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Abadar (Master of the First Vault) [LN]Abraxas (Master of the Final Incantation) [CE]Achaekek (He Who Walks In Blood) [LE]Adanye (The Warmth of the Hearth) [LG]Ahriman (Lord of the Divs) [NE]Alglenweis (Princess of the Rime) [CG]Alocer (Infernal Duke of Beasts, Hunters and, Tradition) [LE]Alseta (The Welcomer) [LN]Andoletta (Grandmother Crow) [LG]Angazhan (The Ravenous King) [CE]Angradd (The Forge-Fire) [LG]Anubis (Guardian of the Tomb) [LN]Apollyon (Prince of Locusts) [NE]Apsu (The Waybringer) [LG]Arazni (The Unyielding) [NE]Ardad Lili (The End of Innocence) [LE]Arshea (Spirit of Abandon) [NG]Arundhat (The Sacred Perfume) [NG]Ashava (The True Spark) [CG]Ashukharma (The Divine Divide) [CN]Asmodeus (The Prince of Darkness) [LE]Atreia (The Lambent King) [NG]Ayrzul (The Fossilized King) [NE]Azathoth (The Primal Chaos) [CN]Baalzebul (Lord of Flies) [LE]Balumbdar (The World-Shaker) [N]Baalzebul (Lord of Flies) [LE]Barbatos (The Bearded Lord) [LE]Barzahk (The Passage) [N]Bastet (The Sly Enchantress) [CN]Belial (The Pale Kiss) [LE]Bes (The Guardian Fool) [NG]Besmara (The Pirate Queen) [CN]Black Butterfly (The Silence Between) [CG]Bolka (The Golden Gift) [NG]Brigh (The Whisper In Bronze) [N]Calistria (The Savored Sting) [CN]Casandalee (The Iron Goddess) [N]Cayden Cailean (The Accidental God) [CG]Cernunnos (The Horned Lord) [CG]Chaldira (The Calamitous Turn) [NG]Chamidu (The Roar of the Storm) [N]Charon (The Boatman) [NE]Chohar (The Golden Lion) [LG]Cosmic Caravan [CG]Count Ranalc (The Traitor) [CN]Cyth-V'sug (Prince of the Blasted Heath) [CE]Dagon (The Shadow in the Sea) [CE]Dahak (The Endless Destruction) [CE]Daikitsu (Lady of Foxes) [N]Dammerich (The Weighted Swing) [LG]Desna (The Song of the Spheres) [CG]Dhalavei (The Unsuspected Rot) [LE]Diomazul (The Serpent of Eighty Blades) [LE]Dispater (Iron Lord) [LE]Doloras (Our Lady of Pain) [LE]Dranngvit (The Debt Minder) [LN]Droskar (The Dark Smith) [NE]Dwarven Pantheon [LG]Eiseth (The Erinyes Queen) [LE]Elven Pantheon [CG]Erastil (Old Deadeye) [LG]Erecura (Queen of Dis) [LN]Eritrice (Heart-Speaker) [NG]Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye [LN]Falayna (Warrior's Ring) [LG]Findeladlara (The Guiding Hand) [CG]Folgrit (The Watchful Mother) [LG]Followers of Fate [LN]Fumeiyoshi (Lord of Envy) [NE]Gendowyn (Lady of the Fangwood) [CN]General Susumu (The Black Daimyo) [LE]Geryon (The Serpent) [LE]Ghlaunder (The Gossamer King) [CE]God Calling [Any]Gorum (Our Lord in Iron) [CN]Gozreh (The Wind and the Waves) [N]Grandmother Spider (The Weaver) [N]Green FaithGreen Man [N]Groetus (God of the End Times) [CN]Gruhastha (The Keeper) [LG]Grundinnar (The Peacemaker) [LG]Gyronna (The Angry Hag) [CE]Halcamora (Lady of Ripe Bounty) [NG]Hanspur (The Water Rat) [CN]Hastur (The King in Yellow) [CE]Hathor (Mistress of Jubilation) [CG]Hei Feng (Duke of Thunder) [CN]Horus (The Distant Falcon) [LN]Hshurha (Duchess of All Winds) [NE]Imbrex (The Twins) [LN]Imot (The Symbol of Doom) [N]Iomedae (The Inheritor) [LG]Irez (Lady of Inscribed Wonder) [NG]Irori (Master of Masters) [LN]Isis (Queen of Miracles) [NG]Jaidi (The Blessing and Bounty) [NG]Jaidz (Fearless Claw) [NG]Kabriri (Him Who Gnaws) [CE]Kalekot (The Winnower) [CN]Kazutal (Mother Jaguar) [NG]Kelizandri (The Brackish Emperor) [NE]Kerkamoth (The Waiting Void) [LN]Ketephys (The Hunter) [CG]Kitumu (Mother of Fireflies) [CE]Kofusachi (The Laughing God) [CG]Kols (Oath-Keeper) [LN]Korada (The Open Hand of Harmony) [NG]Kostchtchie (The Deathless Frost) [CE]Kurgess (The Strong Man) [NG]Lady Jingxi (The Poet of Dawn and Dusk) [NG]Lady Nanbyo (The Widow of Suffering) [CE]Lahkgya (Patron of Monkeys) [CE]Lamashtu (Mother of Monsters) [CE]Lao Shu Po (Old Rat Woman) [NE]Laws of Mortality [LN]Likha (The Teller) [N]Lissala (The Sihedron Scion) [LE]Lubaiko (The Spark in the Dust) [CN]Luhar (The Setting Sun) [LN]Lymnieris (The Auroral Tower) [LG]Lysianassa (Empress of the Torrent) [NG]Ma'at (The Feather of Truth) [LN]Magdh (The Three) [LN]Magrim (The Taskmaster) [LN]Mahathallah (Dowager of Illusions) [LE]Mammon (The Argent Prince) [LE]Matravash (The Wide Water) [LN]Mazludeh (Mother of Hearth and Wall) [NG]Mephistopheles (The Crimson Son) [LE]Milani (The Everbloom) [CG]Moloch (The Ashen Bull) [LE]Monad (The Condition of All) [N]Mother Vulture (The Flesheater) [N]Naderi (The Lost Maiden) [N]Nalinivati (The Serpent's Kiss) [N]Narakaas (The Cleansing Sentence) [N]Narriseminek (The Crownless, the Maker of Kings) [CN]Nethys (The All-Seeing Eye) [N]Ng (The Hooded) [N]Nhimbaloth (The Empty Death) [CE]Nivi Rhombodazzle (The Grey Polychrome) [N]Nocticula (The Redeemer Queen) [CN]Norgorber (Blackfingers, Father Skinsaw, The Gray Master, Reaper of Reputation) [NE]Nurgal (The Shining Scourge) [CE]Nyarlathotep (Haunter in the Dark) [CE]Nyarlathotep (The Crawling Chaos) [CE]Osiris (Lord of the Living) [LG]Otolmens (The Universal) [LN]Pazuzu (King of the Wind Demons) [CE]Pharasma (Lady of Graves) [N]Pillars of Knowledge [N]Prophecies of KalistradePulura (The Shimmering Maiden) [CG]Qi Zhong (Master of Medicine) [NG]Ra (King of the Heavens) [LN]Ragadahn (The Water Lord) [CE]Ragathiel (General of Vengeance) [LG]Ragdya (The Sage on the Mountain) [N]Ranginori (Zephyrous Prince) [NG]Raumya (The Evil Prince) [NE]Ravithra (The Mother of Nagas) [LN]Rovagug (The Rough Beast) [CE]Sairazul (The Crystalline Queen) [NG]Saloc (The Minder of Immortals) [N]Sangpotshi [N]Sarenrae (The Dawnflower) [NG]Sekhmet (Lady of Slaughter) [CN]Selket (Mistress of the Beautiful House) [CG]Shax (The Bloody Marquis) [CE]Shei (The Ibis Matron) [NG]Shelyn (The Eternal Rose) [NG]Shizuru (The Empress of Heaven) [LG]Shoanti Animism [Any]Shyka (The Many) [N]Sifkesh (The Whispered Doubt) [CE]Sivanah (The Seventh Veil) [N]Sobek (The Raging Torrent) [CN]Soralyon (The Mystic Angel) [NG]Stag Mother of the Forest of Stones (She Who Listens) [N]Sturovenen (The Dragoneagle) [LG]Sun Wukong (The Monkey King) [CN]Szuriel (Angel of Desolation) [NE]Tanagaar (The Aurulent Eye) [LG]Thamir (The Silent Blade) [CE]The Godclaw [LN]The Green Mother (The Feasting Flower) [NE]The Lantern King (The Laughing Lie) [CN]The Lost Prince (The Melancholy Lord) [N]The Path of the Heavens [CG]The Prismatic Ray [NG]Thoth (Lord of Divine Words) [LN]Tlehar (The Rising Sun) [NG]Torag (The Forge Father) [LG]Treerazer (Lord of the Blasted Tarn) [CE]Trelmarixian (The Lysogenic Prince) [NE]Trudd (The Mighty) [NG]Tsukiyo (Prince of the Moon) [LG]Urgathoa (Pallid Princess) [NE]Uvoko (The Diamond Ring) [CG]Valmallos (The Answering Rite) [LN]Vildeis (The Cardinal Martyr) [LG]Wadjet (The Green Empress) [LG]Walkena (The God-King) [LE]Wards of the Pharaoh [NG]Whispering WayWinlas (The Elder of Divinity) [LG]Xhamen-Dor (The Star Seed) [NE]Yaezhing (Minister of Blood) [LE]Yamatsumi (The Mountain Lord) [N]Ydajisk (Mother of Tongues) [CN]Ydersius [CE]Ylimancha (Harborwing) [NG]Ymeri (Queen of the Inferno) [NE]Yog-Sothoth (Lurker at the Threshold) [CN]Yuelral (The Wise) [NG]Zevgavizeb (The Beast of Gluttondark ) [CE]Zohls (Verity) [LG]Zon-Kuthon (Midnight Lord) [LE]Zura (The Vampire Queen) [CE]Zyphus (The Grim Harvestman) [NE]