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teleportation Spells


Tesseract Tunnel Two ActionsUncommonConjurationCantripPsychicTeleportation You race from point to point, tearing open a tunnel in space.

1st Level

Dimensional Assault One ActionUncommonConjurationMagusTeleportation You tumble through space, making a short dimensional hop to better position yourself for an attack.
Efficient Apport One ActionUncommonConjurationTeleportationWizard Walking over to an item to pick it up is so much effort.
Snare Hopping Two ActionsUncommonConjurationRangerTeleportation You may not have placed your snare in the right place, but you can magically move it there.
Thoughtful Gift ConjurationTeleportation You teleport one object of light or negligible Bulk held in your hand to the target.

3rd Level

Rally Point Three ActionsUncommonConjurationTeleportation You mark the area touched as a rally point.

4th Level

Abundant Step One ActionUncommonConjurationMonkTeleportation You move so fast you blur across planar boundaries.
Blink Two ActionsConjurationTeleportation You blink quickly between the Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane.
Dimension Door Two ActionsConjurationTeleportation Opening a door that bypasses normal space, you instantly transport yourself and any items you're wearing and holding from your current space to a clear space within range you can see.
Dimensional Steps One ActionUncommonConjurationTeleportationWizard You teleport to a location up to 20 feet away within your line of sight.
Magic Mailbox UncommonConjurationTeleportation You create an interdimensional link between two containers, both of which must be capable of being closed in such a way that their contents aren't visible.

5th Level

Blink Charge Two ActionsConjurationForceTeleportation You propel yourself through the fabric of space to deal a blow carrying the momentum of your teleportation.
Return Beacon UncommonConjurationTeleportation You create a unique planar beacon somewhere within the spell's range that remains in place.
Shadow Jump Two ActionsUncommonConjurationShadowTeleportation You instantly transport yourself from one shadow to another.
Shadow Walk UncommonConjurationShadowTeleportation You access the Shadow Plane, using its warped nature to spread your travels.
Terrain Transposition Two ActionsUncommonConjurationRangerTeleportation You mystically transpose your current location with another.
Tree Stride UncommonConjurationPlantTeleportation You step into a living tree with a trunk big enough for you to fit inside it and instantly teleport to any tree of the same species within 5 miles that also has a sufficiently large trunk.

6th Level

Collective Transposition Two ActionsConjurationTeleportation You teleport the targets to new positions within the area.
Teleport UncommonConjurationTeleportation You and the targets are instantly transported to any location within range, as long as you can identify the location precisely both by its position relative to your starting position and by its appearance (or other identifying features).
Unexpected Transposition ReactionConjurationTeleportation When attacked, you attempt to quickly swap your own position with that of another creature.

7th Level

Ethereal Jaunt Two ActionsUncommonConjurationTeleportation You travel to the Ethereal Plane, which overlaps the Material Plane.
Maze of Locked Doors Two ActionsUncommonConjurationExtradimensionalIncapacitationTeleportation The target of your spell is drawn into a long, twisting, extradimensional hallway blocked at 30-foot intervals with high-grade darkwood doors (Hardness 20, HP 80, BT 40, DC 30 athletics to Force Open) secured with Lock (Average) (DC 25 thievery, 4 successful checks required).
Momentary Recovery Two ActionsConjurationTeleportation You instantly teleport yourself and any items you're wearing or holding from your current space to a clear space within range that you can see.
Plane Shift UncommonConjurationTeleportation You and your allies traverse the barriers between planes of existence.
Teleportation Circle UncommonConjurationTeleportation You create a 10-foot-diameter circle on the ground, which acts as a portal to a destination determined at the time of the ritual.
Word of Recall RareConjurationTeleportation You bind yourself and your allies to the specific safe location where you perform the ritual.

8th Level

Create Demiplane RareConjurationTeleportation Few incantations are as renowned as the power to create worlds.
Maze Two ActionsConjurationExtradimensionalTeleportation You transport the target into an extradimensional maze of eldritch origin and trap it there.
Rite of the Red Star RareConjurationTeleportation You invoke the latent power within the Doorway to the Red Star through repetitive chanting and ritual movements in an attempt to open a portal to the planet Akiton.

9th Level

Empty Body Two ActionsUncommonConjurationMonkTeleportation You turn ethereal, with the effects of Ethereal Jaunt, but you don't need to concentrate.

10th Level

Gate Two ActionsUncommonConjurationTeleportation You tear open a rift to another plane, creating a portal that creatures can travel through in either direction.