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curse Spells


Evil Eye One ActionUncommonEnchantmentCantripCurseEmotionFearHexMentalWitch You fix your eye on the target, imposing a malevolent hex.

1st Level

Ill Omen Two ActionsDivinationCurseMisfortune The target is struck with misfortune, which throws them off balance.
Jealous Hex One ActionUncommonNecromancyCurseSorcerer You draw forth a hag's innate jealousy to deny a target its greatest attribute.
Stumbling Curse One ActionUncommonTransmutationCurseHexWitch With a twist of a finger, you send a creature careening on a haphazard trajectory.

2nd Level

Blood Vendetta ReactionNecromancyCurse You curse the target, punishing it for having the audacity to spill your blood.
Brand the Impenitent Two ActionsAbjurationCurse You brand the target with an ethereal copy of your deity's religious symbol.
Feast of Ashes Three ActionsNecromancyCurse You curse the target with a hunger no food can sate.
Horrifying Blood Loss One ActionUncommonEnchantmentCurseEmotionFearMental You curse the target, filling it with terror at the loss of its blood.
Warrior's Regret Two ActionsEnchantmentCurseEmotionMental Regret eats away at the target's mind, punishing it for its violence until it ceases its hostility.

3rd Level

Caster's Imposition Three ActionsUncommonAbjurationCurse A magical interference prevents the target from contributing to any form of cooperative spellcasting.
Cup of Dust Three ActionsNecromancyCurse You curse the target with a thirst no drink can quench.
Curse Of Lost Time Two ActionsTransmutationCurseNegative You curse the target with rapid aging or erosion.
Geas UncommonEnchantmentCurseMental You enforce a magic rule on a willing target, forcing it to either perform or refrain from carrying out a certain act.

4th Level

Achaekek's Clutch Two ActionsRareNecromancyCurseDeath You mark the holy symbol of Achaekek in a visible location on the target's body.
Bestial Curse Two ActionsTransmutationCursePolymorph You tap into the target's inner being and curse it to become a bestial version of itself.
Bloodspray Curse Two ActionsNecromancyCurse You inflict a curse upon the target that causes any wound to gush blood.
Clownish Curse Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAttackCurseMentalMisfortune You afflict the target with a curse that causes it to emit ridiculous noises as it moves.
Concealment's Curtain UncommonDivinationCurseMental At twilight for 5 days, you line the fruit in front of the mirror, chanting the name of the target, and envisioning its eyes in your mind.
Daydreamer's Curse Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAttackCurseMentalMisfortune You impose a curse upon the target that renders it easily distracted and unable to focus its thoughts on tasks that demand insight or discernment.
Dull Ambition Two ActionsEnchantmentCurseMentalMisfortune You curse the target to fail in all avenues of its life that require drive and ambition, as it inadvertently undermines its own goals at every turn.
Outcast's Curse Two ActionsEnchantmentCurseMentalMisfortune You afflict the target with a curse that makes its presence abrasive and off-putting.
Savant's Curse Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAttackCurseMentalMisfortune You afflict the target with a curse that fills its mind with distracting and hyperspecialized minutiae, causing it to second-guess even simple facts.
Seal Fate Two ActionsNecromancyCurseDeath You utter a curse that a creature will meet a certain end-a death by freezing, stabbing, or another means you devise.

5th Level

Bandit's Doom AbjurationCurse You ward the target item against those who would steal it.
Celestial Brand One ActionUncommonNecromancyCurseSorcerer A blazing symbol appears on the target, cursing it to face divine justice.
Curse of Death Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyCurseDeathHexWitch You focus your malevolent gaze on a target, causing their heart to seize in dread.
Inevitable Disaster Two ActionsDivinationCursePrediction You briefly glimpse cause and effect, putting into motion a chain of events that will visit doom on your enemy at some point in the future, though you're not quite sure when or how the doom will occur.
Mariner's Curse Two ActionsNecromancyCurse You afflict the target with the curse of the roiling, unforgiving sea.
Portrait of Spite UncommonNecromancyCurse Using the blood, you compose a portrait of the target in perfect health.
Ritual Obstruction UncommonAbjurationCurse You establish a zone of magical feedback that makes it impossible to succeed at rituals of this spell's level or lower in the area.

6th Level

Blinding Fury ReactionEnchantmentCurseEmotionIncapacitationMental You curse the target with your outrage at being attacked.
Feeblemind Two ActionsEnchantmentCurseIncapacitationMental You drastically reduce the target's mental faculties.
Hag's Fruit UncommonTransmutationCurseIncapacitationNecromancySleep You imbue a single piece of fruit with a curse that leaves its victims in a magical sleep.
Spellwrack Two ActionsAbjurationCurseForce You cause any spells cast on the target to spill out their energy in harmful surges.
Suspended Retribution Two ActionsDivinationCurseMentalPrediction All life dances one step from the precipice, one heartbeat from disaster.

8th Level

Canticle of Everlasting Grief Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryCurseEmotionFearMental You create a melody distilled from pure grief, conveying the inevitable loss of everything your target cherishes, audible only to them.
Spiritual Epidemic Two ActionsNecromancyCurse You curse the target, sapping its spirit and leaving a contagious trap in its essence.