Intelligence, freeGladitorial LoreExperienced Professional
Clockwork Researcher Dexterity or Intelligence, freeEngineering LoreEye For Numbers
Clown Charisma or Dexterity, freeClown LoreVirtuosic Performer
Codebreaker Intelligence or Wisdom, freeCryptography LoreGlean Contents
Construction Occultist UncommonIntelligence or Strength, freeArchitecture Lorenone
Cook Constitution or Intelligence, freeCooking LoreSeasoned
Corpse Stitcher UncommonConstitution or Wisdom, freeZombie Lorenone
Courier Dexterity or Intelligence, free<City> LoreGlean Contents
Criminal Dexterity or Intelligence, freeUnderworld LoreExperienced Smuggler
Cultist Charisma or Intelligence, free<Deity> or <Cult> LoreSchooled In Secrets
Curandero Constitution or Wisdom, freeHerbalism LoreInoculation
Cursed RareCharisma or Intelligence, freeCurse Lorenone
Cursed Family Charisma or Intelligence, freeCurse LoreOddity Identification
Deckhand Dexterity or Strength, freeSailing LoreCat Fall
Demon Slayer Constitution or Strength, freeDemon LoreRecognize Spell
Deputy Dexterity or Wisdom, freeHunting LoreExperienced Tracker
Desert Tracker Constitution or Wisdom, freeDesert LoreExperienced Tracker
Detective Intelligence or Wisdom, freeUnderworld LoreStreetwise
Diobel Pearl Diver Constitution or Dexterity, freeOcean LoreUnderwater Marauder
Discarded Duplicate Rarefree, free, freenonenone
Disciple of the Gear Intelligence or Wisdom, freenoneQuick Repair
Doomcaller RareIntelligence or Wisdom, freeStar lore Lorenone
Dragon Scholar Charisma or Strength, freeDragon LoreIntimidating Glare
Dreamer of the Verdant Moon UncommonStrength or Wisdom, freeZevgavizeb LoreRavening's Desperation
Driver Dexterity or Strength, freePiloting Lorenone
Droskari Disciple Constitution or Intelligence, freeDroskar LoreSkill Training
Early Explorer Strength or Wisdom, freePathfinder LoreForager
Eclipseborn RareCharisma or Constitution, free<GM> lore Lorenone
Eidolon Contact Charisma or Constitution, free<Eidolon Type> LoreDubious Knowledge
Eldritch Anatomist Intelligence or Wisdom, freeFleshwarp LoreAssurance
Emancipated Charisma or Dexterity, freeKintargo LoreTerrain Stalker
Emissary Charisma or Intelligence, free<City> LoreMultilingual
Empty Whispers RareIntelligence or Wisdom, freePlanar Rift Lorenone
Energy Scarred RareConstitution, freeLore associated with the chosen energy Lorenone
Entertainer Charisma or Dexterity, freeTheatre LoreFascinating Performance
Ex-Con Token Guard Charisma or Dexterity, freeLegal Lore or Underworld LorePickpocket
Ex-Mendevian Crusader UncommonConstitution or Wisdom, freeDemon LorePilgrim's Token
Faction Opportunist Intelligence or Wisdom, freeGuild Lore, Heraldry Lore, or Mercantile LoreHobnobber
False Medium Charisma or Intelligence, freeFortune-Telling LoreDeceptive Worship
Farmhand Constitution or Wisdom, freeFarming LoreAssurance
Farmsteader Constitution or Wisdom, freeFarming LoreForager
Feral Child RareConstitution or Dexterity or Strength, noneForager
Feybound RareCharisma or Dexterity, freeFey Lorenone
Field Medic Constitution or Wisdom, freeWarfare LoreBattle Medicine
Finadar Leshy Charisma or Constitution, freeAbyssal LoreIntimidating Glare
Final Blade Survivor Charisma or Wisdom, freeRevolution LoreCharming Liar
Fireworks Performer Charisma or Intelligence, freeEngineering LoreFascinating Performance
Fogfen Tale-Teller Charisma or Strength, freeSwamp LoreTitan Wrestler
