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Evocation Spells


Acid Splash Two ActionsEvocation​Acid​Attack​Cantrip​ You splash a glob of acid that splatters your target and nearby creatures.
Astral Rain Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Force​Psychic​ You fling a mass of furious thoughts into the air, where they expand into numerous blades or other shapes that rain down.
Boost Eidolon One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Summoner​ You focus deeply on the link between you and your eidolon and boost the power of your eidolon's attacks.
Buzzing Bites One ActionRare​Evocation​Cantrip​Hex​Witch​ You evoke buzzing and crawling insects to climb onto a foe's body and bite, dealing 1d4 piercing damage and potentially sickening the foe, depending on its Fortitude save.
Dancing Blade Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Psychic​ You telekinetically animate a weapon that's unattended or on your person.
Dancing Lights Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​Light​ You create up to four floating lights, no two of which are more than 10 feet apart.
Divine Lance Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cantrip​ You unleash a beam of divine energy.
Electric Arc Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​Electricity​ An arc of lightning leaps from one target to another.
Entropic Wheel ReactionUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Cold​Fire​Psychic​ You stockpile thermal energy in a magical wheel-like construct that lets you burn opponents with cold or freeze their bodies with heat.
Gale Blast Two ActionsEvocation​Air​Cantrip​ Wind flows from your outstretched hands and whirls around you in a 5-foot emanation.
Haunting Hymn Two ActionsEvocation​Auditory​Cantrip​Sonic​ You echo a jarring hymn that only creatures in the area can hear.
Imaginary Weapon Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Cantrip​Force​Psychic​ You create a simple weapon of force.
Light Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​Light​ The object glows, casting bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light for the next 20 feet) like a torch.
Mage Hand Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​ You create a single magical hand, either invisible or ghostlike, that grasps the target object and moves it slowly up to 20 feet.
Phase Bolt Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cantrip​ You point your finger and project a bolt of magical energy that stutters in and out of phase until it reaches the target.
Prestidigitation Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​ The simplest magic does your bidding.
Produce Flame Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cantrip​Fire​ A small ball of flame appears in the palm of your hand, and you lash out with it either in melee or at range.
Puff of Poison Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​Inhaled​Poison​ You exhale a shimmering cloud of toxic breath at an enemy's face.
Ray of Frost Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cantrip​Cold​ You blast an icy ray.
Redistribute Potential Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Cold​Fire​Psychic​ Energy attempts to balance out, but with your magic, you can shunt all the energy in one area to another.
Scatter Scree Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​Earth​ You evoke a jumble of rocks in the area.
Shatter Mind Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Mental​Psychic​ 15-foot cone .
Shroud of Night One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Darkness​Hex​Witch​ Drawing your hand in a sweeping gesture, you shroud the target in a veil of night.
Spout Two ActionsEvocation​Cantrip​Water​ Water blasts upward, coming out of the ground, rising from a pool, or even manifesting from thin air.
Telekinetic Projectile Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cantrip​ You hurl a loose, unattended object that is within range and that has 1 Bulk or less at the target.
Telekinetic Rend Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cantrip​Psychic​ Two non-overlapping 5-foot burst .

