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wizard Spells

1st Level

Augment Summoning One ActionUncommonConjurationWizard You augment the abilities of a summoned creature.
Call of the Grave Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyAttackWizard You fire a ray of sickening energy.
Charming Words One ActionUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryIncapacitationLinguisticMentalWizard You whisper enchanting words to deflect your foe's ire.
Diviner's Sight One ActionUncommonDivinationConcentrateFortuneWizard You glimpse into the target's future.
Efficient Apport One ActionUncommonConjurationTeleportationWizard Walking over to an item to pick it up is so much effort.
Force Bolt One ActionUncommonEvocationForceWizard You fire an unerring dart of force from your fingertips.
Hand of the Apprentice One ActionUncommonEvocationAttackWizard You hurl a held melee weapon with which you are trained at the target, making a spell attack roll.
Physical Boost One ActionUncommonTransmutationWizard You temporarily improve the target's physique.
Protective Ward One ActionUncommonAbjurationAuraWizard You emanate a shimmering aura of protective magic.
Warped Terrain One Action to Three ActionsUncommonIllusionVisualWizard You create illusory hazards that cover all surfaces in the area (typically the ground).

4th Level

Dimensional Steps One ActionUncommonConjurationTeleportationWizard You teleport to a location up to 20 feet away within your line of sight.
Dread Aura Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAuraEmotionFearMentalWizard You emit an aura of terror.
Elemental Tempest One ActionUncommonEvocationMetamagicWizard Your spellcasting surrounds you in a storm of elemental energy.
Energy Absorption ReactionUncommonAbjurationWizard You gain resistance 15 to acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage from the triggering effect (one type of your choice).
Invisibility Cloak Two ActionsUncommonIllusionWizard You become Invisible, with the same restrictions as the 2nd-level Invisibility spell.
Life Siphon ReactionUncommonNecromancyHealingWizard You use some of the spell's magic to heal yourself, regaining 1d8 Hit Points per level of the spell.
Shifting Form One ActionUncommonTransmutationMorphWizard You gain one of the following abilities of your choice.
Vigilant Eye One ActionUncommonDivinationWizard You create an Invisible eye sensor, as Clairvoyance.