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Enchantment Spells


Allegro One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Emotion​Mental​ You perform rapidly, speeding up your ally.
Contagious Idea Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cantrip​Emotion​Mental​Psychic​ Nothing is so contagious as a thought.
Daze Two ActionsEnchantment​Cantrip​Mental​Nonlethal​ You cloud the target's mind and daze it with a mental jolt.
Dirge of Doom One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ Foes within the area are Frightened 1.
Evil Eye One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cantrip​Curse​Emotion​Fear​Hex​Mental​Witch​ You fix your eye on the target, imposing a malevolent hex.
Forbidden Thought Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cantrip​Mental​Psychic​ You place a psychic lock in a foe's mind that prevents it from a specific action.
Infectious Enthusiasm Two ActionsEnchantment​Cantrip​Emotion​Mental​ With enchanted gusto, you encourage yourself to get things done and share your motivation with your allies.
Inspire Competence One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Emotion​Mental​ Your encouragement inspires your ally to succeed at a task.
Inspire Courage One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Emotion​Mental​ You inspire yourself and your allies with words or tunes of encouragement.
Inspire Defense One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Emotion​Mental​ You inspire yourself and your allies to protect themselves more effectively.
Invoke True Name One ActionRare​Enchantment​Cantrip​TrueName​ You speak the true name of a creature to more surely affect it with your magic.
Pact Broker One ActionRare​Enchantment​Cantrip​Hex​Mental​Witch​ You offer to broker a pact of peace.
Song of Marching One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Mental​ You maintain a brisk performance that keeps allies on the move.
Song of Strength One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Emotion​Mental​ You bolster your allies' physical strength with a hearty exhortation.
Stoke the Heart One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cantrip​Emotion​Hex​Witch​ Intense fervor fills the target creature, empowering their blows.
Tame Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Cantrip​Mental​ As you make comforting sounds and gestures, you approach the target in a friendly manner combining caution and confidence.
Triple Time One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Cantrip​Composition​Emotion​Mental​ You dance at a lively tempo, speeding your allies' movement.
Wilding Word One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cantrip​Hex​Witch​ With a few words, you convince a wild creature you are a kindred spirit, making it reluctant to harm you.

1st Level

Agitate Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​Nonlethal​ You send the target's mind and body into overdrive, forcing it to become restless and hyperactive.
Ancestral Touch One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cursebound​Emotion​Fear​Mental​Oracle​ You touch a creature and force them to see and feel the ancestors surrounding you.
Bane Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ You fill the minds of your enemies with doubt.
Befuddle Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You sow seeds of confusion in your target's mind, causing their actions and thoughts to become clumsy.
Bless Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ Blessings from beyond help your companions strike true.
Blind Ambition Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​ You strengthen a target's ambition, increase its resentment of allies, and make its allegiances more susceptible to change.
Brain Drain Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cursebound​Mental​Oracle​ You probe the target's mind to glean knowledge.
Cackle Free ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Hex​Witch​ With a quick burst of laughter, you prolong a magical effect you created.
Call to Arms ReactionUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Cursebound​Emotion​Mental​Oracle​ You cry out a call to arms, inspiring your allies to enter the fray.
Charm Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ To the target, your words are honey and your visage seems bathed in a dreamy haze.
Charming Touch One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You infuse your target with attraction, causing it to act friendlier toward you.
Charming Words One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​Wizard​ You whisper enchanting words to deflect your foe's ire.
Command Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Linguistic​Mental​ You shout a command that's hard to ignore.
Counter Performance ReactionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Composition​Fortune​Mental​ Your performance protects you and your allies.
Diabolic Edict One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Sorcerer​ You issue a diabolic edict, demanding the target perform a particular task and offering rewards for its fulfillment.
Draw Ire Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You cause mental distress to a creature, goading it to strike back at you.
Déjà Vu Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You loop a thought process in the target's mind, forcing it to repeat the same actions over again.
Endure One ActionEnchantment​Mental​ You invigorate the touched creature's mind and urge it to press on.
Faerie Dust One Action to Three ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​Sorcerer​ You sprinkle magical dust in the spell's area, making those within easier to trick.
Fear Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ You plant fear in the target; it must attempt a Will save.
Forced Mercy Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You soften the target's blows, ensuring they avoid vital areas and cause no lasting harm.
Frenzied Revelry Two ActionsRare​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​ You recall memories of hedonistic rites to send yourself into an infectious frenzy, dancing and howling wildly to encourage your companions to join in.
Hollow Heart Two ActionsRare​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ You stoke the target's ambition beyond reason, until it believes no one is capable of helping it, or that others aren't to be trusted.
Lament Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​ You let out your negative emotions in a guttural wail that shakes your enemies' hearts and deals 1d8 mental damage (basic Will save).
Liberating Command One ActionEnchantment​Mental​ You call out a liberating cry, urging an ally to break free of an effect that holds them in place.
Lingering Composition Free ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Metamagic​ You add a flourish to your composition to extend its benefits.
Magic's Vessel One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​ A creature becomes a receptacle for pure magical energy sent by your deity.
Needle of Vengeance One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Hex​Mental​Witch​ A long, jagged needle jabs into the target foe's psyche whenever it tries to attack a specifically forbidden creature.
Nymph's Token Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Sorcerer​ You grant an ally a token of favor.
Savor the Sting One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Mental​Nonlethal​ You inflict pain upon the target and revel in their anguish.
Schadenfreude ReactionEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You distract your enemy with their feeling of smug pleasure when you fail catastrophically.
Sleep Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​Sleep​ Each creature in the area becomes drowsy and might fall asleep.
Soothe Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Healing​Mental​ You grace the target's mind, boosting its mental defenses and healing its wounds.
Soothing Words One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​ You attempt to calm the target by uttering soothing words in a calm and even tone.
Sweet Dream Three ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Cleric​Linguistic​Mental​Sleep​ With soothing song or tales, you lull the target into an enchanting dream.
Synchronize Steps Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​ You link the minds of two targets, enabling them to move in tandem.
Touch of Obedience One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Mental​ Your imperious touch erodes the target's willpower, making it easier to control.
Veil of Confidence One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Mental​ You surround yourself in a veil of confidence.
Veil of Dreams One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Hex​Mental​Witch​ You draw the target into a drowsy state, causing daydreams and sluggishness.
Waking Nightmare Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ You fill the creature's mind with a terrifying vision out of its nightmares.