1st Level

Acidic Burst Two ActionsEvocation​Acid​ You create a shell of acid around yourself that immediately bursts outward, dealing 2d6 acid damage to each creature in the area.
Airburst One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Air​ A blast of wind wildly pushes everything nearby.
Aqueous Blast One ActionRare​Evocation​Water​ You evoke a mass of water into the air around your outstretched fist.
Biting Words Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Auditory​Linguistic​Sonic​ You entwine magic with your voice, causing your taunts and jibes to physically harm your enemies.
Buffeting Winds Two ActionsEvocation​Air​Nonlethal​ You release a quick burst of wind that batters your living opponents without causing them lasting harm, while also blowing undead away.
Burning Hands Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ Gouts of flame rush from your hands.
Charged Javelin Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cleric​Electricity​ You fire a javelin of electricity that leaves a charged field around its target.
Chilling Spray Two ActionsEvocation​Cold​ A cone of icy shards bursts from your spread hands and coats the target in a layer of frost.
Cloak of Shadow One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​Darkness​Shadow​ You drape the target in a mantle of swirling shadows that make it harder to see.
Concordant Choir One Action to Three ActionsEvocation​Sonic​ You unleash a dangerous consonance of reverberating sound, focusing on a single target or spreading out to damage many foes.
Cry of Destruction Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​Sonic​ Your voice booms, smashing what's in front of you.
Dazzling Flash Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​Light​Visual​ You raise your religious symbol and create a blinding flash of light.
Dim the Light ReactionUncommon​Evocation​Darkness​Sorcerer​ You magnify the darkness from the triggering effect, causing the ambient light level to flicker briefly so you can slip from sight.
Draconic Barrage Two ActionsEvocation​Cleric​ You shape energy into one incorporeal tiny dragon (or serpentine creature) that flits around you.
Echoing Weapon Two ActionsEvocation​Sonic​ You channel magical energy into the target weapon, and the air around it faintly hums each time you strike a blow, as the impact is absorbed into the weapon.
Elemental Betrayal One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Hex​Witch​ You call upon the elements to undermine your foe.
Elemental Toss One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Sorcerer​ With a flick of your wrist, you fling a chunk of your elemental matter at your foe.
Fire Ray Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Cleric​Fire​ A blazing band of fire arcs through the air.
Force Bolt One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Force​Wizard​ You fire an unerring dart of force from your fingertips.
Force Fang One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Force​Magus​ You briefly turn your attack into pure force to bypass your opponent's defenses.
Friendfetch Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Force​ You shoot out ephemeral, telekinetic strands that drag each target directly toward you, stopping in the closest unoccupied space to you in this path.
Gravitational Pull One Action to Three ActionsEvocation​ By suddenly altering gravity, you pull the target toward you.
Gravity Weapon One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Ranger​ You build up gravitational force and funnel it into your blows, leading to more powerful attacks with blade and bow alike.
Gritty Wheeze Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​Earth​ You exhale desiccating grit and sand in a small cloud.
Gust of Wind Two ActionsEvocation​Air​ A violent wind issues forth from your palm, blowing from the point where you are when you cast the spell to the line's opposite end.
Hand of the Apprentice One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Wizard​ You hurl a held melee weapon with which you are trained at the target, making a spell attack roll.
