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magus Spells

1st Level

Dimensional Assault One ActionUncommonConjurationMagusTeleportation You tumble through space, making a short dimensional hop to better position yourself for an attack.
Force Fang One ActionUncommonEvocationForceMagus You briefly turn your attack into pure force to bypass your opponent's defenses.
Shielding Strike One ActionUncommonAbjurationMagus As you attack a foe, warding magic transforms your momentum into action and lifts your shield.
Shooting Star One ActionUncommonDivinationMagus You let loose a projectile that flies true and leaves the blazing trail of a meteor behind it.
Spinning Staff One ActionUncommonEvocationMagus You spin your staff with a twirling flourish, attacking two foes and transforming the momentum into magical energy to charge for your next Spellstrike.
Thunderous Strike One ActionUncommonEvocationMagusSonic You swing your massive weapon, creating a wave of sonic vibrations that topples creatures.

3rd Level

Cascade Countermeasure One ActionUncommonAbjurationMagus You quickly adjust your Arcane Cascade to offer magical protection.

4th Level

Runic Impression One ActionUncommonEvocationMagus Your unarmed attacks or weapon gain the benefits of a weapon rune you choose when you cast this spell: corrosive, flaming, frost, ghost touch, returning, shock, or thundering.

7th Level

Hasted Assault One ActionUncommonTransmutationMagus You call upon your magic to speed up your attacks.