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visual Spells


House of Imaginary Walls One ActionUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčBard‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You mime an Invisible 10-foot-by-10-foot stretch of wall adjacent to you and within your reach.

1st Level

Color Spray Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčVisual‚Äč Swirling colors affect viewers based on their Will saves.
Dazzling Flash Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčLight‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You raise your religious symbol and create a blinding flash of light.
Exchange Image Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč To mislead pursuers, the Lacunafex developed the means to swap visages.
Face in the Crowd One ActionUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčVisual‚Äč While in a crowd of roughly similar creatures, your appearance becomes bland and nondescript.
Illusory Disguise Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create an illusion that causes you to appear as another creature of the same body shape, and with roughly similar height (within 6 inches) and weight (within 50 pounds), as yourself.
Illusory Object Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create an illusory visual image of a stationary object.
Item Facade Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You make the target object look and feel as though it were in much better or worse physical condition.
Lift Nature's Caul Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčVisual‚Äč With a wave of the hand, you cause the targets to see the world around them as if a gauzy film had been lifted away to expose the truth that lies below their perceived reality.
Lose the Path ReactionIllusion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You surround a moving creature with lifelike illusions, shifting their perception of the terrain to subtly lead them off course.
Sepulchral Mask Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčDivination‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčSorcerer‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You manifest a supernatural funerary mask, granting you a +1 status bonus to Will saving throws against emotion effects for 1 minute.
Splash of Art Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčVisual‚Äč A deluge of colorful illusory paint, tools, or other symbols of art and artisanship drift down in the area.
Thicket of Knives Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create numerous phantom copies of your weapon arm, hiding your true movements and rendering your attacks unpredictable.
Warped Terrain One Action to Three ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚ÄčWizard‚Äč You create illusory hazards that cover all surfaces in the area (typically the ground).

2nd Level

Befitting Attire Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You cloak the targets in an illusion, shaping their clothing and worn items into ones suitable for a particular occasion.
Blur Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč The target's form appears blurry.
Illusory Creature Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčOlfactory‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create an illusory image of a Large or smaller creature.
Magic Mouth Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You specify a trigger and a message up to 25 words long.
Mirror Image Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč Three illusory images of you swirl about your space, potentially causing those who attack you to hit one of the images instead of you.
Phantom Crowd Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč A tightly packed crowd of humanoids appropriate to the area appear, facing you and agreeing loudly with anything you say.

3rd Level

Blinding Beauty One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčSorcerer‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You channel the allure of your nymph bloodline into a terribly beautiful glance.
Far Sight Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčDivination‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You can see distant objects as if they were closer.
Horrific Visage Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčSorcerer‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You briefly transform your features into the horrific visage of a hag, striking fear into your enemies.
Hypnotic Pattern Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create a pattern of shifting colors that hovers in the air in a geometric cloud.
Oneiric Mire Three ActionsIllusion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You shroud an area in illusory dreamstuff, making the ground look and feel like a deep mire or quicksand.
Phantom Prison Three ActionsIllusion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You completely surround a Large or smaller creature in immobile illusory walls, trapping it inside a false prison it can't escape.
Secret Page Illusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You change the target's text to different text entirely.
Shadow Projectile ReactionIllusion‚ÄčShadow‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create an illusory duplicate of your ally's ranged attack to confuse your opponents.

4th Level

Captivating Adoration Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You become intensely entrancing, and creatures are distracted by you as long as they remain within the area.
Ephemeral Hazards Three ActionsIllusion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create illusory hazards, such as spinning blades or a puddle of acid, in four 10-foot-by-10-foot spaces within range.
Ghostly Transcription Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčVisual‚Äč Glowing letters assemble in the air, providing a transcription of the target's speech in all languages you speak.
Ocular Overload Illusion‚ÄčContingency‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčVisual‚Äč Just as a creature is about to attack you, you assault them with jarring illusions, completely surrounding their eyes with blinding flashes of motion and color.
Trickster's Twin Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You rarely settle for being in just one place.
Veil Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You disguise the targets as other creatures of the same body shape and roughly similar height (within 6 inches) and weight (within 50 pounds).

5th Level

Cloak of Colors Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč A cloak of swirling colors shrouds the target.
Drop Dead ReactionUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč The target appears to fall down dead, though it actually turns Invisible.
Illusory Scene Illusion‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčOlfactory‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You form an imaginary scene that includes up to 10 discrete creatures or objects of various sizes, all of which must be within the spell's area.
Mirror Malefactors Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You completely surround a Large or smaller creature in a shimmering ring of illusory mirrors that follows it as it moves, even when the creature moves outside the range of the spell.
Portrait of the Artist Illusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You change your appearance to look like a well-known artist talented at a particular craft or performance, such as a painter, singer, or orator, with the effects of illusory disguise.

6th Level

Chromatic Image Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You call forth three illusory images of yourself, and each of the four of you takes on a different color, your colors all shifting each time someone attacks you.
Shadow Illusion Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčIllusion‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčShadow‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create a shadowy illusion of a creature or a stationary object, but the illusion can exist only in an area of dim light or darkness.
Vibrant Pattern Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create a pattern of lights that pulses with intensity.

7th Level

Entrancing Eyes Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč Your eyes glow with an entrancing radiance that captivates those who meet your gaze.
Mask of Terror Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč The target appears to be a gruesome and terrifying creature.
Visions of Danger Three ActionsIllusion‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčVisual‚Äč An illusion of horrific creatures fills the spell's area.

8th Level

Scintillating Pattern Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčVisual‚Äč A field of cascading, ever-changing colors manifests in the air.

9th Level

Overwhelming Presence Two ActionsEnchantment‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčIncapacitation‚ÄčMental‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You surround yourself with supernatural splendor, appearing to be a god or similarly majestic being.
Unspeakable Shadow Two ActionsIllusion‚ÄčDeath‚ÄčEmotion‚ÄčFear‚ÄčMental‚ÄčShadow‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You alter a creature's shadow, transforming it into a terrifying monster out to devour the creature.

10th Level

Shadow Army Three ActionsIllusion‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčMental‚ÄčShadow‚ÄčVisual‚Äč You create dozens of semi-real copies of yourself that swarm across the battlefield and fight your enemies.