Horizon Thunder Sphere Evocation​Attack​Electricity​ You gather magical energy into your palm, forming a concentrated ball of electricity that crackles and rumbles like impossibly distant thunder.
Hurtling Stone One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Cleric​Earth​ You evoke a magical stone and throw it, with your god's presence guiding your aim.
Hydraulic Push Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Water​ You call forth a powerful blast of pressurized water that bludgeons the target and knocks it back.
Incendiary Aura Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cursebound​Fire​Oracle​ You surround yourself with a combustible aura.
Kinetic Ram One Action to Three ActionsEvocation​Force​ Gathering kinetic energy, you either focus it in a straight line or disperse it as an encircling ripple.
Magic Missile One Action to Three ActionsEvocation​Force​ You send a dart of force streaking toward a creature that you can see.
Moonbeam Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Cleric​Fire​Light​ You shine a ray of moonlight.
Noxious Vapors Two ActionsEvocation​Poison​ You emit a cloud of toxic smoke that temporarily obscures you from sight.
Parch Two ActionsEvocation​Air​Cleric​ Dry winds dehydrate a creature.
Penumbral Shroud Two ActionsEvocation​Darkness​ You envelop the target in a shroud of shadow.
Personal Rain Cloud Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Water​ You conjure a 5-foot-wide rain cloud that follows the target wherever it goes.
Pummeling Rubble Two ActionsEvocation​Earth​ A spray of heavy rocks flies through the air in front of you.
Purifying Icicle Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cold​Positive​ You evoke life essence into the form of water and freeze it, then launch the icicle at a foe.
Scorching Blast One ActionRare​Evocation​Fire​ You evoke a mass of fire into the air around your outstretched fist.
Scouring Sand Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Earth​ You blast the area with grit that scours away soil and gets into creatures' eyes.
Shocking Grasp Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Electricity​ You shroud your hands in a crackling field of lightning.
Shockwave Two ActionsEvocation​Earth​ You create a wave of energy that ripples through the earth.
Snowball Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cold​Water​ You throw a magically propelled and chilled ball of dense snow.
Spinning Staff One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Magus​ You spin your staff with a twirling flourish, attacking two foes and transforming the momentum into magical energy to charge for your next Spellstrike.
Spray of Stars Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cursebound​Fire​Light​Oracle​ You fling a spray of tiny shooting stars, dealing 1d4 fire damage.
Tempest Surge Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​Druid​Electricity​ You surround a foe in a swirling storm of violent winds, roiling clouds, and crackling lightning.
Tempest Touch One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Cold​Cursebound​Oracle​Water​ Your touch calls forth a churning mass of icy water that clings to your target, dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage and 1d4 cold damage.
Thunderous Strike One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Magus​Sonic​ You swing your massive weapon, creating a wave of sonic vibrations that topples creatures.
Tidal Surge One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​Water​ You call forth a tremendous wave to move the target either in a body of water or on the ground.
Updraft Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​ A powerful blast of wind erupts from the ground, launching the target into the air and sending it crashing back down.
Victory Cry Rare​Evocation​Cleric​Sonic​ Your true might comes from your bonds with your allies, and you glory in their achievements.
Weapon Surge One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​ Holding your weapon aloft, you fill it with divine energy.
Winter Bolt Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cleric​Cold​ You fling a hollow icicle filled with winter's wrath.

