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emotion Spells


Allegro One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You perform rapidly, speeding up your ally.
Contagious Idea Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčPsychic‚Äč Nothing is so contagious as a thought.
Dirge of Doom One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč Foes within the area are Frightened 1.
Evil Eye One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčHex‚ÄčMental‚ÄčWitch‚Äč You fix your eye on the target, imposing a malevolent hex.
Infectious Enthusiasm Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč With enchanted gusto, you encourage yourself to get things done and share your motivation with your allies.
Inspire Competence One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč Your encouragement inspires your ally to succeed at a task.
Inspire Courage One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You inspire yourself and your allies with words or tunes of encouragement.
Inspire Defense One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You inspire yourself and your allies to protect themselves more effectively.
Song of Strength One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You bolster your allies' physical strength with a hearty exhortation.
Stoke the Heart One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčHex‚ÄčWitch‚Äč Intense fervor fills the target creature, empowering their blows.
Triple Time One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You dance at a lively tempo, speeding your allies' movement.

1st Level

Ancestral Touch One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčOracle‚Äč You touch a creature and force them to see and feel the ancestors surrounding you.
Befuddle Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You sow seeds of confusion in your target's mind, causing their actions and thoughts to become clumsy.
Blind Ambition Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You strengthen a target's ambition, increase its resentment of allies, and make its allegiances more susceptible to change.
Call to Arms ReactionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčOracle‚Äč You cry out a call to arms, inspiring your allies to enter the fray.
Charm Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč To the target, your words are honey and your visage seems bathed in a dreamy haze.
Charming Touch One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč You infuse your target with attraction, causing it to act friendlier toward you.
Draw Ire Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You cause mental distress to a creature, goading it to strike back at you.
Fear Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You plant fear in the target; it must attempt a Will save.
Forced Mercy Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You soften the target's blows, ensuring they avoid vital areas and cause no lasting harm.
Frenzied Revelry Two ActionsRare‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You recall memories of hedonistic rites to send yourself into an infectious frenzy, dancing and howling wildly to encourage your companions to join in.
Hollow Heart Two ActionsRare‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You stoke the target's ambition beyond reason, until it believes no one is capable of helping it, or that others aren't to be trusted.
Lament Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You let out your negative emotions in a guttural wail that shakes your enemies' hearts and deals 1d8 mental damage (basic Will save).
Schadenfreude ReactionEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You distract your enemy with their feeling of smug pleasure when you fail catastrophically.
Sepulchral Mask Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčDivination‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčSorcerer‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You manifest a supernatural funerary mask, granting you a +1 status bonus to Will saving throws against emotion effects for 1 minute.
Soothe Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčMental‚Äč You grace the target's mind, boosting its mental defenses and healing its wounds.
Soothing Words One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You attempt to calm the target by uttering soothing words in a calm and even tone.
Waking Nightmare Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You fill the creature's mind with a terrifying vision out of its nightmares.

2nd Level

Blistering Invective Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč A heap of insults and invectives spew from your mouth-words so devastating your foes burn from the intensity of your diatribe.
Calm Emotions Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč You forcibly calm creatures in the area, soothing them into a nonviolent state; each creature must attempt a Will save.
Empathic Link Uncommon‚ÄčDivination‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You forge a bond between yourself and the target, enabling you to feel each other's emotions.
Hideous Laughter Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč The target is overtaken with uncontrollable laughter.
Horrifying Blood Loss One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You curse the target, filling it with terror at the loss of its blood.
Impart Empathy Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You expand the target's ability to understand social cues that are normally beyond its comprehension.
Phantasmal Treasure Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč A phantasmal image of the most precious thing imaginable to the target appears in a location of your choice within the spell's range.
Warrior's Regret Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč Regret eats away at the target's mind, punishing it for its violence until it ceases its hostility.

3rd Level

Agonizing Despair Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč Your target's mind tumbles down a deep well of dread, dwelling so intently on deep-seated fears that it's painful.
Blinding Beauty One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčSorcerer‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You channel the allure of your nymph bloodline into a terribly beautiful glance.
Enthrall Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčEmotion‚Äč Your words fascinate your targets.
Heart's Desire Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You surround your target with wondrous illusions of their greatest desires, which distract them from reality.
Horrific Visage Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčSorcerer‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You briefly transform your features into the horrific visage of a hag, striking fear into your enemies.
Impending Doom Two ActionsDivination‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚ÄčPrediction‚Äč You sift through myriad potential futures, seize upon one potential moment in which the target meets a particularly gruesome and fatal end, and then show it a vision of its impending demise.
Mind of Menace Enchantment‚ÄčContingency‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč This spell wards against those who attempt to subvert your mind and turns mental magic back on them.
Roaring Applause Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč Your flamboyant flourish invokes such powerful feelings in your audience that you incite cheers and applause.