Food Trader UncommonConstitution or Intelligence, freeMercantile Lorenone
Former Aspis Agent Charisma or Intelligence, freeAspis Consortium LoreGroup Coercion
Fortune Teller Charisma or Intelligence, freeFortune-Telling LoreOddity Identification
Framed in Ferrous Quarter UncommonConstitution or Dexterity, freeEngineering LoreSpecialty Crafting
Freed Slave of Absalom Constitution or Intelligence, freeAbsalom LoreStreetwise
Friend of Greensteeples UncommonCharisma or Dexterity, free<Lore about a narrow category of creatures> LoreAssurance
Friendly Darkmoon Kobold RareCharisma or Wisdom, freeKobold LoreGroup Impression
Gambler Charisma or Dexterity, freeGames LoreLie To Me
Geb Crusader Constitution or Wisdom, freeUndead LoreStudent of the Canon
Genie-Blessed RareCharisma, freeGenie Lorenone
Gladiator Charisma or Strength, freeGladatorial LoreImpressive Performance
Gloriana's Fixer UncommonCharisma or Dexterity, freeUnderworld LoreSubtle Theft
Goblinblood Orphan Constitution or Dexterity, freeGoblin LoreAssurance
Godless Graycloak Constitution or Wisdom, free<Deity> LoreQuick Identification
Gold Falls Regular UncommonCharisma or Constitution, free<Cooking Lore or Volcano Lore> LoreImpressive Performance
Goldhand Arms Dealer UncommonCharisma or Dexterity, freeMercantile LoreGroup Impression
Grand Council Bureaucrat Charisma or Intelligence, freeGovernment LoreGroup Impression
Grave Robber Dexterity or Strength, freeUnderworld LoreExperienced Smuggler
Grizzled Muckrucker Charisma or Constitution, freeLabor Lore or Underworld LoreExperienced Tracker
Guard Charisma or Strength, free<Legal or Warfare> LoreQuick Coercion
Guest of Sedeq Lodge UncommonConstitution or Wisdom, free<Choice of Genie Lore or Sarenrae Lore> LoreRecognize Spell
Gunsmith Dexterity or Intelligence, freeEngineering LoreQuick Repair
Harbor Guard Moonlighter Constitution or Strength, freeSailing Lore or Hunting LoreQuick Jump
Harrow-Led , freeHarrow LoreDubious Knowledge
Haunted RareCharisma or Wisdom, freenonenone
Haunted Citizen Charisma or Wisdom, freenoneNo Cause For Alarm
Haunting Vision Constitution or Wisdom, freeDahak LoreStudent of the Canon
Hellknight Historian Intelligence or Strength, freeArchitecture LoreCourtly Graces
Herbalist Constitution or Wisdom, freeHerbalism LoreNatural Medicine
Hermean Expatriate Charisma or Intelligence, freeDragon LoreSkill Training
Hermean Heritor RareConstitution or Wisdom, freeLegal LoreMultilingual
Hermit Constitution or Intelligence, free<Location> LoreDubious Knowledge
Hired Killer Dexterity or Strength, freeUnderworld LoreTerrain Stalker
Hookclaw Digger RareCharisma or Strength, freeMining Lore, Engineering LoreImprovise Tool
Hounded Thief Dexterity or Wisdom, freeUnderworld LorePickpocket
Hunter Dexterity or Wisdom, freeTanning LoreSurvey Wildlife
Inexplicably Expelled UncommonCharisma or Intelligence, freeAcademia LoreAlchemical Crafting
Inlander Constitution or Wisdom, free<Terrain> LoreSurvey Wildlife
Insurgent Strength or Wisdom, freeWarfare LoreLengthy Diversion
Iolite Trainee Hobgoblin Constitution or Intelligence, freeWarfare LoreSign Language
Issian Partisan Charisma or Intelligence, freeUnderworld LoreCharming Liar
Issian Patriot RareDexterity or Intelligence, freeLegal LoreStreetwise
Junk Collector Dexterity or Intelligence, freeEngineering or Mining LoreCrafter's Appraisal
