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sonic Spells


Haunting Hymn Two ActionsEvocationAuditoryCantripSonic You echo a jarring hymn that only creatures in the area can hear.

1st Level

Biting Words Two ActionsEvocationAttackAuditoryLinguisticSonic You entwine magic with your voice, causing your taunts and jibes to physically harm your enemies.
Concordant Choir One Action to Three ActionsEvocationSonic You unleash a dangerous consonance of reverberating sound, focusing on a single target or spreading out to damage many foes.
Cry of Destruction Two ActionsUncommonEvocationClericSonic Your voice booms, smashing what's in front of you.
Echoing Weapon Two ActionsEvocationSonic You channel magical energy into the target weapon, and the air around it faintly hums each time you strike a blow, as the impact is absorbed into the weapon.
Seashell of Stolen Sound ReactionDivinationSonic You store a sound in a seashell to use as you will: the last words of a loved one, a dragon's mighty roar, the compromising conversation between two powerful diplomats, or even more strange and secret.
Thunderous Strike One ActionUncommonEvocationMagusSonic You swing your massive weapon, creating a wave of sonic vibrations that topples creatures.
Victory Cry RareEvocationClericSonic Your true might comes from your bonds with your allies, and you glory in their achievements.

2nd Level

Ignite Fireworks Two ActionsEvocationFireSonic A brilliant and clamorous display of sparks and colorful fireworks explode around your enemies, dealing 1d8 fire damage and 1d8 sonic damage to creatures within a 10-foot burst.
Shatter Two ActionsEvocationSonic A high-frequency sonic attack shatters a nearby object.
Sonata Span Two ActionsConjurationAuditorySonic By playing a brief tune on an instrument or in song, you cause the notes of the melody to physically manifest into a shimmering, translucent path.
Sound Burst Two ActionsEvocationSonic A cacophonous noise blasts out, dealing 2d10 sonic damage.

3rd Level

Thunderburst Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirCurseboundOracleSonic You create a powerful blast of air and a loud peal of thunder, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 sonic damage.

4th Level

Painful Vibrations Two ActionsEvocationSonic You send powerful sound waves through an opponent's body, vibrating its bones and internal organs painfully.

10th Level

Pied Piping Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentBardCompositionIncapacitationMentalSonic Your performance enraptures those who hear it, compelling them to follow you about in admiration.