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fortune Spells


Wash Your Luck Two ActionsAbjurationCantripFortune Some practitioners argue this spell literally washes your fortunes of all influences, malign or benign, while others claim it simply cleanses your mind of obsessions about luck and destiny.

1st Level

Bit of Luck Two ActionsUncommonDivinationClericFortune You tilt the scales of luck slightly to protect a creature from disaster.
Counter Performance ReactionUncommonEnchantmentBardCompositionFortuneMental Your performance protects you and your allies.
Diviner's Sight One ActionUncommonDivinationConcentrateFortuneWizard You glimpse into the target's future.
Loremaster's Etude Free ActionUncommonDivinationBardFortune
Scholarly Recollection ReactionUncommonDivinationClericFortune Speaking a short prayer as you gather your thoughts, you're blessed to find that your deity gave you just the right bit of information for your situation.
String of Fate One ActionRareAbjurationClericFortune You bond yourself to a cherished friend, vowing to share their fate for good or for ill.
True Strike One ActionDivinationFortune A glimpse into the future ensures your next blow strikes true.

2nd Level

Hunter's Luck Free ActionUncommonDivinationFortuneRanger You have a preternatural ability to remember details about your foes.
Perfect Strike ReactionUncommonDivinationFortune You call upon insight from your training to recover accuracy.

3rd Level

Access Lore One ActionUncommonDivinationCurseboundFortuneOracle You sift through the multiverse's divine knowledge, seeking out tidbits related to a particular subject.
Ancestral Defense ReactionUncommonAbjurationCurseboundFortuneMentalOracle Your ancestor protects you against those who would bend your will.
Perseis's Precautions Three ActionsUncommonDivinationFortunePrediction Leaving nothing to chance, you weave divinatory precautions against an ambush, alerting the target to danger.

4th Level

Know the Enemy ReactionUncommonDivinationClericFortune You quickly remind yourself of useful information.
Lucky Break ReactionUncommonDivinationClericFortune Reroll the saving throw and use the better result.
Perfected Form ReactionUncommonAbjurationClericFortune Reroll the saving throw and use the better result.
Tempt Fate ReactionUncommonDivinationClericFortune You twist the forces of fate to make a moment dire or uneventful, with no in-between.
Unity ReactionUncommonAbjurationClericFortune You put up a united defense.
Zeal for Battle ReactionUncommonEnchantmentClericEmotionFortuneMental You stoke the righteous anger within yourself and an ally.

5th Level

The World's a Stage UncommonDivinationFortune This famous ritual is a sophisticated example of symbolic magic, binding fate and fortune to follow a prepared script.

7th Level

True Target One ActionDivinationFortunePrediction You delve into the possible futures of the next few seconds to understand all the ways your foe might avoid harm, then cast out a vision of that future to those around you.