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contingency Spells

2nd Level

Instant Armor ConjurationContingencyExtradimensional Upon casting this spell, the armor you're wearing is whisked away into an extradimensional space that's linked to you.
Lucky Number DivinationContingency When you Cast this Spell, roll 1d20 and make a note of the result.
Summoner's Precaution NecromancyContingency You create a buffer in the link between yourself and your eidolon in order to prevent you from falling alongside your bonded ally.

3rd Level

Life Connection NecromancyContingency When you cast this spell, you place a failsafe deep within the life force of the target.
Mind of Menace EnchantmentContingencyEmotionFearMental This spell wards against those who attempt to subvert your mind and turns mental magic back on them.

4th Level

Ocular Overload IllusionContingencyIncapacitationVisual Just as a creature is about to attack you, you assault them with jarring illusions, completely surrounding their eyes with blinding flashes of motion and color.