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detection Spells


Approximate Two ActionsDivinationCantripDetection Your magic quickly flows over an area to help you count and catalog.
Detect Magic Two ActionsDivinationCantripDetection You send out a pulse that registers the presence of magic.
Know Direction Two ActionsDivinationCantripDetection In your mind's eye, you see a path northward.
Read Aura DivinationCantripDetection You focus on the target object, opening your mind to perceive magical auras.

1st Level

Detect Alignment Two ActionsUncommonDivinationDetection Your eyes glow as you sense aligned auras.
Detect Poison Two ActionsUncommonDivinationDetection You detect whether a creature is venomous or poisonous, or if an object is poison or has been poisoned.

2nd Level

Guiding Star Two ActionsDivinationDetectionMental You call on the constellations of the night sky to guide a creature to the location where you Cast the Spell.
Spirit Sense Two ActionsDivinationDetectionMental You open your mind to the metaphysical, enabling you to sense nearby spirits.
Status Two ActionsDivinationDetection As long as you and the target are on the same plane of existence and both alive, you remain aware of its present state.

3rd Level

Locate UncommonDivinationDetection You learn the direction to the target (if you picked a specific object, such as "my mother's sword") or the nearest target (if you picked a type of object, such as "swords").
Mind Reading Two ActionsUncommonDivinationDetectionMental With a cursory mental touch, you attempt to read the target's mind.
Show the Way DivinationDetection You and affected allies gain preternatural knowledge of the path ahead, allowing you to intuit the best way forward and avoid potential obstacles such as difficult or confusing terrain.

4th Level

Detect Creator RareDivinationDetection You examine the remains or spiritual residue of a destroyed undead creature to locate that undead's creator, perhaps a necromancer or vampire.
Detect Scrying Two ActionsUncommonDivinationDetection By tapping into trace divinatory auras, you detect the presence of scrying effects in the area.
Web of Influence UncommonDivinationDetection You learn the location of the nearest creature to whom the target is connected in a magical manner.

8th Level

Discern Location UncommonDivinationDetection You learn the name of the target's exact location (including the building, community, and country) and plane of existence.