2nd Level

Acid Arrow Two ActionsEvocation​Acid​Attack​ You conjure an arrow of acid that keeps corroding the target after it hits.
Animated Assault Two ActionsEvocation​ You use your mind to manipulate unattended objects in the area, temporarily animating them to attack.
Bralani Referendum Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​ You enforce fair play with punishing zephyrs.
Breath of Drought Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Fire​ You fill the area with an oppressive, arid swelter that overwhelms creatures with heat exhaustion.
Consecrate Uncommon​Evocation​Consecration​ You consecrate a site to your deity, chanting praises and creating a sacred space.
Continual Flame Three ActionsEvocation​Light​ A magical flame springs up from the object, as bright as a torch.
Dancing Shield Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​ You levitate the touched shield and orbit it around a nearby ally.
Darkness Three ActionsEvocation​Darkness​ You create a shroud of darkness that prevents light from penetrating or emanating within the area.
Elemental Zone Two ActionsEvocation​ Select an elemental trait: air, earth, fire, or water.
Faerie Fire Two ActionsEvocation​Light​ All creatures in the area when you cast the spell are limned in colorful, heatless fire of a color of your choice for the duration.
Final Sacrifice Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ You channel disruptive energies through the bond between you and your minion, causing it to violently explode.
Flame Wisp Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ Three faintly glowing wisps of fire float around your head.
Flaming Sphere Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ You create a sphere of flame in a square within range.
Glitterdust Two ActionsEvocation​ Creatures in the area are outlined by glittering dust.
Heat Metal Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ This spell heats the targeted metal to become red-hot for a moment.
Ignite Fireworks Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​Sonic​ A brilliant and clamorous display of sparks and colorful fireworks explode around your enemies, dealing 1d8 fire damage and 1d8 sonic damage to creatures within a 10-foot burst.
Invoke the Crimson Oath Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​ Brandishing your weapon and shouting the final line of the Crimson Oath, you unleash a blast of destructive ruby energy.
Magnetic Attraction Two ActionsEvocation​ You adjust your magnetic polarity, plucking daggers from hands and coins from belts.
Radiant Field Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Light​ You create an area of bright light.
Rime Slick Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cold​ You call down a chill wind.
Scorching Ray One Action to Three ActionsEvocation​Attack​Fire​ You fire a ray of heat and flame.
Sea Surge Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Water​ You slap or stomp on a nearby solid or liquid surface, sending a surge of water rushing away from you.
Shatter Two ActionsEvocation​Sonic​ A high-frequency sonic attack shatters a nearby object.
Sound Burst Two ActionsEvocation​Sonic​ A cacophonous noise blasts out, dealing 2d10 sonic damage.
Spiritual Weapon Two ActionsEvocation​Force​ A weapon made of pure magical force materializes and attacks foes you designate within range.
Sudden Bolt Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Electricity​ You call down a small bolt of lightning on the target, dealing 4d12 electricity damage.
Sun Blade Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Fire​Light​Positive​ You fire a ray of burning sunlight from your weapon.
Swallow Light Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cold​Darkness​Negative​ You draw magical light into your open mouth, consuming it and turning its essence into fuel for a gout of life-draining shadows.
Telekinetic Maneuver Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Force​ With a rush of telekinetic power, you move a foe or something they carry.
Vomit Swarm Two ActionsEvocation​ You belch forth a swarm of magical vermin.