2nd Level

Animal Messenger Enchantment​Mental​ You offer food, and an ordinary Tiny animal within range approaches to eat it.
Blistering Invective Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ A heap of insults and invectives spew from your mouth-words so devastating your foes burn from the intensity of your diatribe.
Calm Emotions Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You forcibly calm creatures in the area, soothing them into a nonviolent state; each creature must attempt a Will save.
Charitable Urge Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You speak on the virtue of charity, compelling the target to give away its possessions.
Hideous Laughter Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ The target is overtaken with uncontrollable laughter.
Horrifying Blood Loss One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Curse​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ You curse the target, filling it with terror at the loss of its blood.
Impart Empathy Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You expand the target's ability to understand social cues that are normally beyond its comprehension.
Inveigle Uncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ You win over the target's mind, causing it to see you as a close and trusted friend and look upon your every suggestion as reasonable.
Mind Games Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ You lock minds with the target, trying to mentally subdue them.
Remove Fear Two ActionsEnchantment​ With a touch, you ease a creature's fears.
Thundering Dominance Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ You shroud the target in a powerful predatory aura and amplify its vocalizations.
Touch of Idiocy Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ You dull the target's mind; the target must attempt a Will save.
Vicious Jealousy Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ The target is overcome by deep jealousy and resentment that twists its mind against other creatures.
Warrior's Regret Two ActionsEnchantment​Curse​Emotion​Mental​ Regret eats away at the target's mind, punishing it for its violence until it ceases its hostility.

3rd Level

Aberrant Whispers One Action to Three ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Mental​Sorcerer​ You utter phrases in an unknown tongue, assaulting the minds of those nearby.
Agonizing Despair Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ Your target's mind tumbles down a deep well of dread, dwelling so intently on deep-seated fears that it's painful.
Blinding Beauty One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Sorcerer​Visual​ You channel the allure of your nymph bloodline into a terribly beautiful glance.
Crisis of Faith Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ You assault the target's faith, riddling the creature with doubt and mental turmoil that deal 6d6 mental damage, or 6d8 mental damage if it can cast divine spells.
Dream Message Enchantment​Mental​ You send a message to your target's dream.
Enthrall Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Emotion​ Your words fascinate your targets.
Fey Disappearance One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Sorcerer​ You become Invisible and ignore natural difficult terrain (such as underbrush).
Geas Uncommon​Enchantment​Curse​Mental​ You enforce a magic rule on a willing target, forcing it to either perform or refrain from carrying out a certain act.
Heroism Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ You tap into the target's inner heroism, granting it a +1 status bonus to attack rolls, Perception checks, saving throws, and skill checks.
Mind of Menace Enchantment​Contingency​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ This spell wards against those who attempt to subvert your mind and turns mental magic back on them.
Paralyze Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You block the target's motor impulses before they can leave its mind, threatening to freeze the target in place.
Roaring Applause Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ Your flamboyant flourish invokes such powerful feelings in your audience that you incite cheers and applause.
Shift Blame ReactionEnchantment​Mental​ You alter the target's memories of the triggering event as they form.
Sudden Recollection Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ You place a bit of knowledge deep in a creature's subconscious or make a willing creature forget some information until a specific trigger occurs.
Zone of Truth Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ You designate an area in which creatures are compelled to speak only truth.

