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force Spells


Astral Rain Two ActionsUncommonEvocationCantripForcePsychic You fling a mass of furious thoughts into the air, where they expand into numerous blades or other shapes that rain down.
Imaginary Weapon Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAttackCantripForcePsychic You create a simple weapon of force.
Shield One ActionAbjurationCantripForce You raise a magical shield of force.

1st Level

Floating Disk Two ActionsConjurationForce A disk of magical force materializes adjacent to you.
Force Bolt One ActionUncommonEvocationForceWizard You fire an unerring dart of force from your fingertips.
Force Fang One ActionUncommonEvocationForceMagus You briefly turn your attack into pure force to bypass your opponent's defenses.
Friendfetch Two ActionsUncommonEvocationForce You shoot out ephemeral, telekinetic strands that drag each target directly toward you, stopping in the closest unoccupied space to you in this path.
Kinetic Ram One Action to Three ActionsEvocationForce Gathering kinetic energy, you either focus it in a straight line or disperse it as an encircling ripple.
Magic Missile One Action to Three ActionsEvocationForce You send a dart of force streaking toward a creature that you can see.

2nd Level

Inner Radiance Torrent NecromancyForceLight You gradually manifest your spiritual energy into your cupped hands before firing off a storm of bolts and beams that deal 4d4 force damage to all creatures in a 60-foot line.
Spiritual Weapon Two ActionsEvocationForce A weapon made of pure magical force materializes and attacks foes you designate within range.
Telekinetic Maneuver Two ActionsEvocationAttackForce With a rush of telekinetic power, you move a foe or something they carry.

3rd Level

Bracing Tendrils Two ActionsEvocationForce Visible tendrils of force anchor your body to the ground, preventing unwanted movement.
Ki Blast One Action to Three ActionsUncommonEvocationForceMonk You unleash your ki as a powerful blast of force that deals 2d6 force damage.
Whirling Scarves Two ActionsAbjurationForce You surround yourself in a vortex of whirling colorful scarves of force that obfuscate you and disorient your foes.

4th Level

Resilient Sphere Two ActionsAbjurationForce You create an immobile sphere of force to either trap or protect the target, blocking anything that would pass through the sphere.

5th Level

Blink Charge Two ActionsConjurationForceTeleportation You propel yourself through the fabric of space to deal a blow carrying the momentum of your teleportation.
Etheric Shards Two ActionsEvocationForce You reach out and sow glittering splinters of force throughout the area, otherworldly caltrops of will and ectoplasm.
Forceful Hand Two ActionsEvocationForce A Medium floating, disembodied hand made of magical force appears in an unoccupied space adjacent to you, following you across the battlefield to shield you against your foes' attacks.
Repelling Pulse Two ActionsEvocationForce You unleash a powerful pulse of telekinetic power, and the pulse violently hurls creatures away from you.
Spiritual Guardian Two ActionsAbjurationForce A Medium guardian made of magical force appears and attacks foes you designate within range.
Wronged Monk's Wrath One Action to Three ActionsUncommonEvocationElectricityForceMonk You unleash your ki as a powerful storm of force and lightning, dealing 2d6 force damage and 2d12 electricity damage to creatures in the area.

6th Level

Blade Barrier Three ActionsEvocationForce Blades of force form a churning wall.
Spellwrack Two ActionsAbjurationCurseForce You cause any spells cast on the target to spill out their energy in harmful surges.
Spirit Blast Two ActionsNecromancyForce You concentrate ethereal energy and attack a creature's spirit, dealing 16d6 force damage.
Wall of Force Three ActionsEvocationForce You form an Invisible wall of pure magical force up to 50 feet long and up to 20 feet high.

7th Level

Deity's Strike Two ActionsEvocationForce A manifested version of your deity's favored weapon appears in the air above and attacks the target, using your spell attack roll.
Force Cage Three ActionsEvocationForce You create an immobile, invisible prison of sheer force.

8th Level

Spirit Song Two ActionsNecromancyForce Your eldritch song sends pulsing waves of ethereal energy to attack creatures' spirits in the area, dealing 18d6 force damage.

9th Level

Weapon of Judgment Two ActionsEvocationForce An immense weapon of force appears, hovering in the air above the target.