Junker Strength or Wisdom, freenoneHefty Hauler
Kalistrade Follower Constitution or Intelligence, freeKalistrade LoreBargain Hunter
Kyonin Emissary Charisma or Intelligence, freePolitics LoreMultilingual
Laborer Constitution or Strength, freeLabor LoreHefty Hauler
Lastwall Survivor Constitution or Wisdom, freeUndead LoreBattle Medicine
Learned Guard Prodigy Intelligence or Wisdom, freeLegal LoreRecognize Spell
Legacy of the Hammer UncommonCharisma or Dexterity, freeEngineering LoreConcealing Legerdemain
Legendary Parents RareCharisma or Dexterity, freeGenealogy LoreGroup Coercion
Lesser Scion Dexterity or Intelligence, freeHeraldry LoreHobnobber
Local Brigand RareConstitution or Strength, freeBanditry LoreGroup Coercion
Local Scion Charisma or Constitution, freeBreachill LoreSpecialty Crafting
Lost and Alone Charisma or Strength, freeWarfare LoreIntimidating Glare
Lumber Consortium Laborer Dexterity or Strength, freeForest LoreAssurance
Magaambya Academic Charisma or Intelligence, freeAcademia LoreRecognize Spell
Magical Experiment RareConstitution, Academia Lorenone
Magical Merchant Intelligence or Wisdom, freeMercantile LoreCrafter's Appraisal
Magical Misfit Dexterity or Intelligence, freeUnderworld LoreTrick Magic Item
Mammoth Herder UncommonCharisma or Wisdom, freeHerding LoreTrain Animal
Mammoth Speaker Constitution or Wisdom, freeAnimal LoreTrain Animal
Mana Wastes Refugee Constitution or Intelligence, freeWilderness LoreTrick Magic Item
Mantis Scion Dexterity or Wisdom, freeAssassin LoreAssurance
Market Runner Charisma or Constitution, freeOtari LoreHobnobber
Martial Disciple Dexterity or Strength, freeWarfare Lorenone
Mechanic Intelligence or Strength, freeEngineering LoreQuick Repair
Mechanical Symbiosis RareIntelligence or Wisdom, freenonenone
Medicinal Clocksmith Intelligence or Wisdom, freeEngineering LoreRisky Surgery
Megafauna Hunter UncommonDexterity or Strength, freeHunting LoreTitan Wrestler
Menagerie Dung Sweeper Constitution or Wisdom, freeAnimal LoreTrain Animal
Merabite Prodigy Dexterity or Intelligence, freeAlchemical Lorenone
Merchant Charisma or Intelligence, freeMercantile LoreBargain Hunter
Miner Strength or Wisdom, freeMining LoreTerrain Expertise
Missionary Constitution or Wisdom, freeScribing LoreGroup Impression
Molthuni Mercenary Constitution or Strength, freeMercenary LoreExperienced Professional
Money Counter UncommonDexterity or Intelligence, freeAccounting Lorenone
Musical Prodigy Charisma or Dexterity, freeMusic LoreVirtuosic Performer
Mystic Seer Intelligence or Wisdom, freeScam LoreArcane Sense
Mystic Tutor RareIntelligence or Wisdom, freeAcademia LoreRecognize Spell
Necromancer's Apprentice Constitution or Intelligence, freeNecromancy LoreQuick Identification
Newcomer In Need Constitution or Dexterity, freeGoka LoreStreetwise
Nexian Mystic Intelligence or Wisdom, free<Planar> Lore (except Material Plane) LoreArcane Sense
Night Watch Charisma or Strength, freenoneQuick Coercion
Nirmathi Guerrilla Dexterity or Wisdom, freeForest LoreTerrain Stalker
Noble Charisma or Intelligence, free<Genealogy or Heraldry> LoreCourtly Graces
Nocturnal Navigator RareDexterity or Wisdom, freenonenone
Nomad Constitution or Wisdom, free<Terrain> LoreAssurance
Northland Forager UncommonConstitution or Wisdom, freeHerbalism LoreForager
Occult Librarian Intelligence or Wisdom, freeAcademia LoreSchooled In Secrets