4th Level

Anathematic Reprisal ReactionEnchantment​Mental​ You punish a creature that transgresses against your deity, drawing upon the anguish you feel upon seeing one of your deity's anathema committed.
Aromatic Lure Two ActionsRare​Enchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You override a target's olfactory senses, luring them to a specific location through tantalizing false scents.
Captivating Adoration Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​Visual​ You become intensely entrancing, and creatures are distracted by you as long as they remain within the area.
Clownish Curse Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Attack​Curse​Mental​Misfortune​ You afflict the target with a curse that causes it to emit ridiculous noises as it moves.
Commanding Lash One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Incapacitation​Mental​ With the threat of more pain, you compel a creature you've recently harmed.
Compel True Name Two ActionsRare​Enchantment​Auditory​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​TrueName​ You instruct the target to do something, compelling obedience by calling it by its true name.
Competitive Edge One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​ Your competitiveness drives you to prove yourself against the opposition.
Confusion Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You befuddle your target with strange impulses, causing it to act randomly.
Daydreamer's Curse Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Attack​Curse​Mental​Misfortune​ You impose a curse upon the target that renders it easily distracted and unable to focus its thoughts on tasks that demand insight or discernment.
Delusional Pride Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​ You make the target overconfident, leading it to ascribe failure to external factors.
Dread Aura Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Aura​Emotion​Fear​Mental​Wizard​ You emit an aura of terror.
Dreamer's Call Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Incapacitation​Mental​ The target becomes distracted and suggestible, inundated by vivid daydreams.
Dull Ambition Two ActionsEnchantment​Curse​Mental​Misfortune​ You curse the target to fail in all avenues of its life that require drive and ambition, as it inadvertently undermines its own goals at every turn.
Favorable Review Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You enchant a creature to ensure they have only good things to say about your show.
Girzanje's March Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Linguistic​Mental​ You sing a prayer for war, inspiring valor in allies who hear your song.
Glibness Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ Falsehoods pass your lips as smoothly as silk.
Implement of Destruction Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ You solemnly declare that the target weapon will bring death to a foe, implanting an irrational fear of the weapon into the target enemy.
Infectious Melody Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Mental​ You call forth the chords of a tune so catchy that foes hearing it can't help but sing along, making it harder for them to communicate.
Inspire Heroics Free ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Metamagic​ You call upon your muse to greatly increase the benefits you provide with your Inspire Courage or Inspire Defense composition.
Ordained Purpose Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ You call upon the authority of cosmic forces of order, overwhelming creatures with remorse and agony for acting outside of their station and purpose.
Outcast's Curse Two ActionsEnchantment​Curse​Mental​Misfortune​ You afflict the target with a curse that makes its presence abrasive and off-putting.
Overflowing Sorrow Two ActionsEnchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ Sadness flows out of you into nearby creatures, blotting out any other thoughts they had.
Roar of the Wyrm Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​ You channel the might of dragons into your voice, letting out a roar that engenders respect in dragonkind but that instills fear in most other creatures.
Savant's Curse Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Attack​Curse​Mental​Misfortune​ You afflict the target with a curse that fills its mind with distracting and hyperspecialized minutiae, causing it to second-guess even simple facts.
Shaken Confidence Rare​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Mental​Misfortune​ You mock the target for all its failings, twisting its self-confidence into doubt.
Shared Nightmare Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ Merging minds with the target, you swap disorienting visions from one another's nightmares.
Suggestion Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​ Your honeyed words are difficult for creatures to resist.
Touch of the Moon One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Light​ When you touch the target, a symbol of the moon appears on its forehead, glowing with soft moonlight.
Waking Dream Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ You cloud the target's mind with vivid, dreamlike imagery, so they have difficulty distinguishing real threats from imagined ones.
Wind Whispers Rare​Enchantment​Cleric​Linguistic​Mental​ You call forth numerous breezes in which you weave gossip, whispering subtly into the ears of those around.
Word of Freedom One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Mental​ You utter a liberating word of power that frees a creature.
Zeal for Battle ReactionUncommon​Enchantment​Cleric​Emotion​Fortune​Mental​ You stoke the righteous anger within yourself and an ally.