3rd Level

Angelic Wings Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Light​Sorcerer​ Wings of pure light spread out from your back, granting you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.
Blazing Dive Two ActionsEvocation​Air​Fire​ Superheated air collects under you, buoying you high into the sky before you plummet back down in a fiery comet.
Bracing Tendrils Two ActionsEvocation​Force​ Visible tendrils of force anchor your body to the ground, preventing unwanted movement.
Chilling Darkness Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cold​Darkness​Evil​ You shoot an utterly cold ray of darkness tinged with unholy energy.
Combustion Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Fire​ You ignite a creature in lasting flames.
Crashing Wave Two ActionsEvocation​Water​ You summon a crashing wave that sweeps away from you.
Dragon Breath Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 damage.
Dragon Breath (Black, Brine or Copper) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 acid damage in a 60-foot line.
Dragon Breath (Blue or Bronze) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 electricity damage in a 60-foot line.
Dragon Breath (Brass) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 fire damage in a 60-foot line.
Dragon Breath (Cloud) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 electricity damage in a 30-foot cone.
Dragon Breath (Crystal or Forest) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 piercing damage in a 30-foot cone.
Dragon Breath (Gold, Magma or Red) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 fire damage in a 30-foot cone.
Dragon Breath (Green) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 poison damage in a 30-foot cone.
Dragon Breath (Sea) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 bludgeoning damage in a 10-foot burst within 30 feet.
Dragon Breath (Silver or White) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 cold damage in a 30-foot cone.
Dragon Breath (Sky) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 electricity damage in a 10-foot burst within 30 feet.
Dragon Breath (Sovereign) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 mental damage in a 30-foot cone.
Dragon Breath (Umbral) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 negative damage in a 30-foot cone.
Dragon Breath (Underworld) Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You spew energy from your mouth, dealing 5d6 fire damage in a 10-foot burst within 30 feet.
Eidolon's Wrath Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Eidolon​Summoner​ Your eidolon releases a powerful energy attack that deals 5d6 damage of the type you chose when you took the Eidolon's Wrath feat, with a basic Reflex save.
Electrified Crystal Ward Two ActionsRare​Evocation​Electricity​ You create an Electric Latch Rune hazard on the target, creating a special crystalline lock on the object.
Elemental Annihilation Wave Evocation​Air​Earth​Fire​Water​ You draw elemental power from your surroundings, and combining it with your own magical energy, unleash a wave of utter destruction and swirling colors that deals 1d6 fire damage and 3d6 bludgeoning damage with a basic Reflex save.
Elemental Motion Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You call upon your element to propel you, improving your Speed depending on your element.
Fireball Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ A roaring blast of fire appears at a spot you designate, dealing 6d6 fire damage.
Gasping Marsh Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Poison​ With a rattling hiss, you create a quickly evaporating mist of invisible poisonous marsh gas to smother creatures in the area.
Gravity Well Two ActionsEvocation​ You create a sphere of altered gravity.
Incendiary Ashes Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cursebound​Fire​Oracle​ A cloud of magical ashes descends upon creatures in the area.
Interstellar Void Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cold​Cursebound​Oracle​ You call upon the frigid depths of outer space to bring a terrible chill to your enemy.
Ki Blast One Action to Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Force​Monk​ You unleash your ki as a powerful blast of force that deals 2d6 force damage.
Levitate Two ActionsEvocation​ You defy gravity and levitate the target 5 feet off the ground.
Lightning Bolt Two ActionsEvocation​Electricity​ A bolt of lightning strikes outward from your hand, dealing 4d12 electricity damage.
Litany against Wrath One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Champion​Good​Litany​ Your litany rails against the sin of wrath, punishing the target for attacking good creatures.
Magnetic Acceleration Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​ You magnetize a small metal object, such as a nail or coin, and launch it away from you at massive speed.
Malicious Shadow Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Hex​Shadow​Witch​ You reshape the target's shadow into a deadly form, such as strangling hands, a dangerous weapon, harrying runes, or the like, and command it to attack the target.
Moonlight Ray Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Cold​Good​Light​ You unleash a holy beam of freezing moonlight.
Pillar of Water Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Water​ You create a large, self-contained cylinder of still fresh water.
Powerful Inhalation Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​ You rapidly draw the air from your surroundings, hoarding it for yourself.
Pulverizing Cascade Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Water​ You raise a pair of towering waves and slam them into each other, crushing creatures caught between them.
Searing Light Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Fire​Good​Light​ You shoot a blazing ray of light tinged with holy energy.
Shroud of Flame Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Fire​Sorcerer​ You encircle yourself in an aura of protective flames.
Stone Lance Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Attack​Earth​ You conjure a jagged lance of stone and then launch it at a foe.
Sun's Fury Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Fire​Good​ The target weapon becomes wreathed in a glowing flame.
Thunderburst Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​Cursebound​Oracle​Sonic​ You create a powerful blast of air and a loud peal of thunder, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 sonic damage.
Unbreaking Wave Advance One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Water​ You unleash a mighty wave from your hand that buffets back your foes.
Unfolding Wind Rush One ActionUncommon​Evocation​ You travel on a rushing wind.
Unseasonable Squall Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​ You issue a blast of sudden wind that ripples outward from the center of the burst.
Wall of Radiance Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Light​ You form a wall of brilliant light that obscures creatures.
Wall of Shadow Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Darkness​ You form a wall of pure darkness in a straight line up to 60 feet long and 10 feet high.
Wall of Virtue Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Light​ You create a translucent wall of light, which draws power from the celestial realms.
Wall of Wind Three ActionsEvocation​Air​ You create a barrier of gusting winds that hinders anything moving through it.
Whirling Flames Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cursebound​Fire​Oracle​ You call forth a storm of whirling flames, engulfing all creatures in that area and dealing 5d6 fire damage with a basic Reflex save.

