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scrying Spells


Omnidirectional Scan One ActionUncommonDivinationCantripPsychicScrying 30-foot emanation .

3rd Level

Clairaudience DivinationScrying You create an Invisible floating ear at a location within range (even if it's outside your line of sight or line of effect).
Familiar's Face Two ActionsDivinationScrying The target becomes a scrying sensor, allowing you to see through its eyes, smell what it smells, and similarly use its other senses.
Painted Scout Three ActionsUncommonDivinationScrying You press your hand to the stone, causing hand-drawn scouts to spread out from your fingers.
Web of Eyes Two ActionsDivinationScrying You place an Invisible scrying sensor on each target just above their eyes.

4th Level

Clairvoyance DivinationScrying You create an Invisible floating eye at a location within range (even if it's outside your line of sight or line of effect).
Pulse of the City Three ActionsUncommonDivinationClericScrying You tap into the zeitgeist of the nearest settlement in range (if any).

5th Level

Prying Eye DivinationScrying You create an Invisible, floating eye, 1 inch in diameter, at a location you can see within 500 feet.

6th Level

Scrying UncommonDivinationScrying You magically spy on a creature of your choice.

8th Level

Prying Survey UncommonDivinationScrying You create eight invisible, floating eyes, each about 3 inches in diameter, that scan the area around you, transmitting rough impressions of the environment.
Unrelenting Observation Two ActionsDivinationScrying This spell grants perfect sight based on scrying, allowing several willing targets to track the exact movements or position of one creature or object.

9th Level

Proliferating Eyes Two ActionsDivinationScrying You implant an Invisible, magical eye sensor on the target's body.