5th Level

Crushing Despair Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You inflict despair on creatures in the area.
Dread Ambience Uncommon​Enchantment​Consecration​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ In some places, it always feels like something is observing you, as if the very land doesn't want you there.
Dreaming Potential Enchantment​Mental​ You draw the target into a lucid dream where it can explore the endless possibilities of its own potential within the ever-changing backdrop of its dreamscape.
Glimmer of Charm Two ActionsEnchantment​Aura​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You're bathed in a smooth, almost glittering aura that improves the attitude of those near you.
Litany of Self-Interest One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Champion​Evil​Litany​Mental​ You give a speech that fills your target with a drive to improve themself to the exclusion of assisting others.
Oblivious Expulsion Uncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ Severing ties with a member of a cult courts danger and threatens to undermine the secrecy of the group, whether that secrecy protects its worshippers or enables them to operate in the shadows.
Subconscious Suggestion Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​ You implant a subconscious suggestion deep within the target's mind for them to follow when a trigger you specify occurs.
Synaptic Pulse Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You emit a pulsating mental blast that penetrates the minds of all enemies in the area.
You're Mine Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​Sorcerer​ You manipulate the target's emotions, potentially allowing you to control it for a brief instant.

6th Level

Bacchanalia Uncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ You hold an elaborate feast and stoke the celebratory spirit, causing it to spread to other people nearby; you buoy them with hope and good cheer as they revel into the night.
Blinding Fury ReactionEnchantment​Curse​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You curse the target with your outrage at being attacked.
Dominate Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ You take command of the target, forcing it to obey your orders.
Feeblemind Two ActionsEnchantment​Curse​Incapacitation​Mental​ You drastically reduce the target's mental faculties.
Ideal Mimicry Uncommon​Enchantment​Mental​ You craft a doll with care and quiet meditation on the target, inserting the fingernails into the body, tying the lock of hair around the neck of the doll, or emptying the vial of blood into the stuffing and allowing it to be absorbed.
Zealous Conviction Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You bypass your targets' rational minds, instilling them with unshakable conviction and zeal.

7th Level

Entrancing Eyes Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Mental​Visual​ Your eyes glow with an entrancing radiance that captivates those who meet your gaze.
Inexhaustible Cynicism Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Mental​ You inflict your targets with a crushing doubt about everyone and everything around them.
Power Word Blind One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Mental​ You utter an arcane word of power that can make the target Blinded upon hearing it.
Soothing Ballad Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Composition​Emotion​Healing​Mental​ You draw upon your muse to soothe your allies.
Warp Mind Two ActionsEnchantment​Emotion​Incapacitation​Mental​ You scramble a creature's mental faculties and sensory input.

8th Level

Burning Blossoms Three ActionsEnchantment​Fire​Plant​ An intangible hollow tree sprouts from the ground and grows to towering height, radiating a fiery passion and fascinating viewers.
Canticle of Everlasting Grief Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Curse​Emotion​Fear​Mental​ You create a melody distilled from pure grief, conveying the inevitable loss of everything your target cherishes, audible only to them.
Divine Inspiration Two ActionsEnchantment​Mental​ You infuse a target with spiritual energy, refreshing its magic.
Power Word Stun One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Mental​ You stun the target with an arcane word of power.
Uncontrollable Dance Two ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ The target is overcome with an all-consuming urge to dance.

9th Level

Crusade Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Linguistic​Mental​ You issue a divine mandate or proclaim a cause to the targets.
Divinity Leech Two ActionsRare​Enchantment​ You disrupt the connection between a divine caster or deific servitor and their deity, blocking their use of divine power.
Nature's Enmity Two ActionsEnchantment​ Animals and plants in the area turn against the targets.
Overwhelming Presence Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Incapacitation​Mental​Visual​ You surround yourself with supernatural splendor, appearing to be a god or similarly majestic being.
Power Word Kill One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Auditory​Death​Mental​ You utter the most powerful arcane word of power.
Telepathic Demand Three ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Linguistic​Mental​ You send the target a message of 25 words or fewer, and it can respond immediately with its own message of 25 words or fewer.
Unfathomable Song Two ActionsEnchantment​Auditory​Emotion​Fear​Incapacitation​Mental​ Fleeting notes of a strange and unnatural song fill the air, overtaking the mind.

10th Level

Fabricated Truth Three ActionsEnchantment​Incapacitation​Mental​ Choose a single statement you want the targets to believe.
Fatal Aria One ActionUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Composition​Death​Emotion​Mental​ You perform music so perfect that the target may die of joy or sorrow.
Pied Piping Two ActionsUncommon​Enchantment​Bard​Composition​Incapacitation​Mental​Sonic​ Your performance enraptures those who hear it, compelling them to follow you about in admiration.