4th Level

Asterism Three ActionsEvocation​Cleric​Light​ Lines of burning starlight form a constellation around you.
Bottle the Storm ReactionEvocation​Cleric​Electricity​ When lightning is turned at you, you store the charge safely within yourself, unleashing it when the time is right.
Chromatic Ray Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Light​ You send out a ray of colored light streaming toward your enemy, with a magical effect depending on the ray's color.
Clinging Shadows Stance One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Monk​Shadow​Stance​ You adopt the stance of clinging shadows.
Debilitating Dichotomy Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cursebound​Mental​Oracle​ You reveal a glimpse of the impossible conflicts between the divine anathema behind your curse, forcing you to reckon with another's conflicts as well.
Destructive Aura Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Aura​Cleric​ Swirling sands of divine devastation surround you, weakening the defenses of all they touch.
Diamond Dust Two ActionsEvocation​Cleric​Cold​ You supercool the nearby air, forming a cloud of dancing ice crystals in an emanation around you.
Divine Wrath Two ActionsEvocation​ You can channel the fury of your deity against foes of opposed alignment.
Downpour Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​Water​ You call forth a torrential downpour, which extinguishes nonmagical flames.
Draw the Lightning Two ActionsEvocation​Electricity​ Calling out to the skies, you summon a bolt of lightning to strike through a foe above you and down into your weapon or your body, charging it with electrical power.
Elemental Tempest One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Metamagic​Wizard​ Your spellcasting surrounds you in a storm of elemental energy.
Fire Shield Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ You wreathe yourself in ghostly flames, gaining cold resistance 5.
Holy Cascade Two ActionsEvocation​Good​Positive​Water​ You call upon sacred energy to amplify a vial of holy water, tossing it an incredible distance.
Hydraulic Torrent Two ActionsEvocation​Water​ A swirling torrent of water manifests along a straight line, battering creatures and unattended objects in its path and possibly pushing them away from you.
Ice Storm Three ActionsEvocation​Cold​ You create a gray storm cloud that pelts creatures with an icy deluge.
Mystic Beacon One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​ The next damaging or healing spell the target casts before the start of your next turn deals damage or restores Hit Points as if the spell were heightened 1 level higher than its actual level.
Painful Vibrations Two ActionsEvocation​Sonic​ You send powerful sound waves through an opponent's body, vibrating its bones and internal organs painfully.
Purifying Veil Two ActionsRare​Evocation​Cleric​Good​Water​ Drawing on the purifying powers of water, you call forth a veil of fine water droplets suffused with holy energy.
Radiant Beam Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Good​Light​ You fire a beam of blinding light from your outstretched hands.
Runic Impression One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Magus​ Your unarmed attacks or weapon gain the benefits of a weapon rune you choose when you cast this spell: corrosive, flaming, frost, ghost touch, returning, shock, or thundering.
Transcribe Moment Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​ You instantly create a small, permanent scroll that contains a magically precise written description of your current surroundings in every direction.
Traveler's Transit Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cleric​ You add power to your muscles, allowing you to swim or climb walls with ease.
Wall of Fire Three ActionsEvocation​Fire​ You raise a blazing wall that burns creatures passing through it.
Weapon Storm Two ActionsEvocation​ You swing a weapon you're holding, and the weapon magically multiplies into duplicates that swipe at all creatures in either a 30-foot cone or an 10-foot emanation.
Wild Winds Stance One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Air​Monk​Stance​ You take on the stance of the flowing winds, sending out waves of energy at a distance.