Oenopion-Ooze Tender Constitution or Intelligence, freeOoze LoreDubious Knowledge
Once Bitten Dexterity or Wisdom, freeUndead LoreBattle Medicine
Onyx Trader Charisma or Dexterity, freeMercantile LoreMultilingual
Osirionologist Constitution or Intelligence, freeAncient Osirion LoreOddity Identification
Otherworldly Mission RareCharisma or Wisdom, freenonenone
Out-Of-Towner Constitution or Intelligence, free<Ancestry> LoreHobnobber
Outrider Constitution or Wisdom, freePlains LoreExpress Rider
Ozem Experience Intelligence or Strength, freeWarfare LoreCourtly Graces
Pathfinder Hopeful Constitution or Intelligence, freePathfinder Society LoreAdditional Lore
Pathfinder Recruiter Charisma or Wisdom, free<City> LoreGroup Impression
Perfection Seeker Dexterity or Wisdom, freeWarfare LoreCat Fall
Pilgrim Charisma or Wisdom, free<Deity> LorePilgrim's Token
Pillar Intelligence or Wisdom, freeLabor LoreAdditional Lore
Plant Whisperer Charisma or Wisdom, freePlant LoreNatural Medicine
Political Scion Constitution or Intelligence, freeLegal LoreHobnobber
Post Guard of All Trades Dexterity or Intelligence, free<Any> LoreDubious Knowledge
Press-Ganged (G&G) UncommonConstitution or Strength, freeLabor LoreArmor Assist
Press-Ganged (LOWG) Strength or Wisdom, freeSailing LoreExperienced Professional
Printer Charisma or Intelligence, freeScribing LoreMultilingual
Prisoner Constitution or Strength, freeUnderworld LoreExperienced Smuggler
Propaganda Promoter UncommonCharisma or Dexterity, freeUrhathoa Lorenone
Purveyor of the Bizarre Intelligence or Wisdom, freeMercantile LoreQuick Identification
Pyre Tender Dexterity or Intelligence, freeFuneral LoreAlchemical Crafting
Quick Charisma or Constitution, freeUndead LoreCharming Liar
Raised by Belief , free<Deity> LoreAssurance
Ratted-Out Gun Runner UncommonDexterity or Wisdom, freeFirearm LoreExperienced Smuggler
Razmiran Faithful Charisma or Strength, freeRazmir LoreGroup Coercion
Reborn Soul RareConstitution or Intelligence, freenonenone
Reclaimed Charisma or Constitution, freeCrimson Reclaimers LoreGroup Coercion
Reclaimer Investigator Intelligence or Wisdom, freeCrimson Reclaimers LoreOddity Identification
Refugee (APG) Constitution or Wisdom, free<City> LoreStreetwise
Refugee (Fall of Plaguestone) Constitution or Intelligence, freeHunting LoreForager
Relentless Dedication RareConstitution or Strength, freeWarfare LoreCanny Acumen
Reputation Seeker Dexterity or Intelligence, free<Terrain> LoreTerrain Expertise
Returned RareConstitution or Wisdom, free**Boneyard Lore (with Additional Lore perks) LoreDiehard
Returning Descendant Dexterity or Wisdom, freeEngineering LorePickpocket
Revenant RareCharisma or Constitution, freeBoneyard Lorenone
Rigger Dexterity or Strength, freeCircus LoreCombat Climber
Rivethun Adherent Constitution or Wisdom, freeSpirit LoreRecognize Spell
Root Worker Intelligence or Wisdom, freeHerbalism LoreRoot Magic
Rostland Partisan Charisma or Constitution, freePolitics LoreGroup Impression
Rostlander RareConstitution or Strength, freeFarming LoreHefty Hauler
Royalty RareCharisma or Intelligence, freenoneCourtly Graces
Ruby Phoenix Enthusiast Dexterity or Strength, freeGladatorial LoreCombat Climber
Ruby Phoenix Fanatic RareConstitution or Intelligence, freeAxis, Gladiatorial, Goka LoreDubious Knowledge
Ruin Delver Dexterity or Intelligence, freeRoseguard LoreCat Fall
