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bard Spells


Allegro One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionEmotionMental You perform rapidly, speeding up your ally.
Dirge of Doom One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionEmotionFearMental Foes within the area are Frightened 1.
House of Imaginary Walls One ActionUncommonIllusionBardCantripCompositionVisual You mime an Invisible 10-foot-by-10-foot stretch of wall adjacent to you and within your reach.
Inspire Competence One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionEmotionMental Your encouragement inspires your ally to succeed at a task.
Inspire Courage One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionEmotionMental You inspire yourself and your allies with words or tunes of encouragement.
Inspire Defense One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionEmotionMental You inspire yourself and your allies to protect themselves more effectively.
Silver's Refrain One ActionRareAbjurationBardCantripComposition The "Song of Silver" was an enchanted song used by the Silver Ravens to battle diabolic forces.
Song of Marching One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionMental You maintain a brisk performance that keeps allies on the move.
Song of Strength One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionEmotionMental You bolster your allies' physical strength with a hearty exhortation.
Triple Time One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCantripCompositionEmotionMental You dance at a lively tempo, speeding your allies' movement.

1st Level

Counter Performance ReactionUncommonEnchantmentBardCompositionFortuneMental Your performance protects you and your allies.
Hymn of Healing Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyBardCompositionHealingPositive Your divine singing mends wounds and provides a temporary respite from harm.
Lingering Composition Free ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardMetamagic You add a flourish to your composition to extend its benefits.
Loremaster's Etude Free ActionUncommonDivinationBardFortune

4th Level

Inspire Heroics Free ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardMetamagic You call upon your muse to greatly increase the benefits you provide with your Inspire Courage or Inspire Defense composition.

5th Level

Ode to Ouroboros ReactionUncommonNecromancyBardComposition Your ode temporarily staves off death.
Symphony of the Unfettered Heart Two ActionsUncommonAbjurationBardComposition Your symphony lifts listeners from their worldly concerns.

7th Level

Soothing Ballad Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentBardCompositionEmotionHealingMental You draw upon your muse to soothe your allies.

10th Level

Fatal Aria One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCompositionDeathEmotionMental You perform music so perfect that the target may die of joy or sorrow.
Pied Piping Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentBardCompositionIncapacitationMentalSonic Your performance enraptures those who hear it, compelling them to follow you about in admiration.
Song of the Fallen Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyBardComposition You chant a dirge or an elegy that either rouses the dead to action or reminds undead that they should lay to rest.