5th Level

Abyssal Wrath Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You evoke the energy of an Abyssal realm.
Acid Storm Two ActionsEvocation​Acid​ You evoke a storm of acid rain that pelts the area for the spell's duration.
Blazing Fissure Two ActionsEvocation​Earth​Fire​ A thin crack rips through the earth, erupting with magma, then swiftly seals up.
Cone of Cold Two ActionsEvocation​Cold​ Icy cold rushes forth from your hands.
Consuming Darkness Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Shadow​Sorcerer​ Your shadow wriggles before spreading out from you, forming a gateway of clinging, consuming shadow through which the horrors of another plane can barely be seen.
Control Water Two ActionsEvocation​Water​ By imposing your will upon the water, you can raise or lower the level of water in the chosen area by 10 feet.
Dance of Darkness Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Darkness​ You dance, Striding up to half your Speed.
Elemental Blast Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Sorcerer​ You gather elemental energy and blast your foes in one of the various listed shapes of your choosing, dealing 8d6 bludgeoning damage (or fire damage if your element is fire).
Etheric Shards Two ActionsEvocation​Force​ You reach out and sow glittering splinters of force throughout the area, otherworldly caltrops of will and ectoplasm.
Flame Strike Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ You call a rain of divine fire that plummets down from above, dealing 8d6 fire damage.
Flowing Strike Three ActionsEvocation​Water​ A wave of flowing water rushes behind you like an elegant river, pushing you across the battlefield with fluid grace.
Forceful Hand Two ActionsEvocation​Force​ A Medium floating, disembodied hand made of magical force appears in an unoccupied space adjacent to you, following you across the battlefield to shield you against your foes' attacks.
Geyser Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​Water​ A powerful geyser blasts up from the ground, potentially pushing creatures on top of it into the air.
Glacial Heart Two ActionsRare​Evocation​Hex​Witch​ Ice and bone-deep cold assail the target, freezing it from the inside out.
Hellfire Plume Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Evil​Fire​Sorcerer​ You call forth a plume of hellfire that erupts from below, dealing 4d6 fire damage and 4d6 evil damage.
Lightning Storm Three ActionsEvocation​Electricity​ You create a black, rumbling storm cloud and call down one lightning bolt within the spell's area.
Litany against Sloth One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Champion​Good​Litany​ Your litany rails against the sin of sloth, interfering with the target's ability to react.
Repelling Pulse Two ActionsEvocation​Force​ You unleash a powerful pulse of telekinetic power, and the pulse violently hurls creatures away from you.
Scouring Pulse Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Light​Positive​ You inundate the area with concentrated positive energy, which scours away the stain of undeath.
Shadow Blast Two ActionsEvocation​Shadow​ You shape the quasi-real substance of the Shadow Plane into a blast.
Steal the Sky Uncommon​Evocation​Air​ You deny a flying creature the support of the air.
Stormburst Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Electricity​ Your voice projects like cracking thunder as you summon a localized storm, creating a fearsome surge of lightning and wind that deals 6d6 electricity damage.
Telekinetic Haul Two ActionsEvocation​ You move the target up to 20 feet, potentially suspending it in midair.
Unfolding Wind Buffet Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​ You surround your unarmed attacks with the speed and force of air.
Wall of Ice Three ActionsEvocation​Cold​Water​ You sculpt an ice barrier that blocks sight and, once shattered, freezes foes.
Wronged Monk's Wrath One Action to Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Electricity​Force​Monk​ You unleash your ki as a powerful storm of force and lightning, dealing 2d6 force damage and 2d12 electricity damage to creatures in the area.

6th Level

Blade Barrier Three ActionsEvocation​Force​ Blades of force form a churning wall.
Chain Lightning Two ActionsEvocation​Electricity​ You discharge a powerful bolt of lightning at the target, dealing 8d12 electricity damage.
Disintegrate Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​ You fire a green ray at your target.
Fire Seeds Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​Plant​ Four acorns grow in your hand, their shells streaked with pulsing red and orange patterns.
Flame Vortex Three ActionsEvocation​Air​Fire​ You combine a blazing inferno and air currents into a fiery vortex.
Flaming Fusillade Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cursebound​Fire​Oracle​ You call upon an endless barrage of flames, producing miniature fireballs in your hands to hurl at foes.
For Love, For Lightning Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Electricity​ When you Cast the Spell, you plunge the required weapon into the ground, where it crackles with crimson lightning.
Poltergeist's Fury Three ActionsEvocation​ Your fury spills over in a telekinetic storm of terrifying proportions.
Stone Tell Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Earth​ You can ask questions of and receive answers from natural or worked stone.
Suffocate Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Incapacitation​Nonlethal​ You forcefully and cruelly draw the living breath from a creature's lungs, dealing 4d8 bludgeoning damage.
Wall of Force Three ActionsEvocation​Force​ You form an Invisible wall of pure magical force up to 50 feet long and up to 20 feet high.
Zero Gravity Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​ You negate gravity's effects in the area.

