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incapacitation Spells

1st Level

Charm Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ To the target, your words are honey and your visage seems bathed in a dreamy haze.
Charming Touch One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You infuse your target with attraction, causing it to act friendlier toward you.
Charming Words One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​Wizard​ You whisper enchanting words to deflect your foe's ire.
Color Spray Two ActionsIllusion​Incapacitation​Visual​ Swirling colors affect viewers based on their Will saves.
Déjà Vu Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You loop a thought process in the target's mind, forcing it to repeat the same actions over again.
Eject Soul Two ActionsNecromancy​Cleric​Incapacitation​ Your touch disrupts the connection between body and soul, possibly forcing the soul out of the body altogether.
Sleep Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​Sleep​ Each creature in the area becomes drowsy and might fall asleep.

2nd Level

Calm Emotions Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You forcibly calm creatures in the area, soothing them into a nonviolent state; each creature must attempt a Will save.
Charitable Urge Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You speak on the virtue of charity, compelling the target to give away its possessions.

3rd Level

Behold the Weave Two ActionsDivination​Incapacitation​Prediction​ You behold the many timelines that weave around a creature, and in so doing, you make one more likely to occur.
Blinding Beauty One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Sorcerer​Visual​ You channel the allure of your nymph bloodline into a terribly beautiful glance.
Blindness Two ActionsNecromancy​Incapacitation​ You blind the target.
Impending Doom Two ActionsDivination​Emotion​Fear​Incapacitation​Mental​Prediction​ You sift through myriad potential futures, seize upon one potential moment in which the target meets a particularly gruesome and fatal end, and then show it a vision of its impending demise.
Magical Fetters Two ActionsUncommon​Conjuration​Incapacitation​ Ghostly manacles launch from your outstretched hand and clasp around the target's limbs, impeding its movements.
Paralyze Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You block the target's motor impulses before they can leave its mind, threatening to freeze the target in place.
Phantom Prison Three ActionsIllusion​Incapacitation​Mental​Visual​ You completely surround a Large or smaller creature in immobile illusory walls, trapping it inside a false prison it can't escape.

4th Level

Aromatic Lure Two ActionsRare​Enchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You override a target's olfactory senses, luring them to a specific location through tantalizing false scents.
Commanding Lash One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Incapacitation​Mental​ With the threat of more pain, you compel a creature you've recently harmed.
Compel True Name Two ActionsRare​Enchantment​Auditory​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​TrueName​ You instruct the target to do something, compelling obedience by calling it by its true name.
Dreamer's Call Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Incapacitation​Mental​ The target becomes distracted and suggestible, inundated by vivid daydreams.
Favorable Review Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You enchant a creature to ensure they have only good things to say about your show.
Ocular Overload Illusion​Contingency​Incapacitation​Visual​ Just as a creature is about to attack you, you assault them with jarring illusions, completely surrounding their eyes with blinding flashes of motion and color.
Overflowing Sorrow Two ActionsEnchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ Sadness flows out of you into nearby creatures, blotting out any other thoughts they had.
Shared Nightmare Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ Merging minds with the target, you swap disorienting visions from one another's nightmares.
Stasis Two ActionsTransmutation​Cleric​Incapacitation​ The flow of time congeals around an object or creature, holding it in place.
Suggestion Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​ Your honeyed words are difficult for creatures to resist.

5th Level

Banishment Two ActionsAbjuration​Incapacitation​ You send the target back to its home plane.
Glimmer of Charm Two ActionsEnchantment​Aura​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You're bathed in a smooth, almost glittering aura that improves the attitude of those near you.
Hallucination Two ActionsIllusion​Incapacitation​Mental​ The target consistently detects one thing as another, can't detect something that's there, or detects something that's not there, though it doesn't alter their beliefs.
Subconscious Suggestion Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​ You implant a subconscious suggestion deep within the target's mind for them to follow when a trigger you specify occurs.
Synaptic Pulse Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You emit a pulsating mental blast that penetrates the minds of all enemies in the area.
You're Mine Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​Sorcerer​ You manipulate the target's emotions, potentially allowing you to control it for a brief instant.

6th Level

Baleful Polymorph Two ActionsTransmutation​Incapacitation​Polymorph​ You transform the target creature into a harmless animal appropriate to the area, with effects based on its Fortitude save.
Blinding Fury ReactionEnchantment​Curse​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You curse the target with your outrage at being attacked.
Claim Undead Two ActionsUncommon​Necromancy​Cursebound​Incapacitation​Oracle​ You attempt to wrest control of a target undead or force it to recognize you as its master.
Dominate Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You take command of the target, forcing it to obey your orders.
Feeblemind Two ActionsEnchantment​Curse​Incapacitation​Mental​ You drastically reduce the target's mental faculties.
Hag's Fruit Uncommon​Transmutation​Curse​Incapacitation​Necromancy​Sleep​ You imbue a single piece of fruit with a curse that leaves its victims in a magical sleep.
Vibrant Pattern Two ActionsIllusion​Incapacitation​Visual​ You create a pattern of lights that pulses with intensity.

7th Level

Maze of Locked Doors Two ActionsUncommon​Conjuration​Extradimensional​Incapacitation​Teleportation​ The target of your spell is drawn into a long, twisting, extradimensional hallway blocked at 30-foot intervals with high-grade darkwood doors (Hardness 20, HP 80, BT 40, DC 30 athletics to Force Open) secured with Lock (Average) (DC 25 thievery, 4 successful checks required).
Possession Two ActionsUncommon​Necromancy​Incapacitation​Mental​Possession​ You send your mind and soul into the target's body, attempting to take control.
Warp Mind Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You scramble a creature's mental faculties and sensory input.

8th Level

Falling Sky Two ActionsEvocation​Incapacitation​ Extraordinary telekinetic pressure smashes down through the area, battering creatures within it to the ground.
Hypnopompic Terrors Two ActionsRare​Illusion​Emotion​Fear​Incapacitation​Mental​ You send a wave of nightmarish visions crashing over your targets, leaving them Paralyzed by fear.
Quivering Palm Two ActionsUncommon​Necromancy​Incapacitation​Monk​ Make a melee unarmed Strike.
Scintillating Pattern Two ActionsIllusion​Incapacitation​Visual​ A field of cascading, ever-changing colors manifests in the air.
Uncontrollable Dance Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ The target is overcome with an all-consuming urge to dance.
Undermine Reality Two ActionsUncommon​Illusion​Incapacitation​Shadow​ You lash a target with tendrils of shadow that steal some of its substance, making it quasi-real.

9th Level

Astral Labyrinth Two ActionsUncommon​Abjuration​Incapacitation​ You connect the entire area with an invisible maze of astral energy that interferes with dimensional and mental magic.
Overwhelming Presence Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Incapacitation​Mental​Visual​ You surround yourself with supernatural splendor, appearing to be a god or similarly majestic being.
Telepathic Demand Three ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​ You send the target a message of 25 words or fewer, and it can respond immediately with its own message of 25 words or fewer.
Unfathomable Song Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Emotion​Fear​Incapacitation​Mental​ Fleeting notes of a strange and unnatural song fill the air, overtaking the mind.

10th Level

Fabricated Truth Three ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ Choose a single statement you want the targets to believe.
Pied Piping Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Composition​Incapacitation​Mental​Sonic​ Your performance enraptures those who hear it, compelling them to follow you about in admiration.