Saboteur Dexterity or Strength, freeEngineering LoreConcealing Legerdemain
Sailor Dexterity or Strength, freeSailing LoreUnderwater Marauder
Sally Guard Neophyte Constitution or Wisdom, freeHunting Lore or Stabling Lorenone
Saloon Entertainer Charisma or Dexterity, freenonenone
Sandswept Survivor UncommonConstitution or Wisdom, free<Lore about a specific type of undead> LoreTerrain Expertise
Sarkorian Reclaimer Constitution or Wisdom, freeAbyssal LoreBattle Medicine
Sarkorian Survivor Constitution or Strength, freeSarkorian History LoreForager
Saved by Clockwork RareIntelligence or Strength, freenonenone
Savior of Air Charisma or Dexterity, freeElemental Lords Lore or <Elemental Plane> LoreCat Fall
Scavenger Intelligence or Wisdom, free<City> LoreForager
Scholar Intelligence or Wisdom, freeAcademia Lorenone
Scholar of the Ancients Charisma or Intelligence, freeAzlant LoreQuick Identification
Scholar of the Sky Key Constitution or Intelligence, freeEngineering LoreQuick Repair
Scion of Slayers RareIntelligence or Strength, freeUndead Lorenone
Scout Dexterity or Wisdom, free<Terrain> LoreForager
Second Chance Champion UncommonDexterity or Strength, freeGladiatorial LoreCat Fall
Secular Medic Dexterity or Wisdom, freeAnatomy LoreBattle Medicine
Seer of the Dead RareConstitution or Wisdom, Undead Lorenone
Senghor Sailor Intelligence or Wisdom, freeSailing LoreQuick Repair
Sentinel Reflectance Charisma or Strength, freeShining Sentinels LoreNo Cause For Alarm
Servant Charisma or Dexterity, freeLabor LoreRead Lips
Sewer Dragon Dexterity or Intelligence, freeKobold LoreSnare Crafting
Shadow Haunted Intelligence or Wisdom, freeShadow Plane LoreQuick Coercion
Shadow Lodge Defector Dexterity or Intelligence, freeUnderworld LoreLie To Me
Shadow War Survivor Charisma or Wisdom, freeAbsalom LoreStreetwise
Sheriff UncommonCharisma or Dexterity, freeHunting LoreGroup Coercion
Shoanti Name-Bearer Strength or Wisdom, freeQuah LoreCombat Climber
Shory Seeker Dexterity or Intelligence, freeShory LoreSpecialty Crafting
Sign Bound Rarefree, freeAstrology Lorenone
Sleepless Suns Star Charisma or Wisdom, freeGladatorial Lore or Genealogy LoreMultilingual
Snubbed Out Stoolie UncommonCharisma or Strength, freeUnderworld LoreLie To Me
Sodden Scavenger Constitution or Wisdom, freeSwamp LoreForager
Song of the Deep RareCharisma or Constitution or Strength, Ocean Lorenone
Songsinger in Training UncommonCharisma or Intelligence, freeGeneaology LoreImpressive Performance
Spell Seeker Intelligence or Wisdom, freeLibrary LoreRecognize Spell
Sponsored by Family UncommonCharisma or Intelligence, freeMagaambya Lorenone
Sponsored by Teacher Ot UncommonCharisma or Wisdom, freeNantambu Lorenone
Sponsored by a Stranger UncommonIntelligence or Wisdom, freeInsect Lorenone
Sponsored by a Village UncommonIntelligence or Wisdom, free<Terrain> Lorenone
Spotter Dexterity or Wisdom, freeScouting LoreTerrain Stalker
Squire Constitution or Strength, freeHeraldry Lore or Warfare LoreArmor Assist
Starless One RareCharisma or Wisdom, freeAstrology Lorenone
Starwatcher Constitution or Intelligence, freeAstrology LoreDubious Knowledge
Storm Survivor Strength or Wisdom, freeWeather LoreForager
Street Preacher Charisma or Wisdom, free<Deity> lore LoreDubious Knowledge
Street Urchin Constitution or Dexterity, free<City> LorePickpocket
Student of Magic Intelligence or Wisdom, freeAcademia LoreRecognize Spell