7th Level

Blightburn Blast Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Disease​ You channel a blast of powerful blightburn radiation from your hands.
Control Sand Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Earth​ You whip up a small sandstorm around your body.
Darklight Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Darkness​Shadow​ Shadows pour forth from your eyes, creating a field of darkness that prevents light from emanating within the area.
Deity's Strike Two ActionsEvocation​Force​ A manifested version of your deity's favored weapon appears in the air above and attacks the target, using your spell attack roll.
Divine Decree Two ActionsEvocation​ You utter a potent litany from your faith, a mandate that harms those who oppose your ideals.
Empower Ley Line Rare​Evocation​ You draw upon surrounding magical energy to empower a ley line, enhancing both its positive and negative effects.
Force Cage Three ActionsEvocation​Force​ You create an immobile, invisible prison of sheer force.
Frigid Flurry Two ActionsEvocation​Cold​Water​ You place a palm to your lips and exhale a cold breath, whipping up a gust of wind that freezes the air's ambient moisture into a flurry of jagged shards.
Litany of Depravity One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Champion​Evil​Litany​ Your litany calls into question the morals your foe claims to hold dear.
Litany of Righteousness One ActionUncommon​Evocation​Champion​Good​Litany​ Your litany denounces an evildoer, rendering it susceptible to the powers of good.
Moonburst Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Cold​Light​Positive​ A powerful globe of chilling moonlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures and objects in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.
Prismatic Spray Two ActionsEvocation​Light​ A spray of rainbow light beams cascades from your open hand.
Reverse Gravity Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​ You reverse gravity in the area.
Shadow's Web Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Monk​ Grasping darkness surges from you, dealing 14d4 negative damage.
Sunburst Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​Light​Positive​ A powerful globe of searing sunlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 fire damage to all creatures in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.
Telekinetic Bombardment Two ActionsEvocation​ You grasp a piece of the landscape-such as a tree, carriage, or piece of masonry-and lob it in your foe's direction.
Volcanic Eruption Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ The ground opens up, spraying a column of lava high into the air in a vertical cylinder, dealing 14d6 fire damage to creatures in the area.

8th Level

Boil Blood Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ You heat a foe's blood and boil it within its veins.
Control Weather Uncommon​Evocation​ You alter the weather, making it calm and normal for the season or choosing up to two effects based on the season.
Deluge Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Water​ You unleash a catastrophic downpour in the area that vanishes an instant later.
Earthquake Two ActionsEvocation​Earth​ You shake the ground, topple creatures into fissures, and collapse structures.
Falling Sky Two ActionsEvocation​Incapacitation​ Extraordinary telekinetic pressure smashes down through the area, battering creatures within it to the ground.
Imprisonment Uncommon​Evocation​ You perform a ritual to imprison a creature in one of several forms.
Polar Ray Two ActionsEvocation​Attack​Cold​ You fire a blue-white ray of freezing air and sleet that deals 10d8 cold damage.
Punishing Winds Three ActionsEvocation​Air​ Violent winds and a powerful downdraft fill the area, forming a cyclone.
Whirlwind Three ActionsEvocation​Air​ Powerful winds coalesce into a devastating tornado.

9th Level

Implosion Two ActionsEvocation​ You crush the target by causing it to collapse in on itself, dealing 75 damage.
Meteor Swarm Two ActionsEvocation​Fire​ You call down four meteors that explode in a fiery blast.
Storm Lord Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​Druid​Electricity​ The sky above you darkens in a matter of moments, swirling with ominous clouds punctuated by flashes of lighting.
Storm of Vengeance Three ActionsEvocation​Air​Electricity​ A massive storm cloud forms in the air in a 360-foot burst.
Unbreaking Wave Containment Three ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Incapacitation​Water​ You wrap enemies in four strands of water.
Unfolding Wind Crash Two ActionsUncommon​Evocation​Air​Move​ You jump up to 120 feet in any direction and then deal 18d6 bludgeoning damage to creatures within a 20‐foot emanation after you land, with a basic Reflex save.
Weapon of Judgment Two ActionsEvocation​Force​ An immense weapon of force appears, hovering in the air above the target.

10th Level

Cataclysm Two ActionsEvocation​Acid​Air​Cold​Earth​Electricity​Fire​Water​ You call upon the unimaginable power of world-ending cataclysms, ripping a small piece of each cataclysm and combining them together into one horrifically powerful attack.