4th Level

Aromatic Lure Two ActionsRare‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč You override a target's olfactory senses, luring them to a specific location through tantalizing false scents.
Captivating Adoration Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You become intensely entrancing, and creatures are distracted by you as long as they remain within the area.
Community Repair Rare‚ÄčTransmutation‚ÄčEmotion‚Äč You lead your community in repairing a public work, such as a bridge, well, or mural, through the power of memory and art.
Competitive Edge One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč Your competitiveness drives you to prove yourself against the opposition.
Confusion Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You befuddle your target with strange impulses, causing it to act randomly.
Delusional Pride Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You make the target overconfident, leading it to ascribe failure to external factors.
Dread Aura Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčAura‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčWizard‚Äč You emit an aura of terror.
Font of Serenity Two ActionsAbjuration‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč A divine beacon radiates serenity, soothing nearby allies.
Implement of Destruction Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You solemnly declare that the target weapon will bring death to a foe, implanting an irrational fear of the weapon into the target enemy.
Overflowing Sorrow Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč Sadness flows out of you into nearby creatures, blotting out any other thoughts they had.
Phantasmal Killer Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You create a phantasmal image of the most fearsome creature imaginable to the target.
Roar of the Wyrm Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You channel the might of dragons into your voice, letting out a roar that engenders respect in dragonkind but that instills fear in most other creatures.
Shaken Confidence Rare‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčMisfortune‚Äč You mock the target for all its failings, twisting its self-confidence into doubt.
Shared Nightmare Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč Merging minds with the target, you swap disorienting visions from one another's nightmares.
Zeal for Battle ReactionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFortune‚ÄčMental‚Äč You stoke the righteous anger within yourself and an ally.

5th Level

Crushing Despair Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You inflict despair on creatures in the area.
Dread Ambience Uncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčConsecration‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč In some places, it always feels like something is observing you, as if the very land doesn't want you there.
Glimmer of Charm Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAura‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč You're bathed in a smooth, almost glittering aura that improves the attitude of those near you.
Invoke Spirits Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč Ragged apparitions of the dead rise to stalk the living.
You're Mine Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč You manipulate the target's emotions, potentially allowing you to control it for a brief instant.

6th Level

Blinding Fury ReactionEnchantment‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč You curse the target with your outrage at being attacked.
Dread Secret Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčDivination‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčOracle‚Äč You utter a powerful secret at odds with the fundamental nature of the target creatures.
Manifold Lives Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčDivination‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčOracle‚Äč You cast a creature's mind back through time, forcing them to take other paths and make other choices, experiencing countless alternate lives in an instant.
Zealous Conviction Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You bypass your targets' rational minds, instilling them with unshakable conviction and zeal.

7th Level

Inexhaustible Cynicism Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You inflict your targets with a crushing doubt about everyone and everything around them.
Mask of Terror Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč The target appears to be a gruesome and terrifying creature.
Soothing Ballad Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčMental‚Äč You draw upon your muse to soothe your allies.
Warp Mind Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč You scramble a creature's mental faculties and sensory input.

8th Level

Canticle of Everlasting Grief Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You create a melody distilled from pure grief, conveying the inevitable loss of everything your target cherishes, audible only to them.
Hypnopompic Terrors Two ActionsRare‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč You send a wave of nightmarish visions crashing over your targets, leaving them Paralyzed by fear.

9th Level

Unfathomable Song Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚Äč Fleeting notes of a strange and unnatural song fill the air, overtaking the mind.
Unspeakable Shadow Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčShadow‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You alter a creature's shadow, transforming it into a terrifying monster out to devour the creature.
Weird Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚Äč You fill the targets' minds with terrifying images of fearsome creatures, each drawn from the targets' worst fears.

10th Level

Fatal Aria One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčBard‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚Äč You perform music so perfect that the target may die of joy or sorrow.