Sun Dancer RareCharisma or Dexterity, freenoneFascinating Performance
Surge Investigator RareConstitution or Wisdom, freeMagical Terrain LoreTerrain Expertise
Sword Scion RareCharisma or Dexterity, freeWarfare Lorenone
Taldan Schemer Charisma or Constitution, freePolitics LoreHobnobber
Tall Tale RareCharisma or Constitution, freenoneImpressive Performance
Tapestry Refugee Constitution or Wisdom, free<Terrain> Lorenone
Tax Collector Charisma or Strength, free<City> LoreQuick Coercion
Teacher Intelligence or Wisdom, freeAcademia LoreExperienced Professional
Teamster Strength or Wisdom, freeMercantile LoreTrain Animal
Tech Reliant RareConstitution or Intelligence, freenoneBattle Medicine
Thassilonian Delver Constitution or Intelligence, freeThassilonian History LoreArcane Sense
Thassilonian Traveler Constitution or Intelligence, freeThassilon LoreDubious Knowledge
Thrune Loyalist Charisma or Intelligence, freeHell LoreStudent of the Canon
Thuvian Unifier Charisma or Strength, freePolitics LoreQuick Coercion
Tide Watcher RareCharisma or Intelligence, freeOcean Lorenone
Time Traveler RareDexterity or Intelligence, free<Three Different> Lorenone
Tinker Dexterity or Intelligence, freeEngineering LoreSpecialty Crafting
Tomb Born RareConstitution or Dexterity, freeUndead Lorenone
Touched by Dahak RareCharisma or Strength, freeDragon LoreTitan Wrestler
Toymaker Charisma or Intelligence, freeMercantile Lorenone
Trade Consortium Underling Intelligence or Wisdom, freeBusiness LoreExperienced Professional
Trailblazer Constitution or Wisdom, freeCartography LoreTerrain Expertise
Translator Charisma or Intelligence, freeScribing LoreMultilingual
Truth Seeker Strength or Wisdom, freePolitics LoreLie To Me
Tyrant Witness RareDexterity or Wisdom, freeUndead Lorenone
Ulfen Raider Charisma or Strength, freeSailing LoreIntimidating Glare
Undercover Contender Charisma or Dexterity, freeUnderworld LoreLengthy Diversion
Undercover Lotus Guard Charisma or Intelligence, freeArt Lore and Underworld LoreCharming Liar
Undersea Enthusiast Constitution or Strength, freeOcean LoreUnderwater Marauder
Undertaker Intelligence or Wisdom, freenoneForensic Acumen
Unsponsored UncommonCharisma or Constitution, freeAcademia Lorenone
Ustalavic Academic Intelligence or Wisdom, freeAcademia LoreSkill Training
Varisian Wanderer Charisma or Dexterity, freeCircus LoreFascinating Performance
Vidrian Reformer Charisma or Dexterity, freePolitics LoreHobnobber
Wandering Preacher Constitution or Wisdom, freenonePilgrim's Token
Wanted Witness UncommonCharisma or Constitution, freeAlkenstar LoreRead Lips
Ward Charisma or Constitution, freeGenealogy LoreFascinating Performance
Warrior Constitution or Strength, freeWarfare LoreIntimidating Glare
Waste Walker Strength or Wisdom, freeMana Wastes LoreForager
Whispering Way Scion Intelligence or Wisdom, freeUndead LoreStudent of the Canon
Wildwood Local Dexterity or Wisdom, freeForest LoreNatural Medicine
Willing Host RareCharisma or Wisdom, freeSpirit Lorenone
Winter's Child Charisma or Constitution, freeWeather LoreArcane Sense
Wished Alive RareCharisma or Constitution, freenonenone
Witch Wary Dexterity or Intelligence, freeCurse LoreOddity Identification
Witchlight Follower Dexterity or Wisdom, freeWisp LoreTerrain Expertise
Wonder Taster Constitution or Intelligence, freeAlchemical LoreAlchemical Crafting